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Practical Approach to Data Maintenance in for PLM in Oracle EBS


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Presented in NCOAUG Winter 2011

Published in: Technology
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Practical Approach to Data Maintenance in for PLM in Oracle EBS

  1. 1. A Practical Approach to Data Maintenance for PLM in Oracle E-Business Suite Presenter: Ross Vaidy| Marketing & Sales
  2. 2. AGENDA• Data an Enterprise Asset• Migration Methodology and Approach• LifeWay Christian Resources Case Study• Integration Methodology and Approach• Testimonial
  3. 3. Data: An enterprise Asset“Organizations that do not understandthe overwhelming importance ofmanaging data and information astangible assets in the new economywill not survive”-- Tom Peters 2001
  4. 4. COMPANY OVERVIEWCHAIN SYS is a fast growing technology, product and management consultingcompany. Established in 1998 and headquartered in Lansing, MI, with more than 350+engineers and 100 customers worldwide.Strong Partnership with Oracle Corporation• Oracle Platinum Partner• Oracle Validated Integration• Oracle EBS, Database and Middleware products Reseller• Oracle University Authorized Education provider and CenterProud developers and owners of:• appLOADTM family of productivity tools for Oracle EBS R12/11i• e-chain™ ERP/SCM suite for SME• Custom Development
  5. 5. Chain-Sys Solution MIGRATION INTEGRATION Enterprise Enterprise  Component Framework  Integration Framework  templates for eBS and Siebel  Scalable Architecture  application Engines  High Volume Capability  Versioning Feature  Integration Engines for the Enterprise  Easy to use GUIPage 5
  6. 6. SOLUTION OVERVIEWappBI Interface Migrate Log & Adaptors Adapters Notification HandlerappMIGRATE Template Extract appLOAD Log & Notification Adapters Adaptors Adapters HandlerappINTERFACE Log & Notification Schedule appEXTRACT FTP appLOAD Handler Engine Service Service ServiceappLOAD Error appEXTRACT CorrectionTemplate Loader Pre-validation Cleansing Query Extract ErrorProcessor Processor Engine Handler Parser Engine HandlerBase Components Instance Data Validation Log & Notification Handler Processor Engine Handler
  7. 7. CASE STUDY LifeWay Christian Resources is a religious nonprofit. LifeWay produces Bibles, church literature, books, music, audio and video recordings, church supplies, and Internet services. The ministry operates 154 LifeWayLifeWay Christian Resources Christian Stores across the country.Nashville, TN  Item with cost and revision  Projects, Tasks and Key members  Advanced Products Catalog  Project Key Member mass updateIndustry:  Item UDA  Project BudgetsChristian Products, Publishing, Nonprofit  Item Catalogs  Price List Creation and Updating  Item Category assignments  Sales Order CreationCHAIN•SYS Products:  Item Cross References  AR InvoiceappLOAD™ Suite  Inventory Transactions  AR Cash Receipts  Structure/UDA  Suppliers
  8. 8. TRADITIONAL METHODS OF CONVERSION • SQL Loaders • Interface Programs • Scripts • Dataloader (front-end) • Excel Macros • Oracle Web ADI (hybrid)
  9. 9. LIFEWAY CHRISTIAN RESOURCES -CHALLENGES  Needed an expedited process of manual mass data loading/maintenance within Oracle E-Business Suite  LifeWay’s utilization of DataLoader did not perform to time and quality standards and struggle as a foolproof and robust solution to their data needs.  DataLoader took constant monitoring with an eight computer conference room and 2 weeks for loading more than 5000 items and projects.  To find an efficient, unmonitored process to load data into their environment.
