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PSP presentation


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A Powerpoint presentation for my public speaking class.

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PSP presentation

  1. 1. Let’s talk about TED talks.Roseline Rosario Image: Kyle Mizono
  2. 2. Dan PinkThe surprising science of motivation. Image: Colin Grey
  3. 3. Thesis:Traditional incentives aren’t always efficient in the work place. Image: Guilherme Yagui
  4. 4. Dan Pink captured the audience’s attention byhaving great body language and a powerful voice.
  5. 5. Image: Michael Bentley Pink maintained the audiences attention by usinghumor, personal stories and emphasizing the points he felt were most valuable.
  6. 6. Mr. Pink used the 3rd TED commandment most, to convey his message.
  7. 7. Image: Tiffany TerryTED Commandment #3: Make The Complex plain.
  8. 8. I rate Dan Pink’sThe Surprising Science of Motivation …
  9. 9. Image: Caleb Roenigk Why 4.5 and not a 5? Dan Pink’s main conceptwasn’t new but he did bring new ideas and possiblesolution on how to motivate people.
  10. 10. Some of the things Garr Reynolds and Nancy Duarte recommended humor, story telling, imagery that improves the presentation and small amounts of text on the images were use in the Presentation. Image: Pratham Books
  11. 11. I learned that personal stories help you connect with the audience. Image: Guttorm Flatabo
  12. 12. While Sir Ken Robinson was most humorous, Dan Pink was a bit more serious but still entertaining.
  13. 13. Both Kin Robinson and Dan Pink, did a great job at bringing new ideas to topics that are very often discussed.
  14. 14. Image: Michael BentleyTips for my classmates Make them laugh
  15. 15. Image: Colin GreyAnd don’t forget to surprise them
  16. 16. Goodbye
  17. 17. Citations• ImagesKen Robinson- Pink-• VideoDan Pink: The surprising Science of motivation