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Website anaylsis A2 media


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Published in: Data & Analytics
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Website anaylsis A2 media

  1. 1. Website analysis
  2. 2. Coldplay website The main menu bar of the website consists of an option for a timeline which consists of a `all the musical events and occasions for the band . Like places they have travelled. Awards that they have won and other activites they took part in It also contains an option for a map that the audience can navigate to and find
  3. 3. The main webpage consists of images of the bands albums, shoots, events that They took part in and other festivals. They are not focused on any particular band Member but their whole journey as a whole. So the fans can get a glimpse of the Bands journey The website features their movement and upcoming festivals so the fans can keep Updated with the band
  4. 4. The website for the band consists of a menu bar that The fans can access to contact them for concert details Find links to their other pages. They can find a place to shop for their merchandise And even make their account on the website It would be a very interactive experience This part of the website focues on the Social media aspect of the website . It very Convinently places all the social networks Like facebook,twitter and instagram and other networks so the fans can easily navigate to these pages and find information abou them and follow their live Updates.. Hence forth making it very convinent for the audiences to keep in touch with the bands movement and plans
  5. 5. The whole website has been colour coded with different colors portraying the whole timeline and directing towards one thing or another The main menu navigates to the timeline the ap and the store
  6. 6. If the audience navigates to the stor of coldplay. They can find a variety of coldplay products starting from all there albums to accessories and poster etc This website makes access to colplays products very feasible and easy for the audience and fans intrested
  7. 7. The website also uses a map navigation to show the bands Concerts that took place in the past or which are scheduled to happen clearly colour coded
  8. 8. Here you can find the official logo of the band Here is a interface through which users can log in and make their accounts on the website to keep updated on the content Here is a Brief menu bar that you can use to navigate to various to the bands albums photos and videos throufh various timelines since they started The website allows you to play their music and demos and albums present on the page through this soundtrack playing option The website also allows you to navigate to their shop to buy various merchandise, their forums, their links and their community page.making it very accessible to the fans and easy for their use
  9. 9. The website overall doesnt have a lot of animations and I feel that has been Made very simple to use compared to most other websites that I researched over It just had one page that led the audience to navigate to other places of intrest. Which kept the interface simple easy to use and to the point
  10. 10. When you navigate to it leads you to an animation from Where you can choose between two different webpages One that leads to content related to radiohead and the other containg more information
  11. 11. The logo of radiohead is present right on top of the website Which makes the website more iconic and makes represntation clear for all the audiences The Whole menu bar is present on the left side of the website making it convinent for the fans to direct themselv es to the required pages Here we can see advertism ent placemen t and photos of the bands albums which can be found appealing for the audience s Here you can find forum posts of the band. Several of their tweets or the times they posted on soundcloud like a livefeed for their fans to see and navigate to