  10. 10. FEATURE, FUNCTION, BENEFIT Technical Review Estimate time, AIM methodology Testing, QA, Correct Errors in decide data efforts and Run Concurrent documentation Bug Fix, deploy Source Files and entities, budget requests and call and Programs in Test, QA, Resubmit thedata conversion for Data Programs development Prod Instances exception rowsseq., validations Conversion Scripts & translations Traditional Data Conversion: Tech Team Lead + 4 Tech Consultants + 4 months elapsed time + Project Management = Lot of money + Time + Efforts
  11. 11. Product LifeCycle Management (PLM) –Architecture Diagram Main processes Main Data entities Single -Single source of truth Product Data Hub -Items Source of -New product Launch -Items User Defined Attributes truth -Product lifecycle management (PDH) -Structures -Workflow Oracle R12.1.3 -Structure User Defined Attributes Middleware Middleware (Oracle Fusion MW, IBM Web sphere, TIBCO, Chain-Sys appINTERFACE) Contact Field ERP CRM Pipeline Center Service Contracts/IB Target Adv Demand Other EDW Planning Planning Legacy
  12. 12. Product LifeCycle Management (PLM) Migration Approach Define Data Objects and Attributes to be Migrated 1 Cleanse and Transform Data as Required 4 appMIGRATE Templates Define Data Objects and Attributes to be Migrated, Data Validation, Transformation and Cleansing Rules and Requirements are Configured -Our methodology begins with facilitated work shops to • appMIGRATE provides a robust logical data define data objects and attributes to be migrated, and data transformation tool. It is capable of logically appMIGRATE appMIGRATE validation, transformation and cleansing rules and modifying existing data or creating data logically in Data Staging Table Data Staging Table Source System requirements pre-defined fields. For example if a new segment is Data -The workshops help to build stakeholder ownership added to the general ledger chart set the entry can Data Staging Table Staging Table -This information is then documented and source object / be created using this feature Data is Transformed and Cleansed attribute to target object / attribute maps and data validation Data is Extracted to the Data Mart Data File Updated / cleansing rules are created and approved • appMIGRATE includes a number of tools to support -These documents are the basis for the configuring of the data cleansing, for example data may be compared appMIGRATE templates Target System to locate duplicate records with alias key identifiers based on sound, key words (Levinstein Distance Error Exception API’s and Upload Method) and custom configured logical 2 Report is Programs are Created Executed relationships Configure appMIGRATE Extraction Templates Data is Validated and Errors are Data Migration is CompleteIncorrect Data Rejected Corrected • All objects and attributes in the data mart are • appMIGRATE features over 200 extraction adapters available for edit Main Activities in Data Migration and load templates that include every object and attribute in the standard eBS data base • An audit trail is created for all changes 1. Define Data Objects and Attributes to be Migrated 2. Configure appMIGRATE Extraction Templates Accordingly 3. Extract Selected Objects and Attributes from Source Instance and • Template configuration involves mapping the source move to a Staging Table object attributes to the target object attributes this Pre-Validate Data Prior to Load to PLM Target Instance 5 4. Transform and Cleanse Data as Required includes any user defined attributes and additional 5. Pre-Validate Data Prior to Load to eBS Target Instance fields (Definitive Flex Felds) appMIGRATE will perform a pre-validation of the data in the Correct Any Pre-validation Errors data mart using the same criteria as the target instance. 6. Load Data to Target Instance • CHAIN SYS will be pleased to complete the -In addition special validation rules may be added to the configuration task or to train client personnel in appMIGRATE pre-validation if needed Licensing Model : Advantages: configuring the templates -An on-line error report is presented and the user may make corrections as required  Software provided by -A tool to assist in the correction of errors (by suggestion) is  CHAIN SYS Client Hardware Pay for only what you need and 3 also provided -All data correction data is collected and maintained and is use provided Extract Selected Objects and Attributes from Source Instance available in an electronic document form  Support services No software purchase costs and move to a Staging Table provided by CHAIN SYS  Consulting services No software maintenance costs • The extract and load templates are selected and the available on