PGP CME 2009-10 (Curriculum and Structure)


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MICA's Entrepreneurship Development Centre (MICA EDC) announces admissions to the 3rd batch of the Post Graduate Programme in Communications Management and Entrepreneurship (PGP CME 2009-10).

It's for those who have ideas, and the passion to turn the same into entrepreneurial realities in the communications domain.

All graduates (with min. 50 % marks) having some work experience are eligible to apply. Last date of submission of completed application form is 10th August, 2009.

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PGP CME 2009-10 (Curriculum and Structure)

  1. 1. Post Graduate Programme in Communications Management and Entrepreneurship (PGPCME 2009-10) Structure and Curriculum If you have an Idea, let’s make it happen!
  2. 2. I have an Idea. I want to make a career out of it. I want to create something new. I want to be my own boss. I have chosen PGP CME!
  3. 3. What are we trying to achieve? Trying to create Young CEOs, with The motivation to be pioneering and The passion to build innovative individuals a career based on The ability to dream their ideas in the with a commitment big and create new communications to change or ideas domain transform the landscape of communications
  4. 4. How will we achieve this? Through our unique programme structure and facilities communicated thus:
  5. 5. Our Focus Areas for creating Entrepreneurs
  6. 6. HOW ARE WE DIFFERENT??? Global Business perspective Strategic Industry Rural Project Immersion PGP CME Ideation, Education & Innovation Continuous International Internship Programme Immersion Innovative Venturing/ Venture Incubation Programme
  7. 7. Continuing Industry Internship Programme (CIP) • A complete 12 months’ association, with 2.5 months at the organization’s premises. • This will ensure that students exhibit a high level of commitment to organizations and deliver key values with comprehensive strategic insights • Comprehensive Strategic Business Plan is a key deliverable With Five Year Projections AAJTAK Group BAG FilmsRelay Times Private treaties Genesi Events Star India Pvt. ltd Show time Worldwide TAG Media Shringar films Future Group s Azure VITCOM Consultancy VGC Consultancy ZOOM TV
  8. 8. International Immersion The students can opt to go on an International Immersion to countries like the UK and Singapore, where they visit universities and organizations in the communications and marketing domain, and have an understanding of the global business practices and environment
  9. 9. Rural Immersion Designed to encourage the students to look back into the roots and see the opportunity to derive insights & develop communication & media strategies THE FUTURE LIES IN RURAL INDIA
  10. 10. Dissertation/Case Study • The students are required to study an organization of repute (unique for each group or individual) and prepare a full fledged case study on the same • This is intended to bring about a wider perspective about organizational issues and ways and means for success
  11. 11. PGP CME Course Curriculum Core Courses Electives Career Courses
  12. 12. •Professional Communications Competency •Marketing and Advertising Management •Media Marketing and Management •Business Research •Corporate Venturing and Entrepreneurship •Strategic Brand Management •Consumer Value Strategy •Financial Analysis •Business Plan and Project Execution •Managerial Economics •Business Laws, Policies and Frameworks •Creative and Visual Communications •Strategic Corporate Communications •Strategic Management •Design Communications •Leadership and Team Building Core Courses •Innovation Management •Social Entrepreneurship •Human Resource/Talent Management •Corporate Governance and Stakeholder Management
  13. 13. •Rural Marketing •Language, Culture and Communications •Organizational Systems and Dynamics •Franchise Management •Sports Marketing •Leisure and Lifestyle Marketing •Film Appreciation •Marketing of Services •Managing Family Businesses •Intellectual Property Rights •Management Consultancy •Outsourcing Businesses Electives
  14. 14. •Introduction to Digital Media and Business •Digital Media Management •Management of Digital Start-ups •Social Media and Viral Marketing •Mobile Marketing •Web Analytics and Research •Management of User Generated Content •Business of Films and Entertainment •Art and Craft of Film Making •Advanced Film Technologies •Film Marketing •Film Finance and Distribution •Contemporary Film Production Practices •Advanced Media Analytics •Business of Advertising Career Courses •Brand Management and Consultancy •PR and Events Management •Media Businesses •Managing Start-ups
  15. 15. Eligibility Criteria •Graduates with min. 50 % marks •Some work experience after graduation
  16. 16. The Admission Procedure Take the MICA Present your idea Programme before a panel of Absorption Test experts (MIPAT) Send your idea with the Application Form Do a Self- Assessment with the help of the Decision Guide
  17. 17. For more information and to download the Decision Guide, Prospectus and Application Form… Please visit: Or write to Last Date of Submission of the Application Form: July 30th, 2009
  18. 18. MICA-EDC Creating Young CEOs with Education, Direction and Innovation…