Media evaluation 4&5!!


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Media evaluation 4&5!!

  1. 1. Music Magazine Evaluation Questions 4 & 5
  2. 2. Groups of people this magazine would be targeted at, are Skinheads, Mods and Rudeboys. My background is of the group The Specials, in the 80’s, this group catered music to like likes of Skinheads, Rudeboys and Mods. Their music was very upbeat with a reggae twist.Target audience – Men andWomen ages between 16and 25
  3. 3. Skinhead girls didn’t tend to shave their whole heads, they shaved parts Fred Perry short, leaving longer clothing hair at the front. BracesShort SkirtsThis is a picture taken from the film‘This Is England’. This is what atypical group of skinheads look like. Skinheads wore a lot of Fred Perry shirtsSkinheads weren’t only men but and t-shirts, jeans or short skirts for thethere were female skinheads also. girls, with fashion braces.
  4. 4. Skinheads are one of the Skinheads have been around A skinhead is a membermain groups that listened to since the 60’s and the of a subculture thatSKA music, alongside MODS skinhead culture is still very originated amongand Rudeboys. much around today. working class youths in London in the 1960s and then soon spread to other parts of the United Kingdom. Skinheads then later spread further to other countries around the world. Skinhead Boys Named for their close cut or shaven heads, the first skinheads influenced by Since then, however, attitudes toward race and politics West Indian rude boys and have become factors by which some skinheads align British mods, in terms of themselves. The political spectrum within the skinhead fashion, music and lifestyle. scene ranges from the far right to the far left, although Originally, the skinhead many skinheads are apolitical. Fashion-wise, skinheads subculture was primarily range from a clean-cut 1960s mod-influenced style to based on those less-strict punk- and hardcore-influenced styles. elements, not politics or
  5. 5. Hat Levi Checked Shirt JeansLong BlackCoat Red Socks Boots Skinhead Fashion Braces
  6. 6. SKA Music Groups These bands pictured were all at their height when ‘SKA’ was at it’s biggest in the 70’s and 80’s
  7. 7. MODS
  8. 8. MODSMODS originated in London in Mods listened to music such asthe late 1950’s – early 60’s. SKA, British beat, Northern Soul and ReggaeMod fashion consisted of either anAmerican US army parker or a tailored Mods rode scooters, which weresuit. mainly all customised with a lot of mirrors, chrome fittings and sprayed pictures of album covers or artists. Mods are still very much alive today and take part in scooter rally’s and rideouts.
  9. 9. This is the front cover of my musicmagazine.On my front cover, I have used thetwo-tone checkerboard as the borderfor the magazine. Two-tone is verypopular with Mods and was used ona lot of SKA album covers, as well asa SKA magazine that was around inthe 80’s , ‘SKA 80’. I have taken a lot of inspiration from ‘SKA 80’ as it was a big magazine that appealed to a lot of SKA music listeners in the 80’s.