demand via source instance and file(s) to be extracted are identified Load Data into PLM Target Instance 6 CHAIN SYS Use of templates and adapter  Software setup and dramatically reduces appMIGRATE uses standard eBS Application Programming installation included “mapping” effort cutting • Upon execution of “Run-Loader” program data is Interfaces (API’s) to ensure that data is validated in  Our Data Migration project time, expense and risk copied from the source object to the Data Mart and accordance with the eBS rules Factory is available for is available for review and edit -Where standard API’s are not provided by eBS app uses migration services and Pay only for the software and custom API”s and Open Interface Rules to provide for data support services that you use • A complete electronic record of source location of validation  Data cleansing of legacy each record is maintained -Load executions may be scheduled automatically using File data is available Use only the services that you Transfer Protocol (FTP) procedures standard to eBS  Initial training is included need according to your -Load execution is run as a “background task” permitting schedule other applications to be used simultaneously
  13. 13. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) -Integration High Level Architecture Systems Source Clients Items PLM ERP APS/DP appExtract Web SQL Engine Migrate Project Engine Interface Procedure Engine appINTERFACE Scheduler Engine Incremental Engine Logging Engine Validation Engine appLOAD Transformation Engine Error Handler Load Engine systems Target ERP CRM EDW RDBMS
  14. 14. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) System Architecture with CDC Database Streams Works from 9i to 11g NO DB TRIGGERS High Performance R12 PIM LEGACY S1 S23 S3 Sn S1 S23 S3 Sn CDC Database CDC Schema PIM - LEG - CDC Schema CDC CDC appINTERFACE Server Apache Tomcat 7 appINTERFACE appExtract Engine appINTERFACE Transform Metadata Engine appLOAD Engine R12 ERP appINTERFACE ICON HUB Staging Schema
  15. 15. Data Consolidation and Cross References An alternate approach to Data Standardization is Data Harmonization. In this technique all unique records are still linked via a common and standard key identifier. A cross reference table, similar to that used for part number cross referencing is developed to cross reference original key identifiers from the diverse data repositories to the standard key identifier. This technique provides a means of obtaining the standard key identifier when the original key identifier is presented.
  16. 16. LIFEWAY CHRISTIAN RESOURCES -SOLUTION  LifeWay selected appLOADTM Suite for its data loading activities in Oracle E-Business Suite.  appLOAD’s reliability and ability to reduce cost and + time of data loading (2 weeks down to 4 hours), without technical assistance, aided LifeWay to load CHAIN•SYS into a production database of 1200GB.  The data migration process was completed solely by the business users. “ The projected ROI provided through use of the appLOAD application easily justified the cost of the product. ..Chain- Sys has been extremely responsive in identifying the most efficient uses of the tools and responding to our questions ” as we have begun to use the tool. Financial Applications Manager
  17. 17. LIFEWAY CHRISTIAN RESOURCES -RESULTS  LifeWay was able to maintain Oracle EBS Financials, Projects, APC, Inventory, Purchasing, Order Management, and Advanced Pricing modules for its global “ What I like about appLOAD is how fast it is. appLOAD executes the data loading processes in the operations. background with no baby sitting  The IT and Business users used appLOADTM to needed. I can do the same task in expedite the data migration process. The 4 hours that used to take two weeks. ” business users were able to take ownership of the data objects relieving the stress and Lifeway Christian Resources cost for IT.  Flexible and Scalable – GET CLEAN, STAY CLEAN Strategy
  18. 18. DATA OWNERSHIP STRATEGYIT Team Changes Add Attributes Pre-Validation GET CLEAN Translation Concurrent SQL Query Rules Input ValidationBusinessUser Validation Correction Execution STAY CLEAN
  19. 19. Project Score Card Get Clean, Stay Clean. Extensive failure rate during load time SAVINGS OF 99.5%Times in hours based on processing 100,000 data objects 19
  20. 20. GET CLEAN, STAY CLEANSource Systems xref Get Clean Consolidation/ appMIGRATE Cross Reference PLM Combine, Product System 1 Match, LifeCycle Grouping, Management Cleansing, Cleansed data System 2 Enrichment UnformingDe-activate/Archive,Cleansing in current systems erp crm edw Data for Enrichment Stay Clean
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