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Mobile Leveraging The New New Media

This presentation discusses the potential of mobile as a marketing medium in India, and the strategies marketers and agencies can adopt for optimum results. It also gives examples of great campaigns worldwide with relevant learnings. Th presentation ends with discussing the issues and solutions to the same.

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Mobile Leveraging The New New Media

  1. 1. Mobile Leveraging the new New Media Roshan Kumar 1
  2. 2. REACH Penetration of GPRS enabled handsets : 26 % Mobile Subscriber Base (in (65 million) Millions) GPRS activated: 20-25 600 % of that (15 million Roshan Kumar approx.) 500 GPRS Users : 15% 400 IAMAI MVAS Report; Aug 2008 300 200 100 0 Mar '04 Mar '05 Mar '06 Mar '07 Mar '08 Jun '08 Nov '08 E 2010 2 TRAI Reports
  3. 3. MOBILE: A REALITY IN INDIA Kolkata New Delhi 47.02 % 90 % Mobile Density Mobile Density Roshan Kumar Chennai ) Mumbai 88.8 % 69.61 % Mobile Density Mobile Density Source: Broadband and Internet India, 2007 3
  4. 4. WHAT DO PEOPLE DO ON THEIR CELL PHONES Download Read News Play games Surf the Web Revenue Drivers Ringtones headlines SMS (A2P & P2A) Access Check information from Participate in Listen to FM Examination SMS (P2P) contests radio Banks, Airlines Results and Railways CRBT/Ringtone Roshan Kumar (and of course Voice, data, games, e-mail and others Text )Talk Top 10 mobile sites in India 10% 15% (Sep‟ 2008) 35% 40% Source: IMRB (2007) 4 8% is revenue from GPRS Source: IAMAI MVAS Report
  5. 5. MOBILE MARKETING: POTENTIAL AND CLIENTELE One in four respondents in the 2007 survey expressed  interest in mobile marketing. The number of consumers who have experienced mobile marketing continues to grow, with highest participation noticed among respondents in the age group of 25-44. Roshan Kumar Why this interest?  Because they are getting something in return (The Indian mentality)  E.g.: Greystripe(mobile ad network) and can  download game free, just need to view an ad b4 and one after the game. Typically it is older users (35-49) who are the biggest  spenders when it comes to purchasing handsets or using Mobile VAS 5 Source: Research by Mobile Marketing Association and Synovate (2007)
  6. 6. IT’S DIFFERENT. IT COMES OUT IN DIFFERENT WAYS •SMS  It’s right next to my undies: It’s that personal! •Mobile Web  One window (mobile screen) Roshan Kumar only, unlike traditional internet, with complete focus •Video •Games  Much more localized •CRBT/Rin  Only channel of information g tones and entertainment for millions 6 •Voice
  7. 7. Learning from the Winners ENGAGE CONSUMERS WHERE THEY ARE Roshan Kumar 7
  8. 8. Learning from the Winners BE A PART OF THEIR LIVES Roshan Kumar Reach the consumer where she gives maximum attention 8
  9. 9. Learning from the Winners FUN + SURPRISE (OR FASCINATION)= BUZZ Fans who Roshan Kumar joined got 4 SMS messages and 4 phone calls (in voice mail) from „Kevin Garnett‟! 9 Landing Page (with Opt-in Text link Ad (upto 5 mn per week) form)
  10. 10. Learning from the Winners ADVERGAMING: LET THE CONSUMER PLAY.. AND DISCOVER… • A Rock climbing Roshan Kumar Adventure game •> 350,000 games downloaded each week!!! 10
  11. 11. Learning from the Winners THE DESIRE TO SHARE AND NETWORK: MOBILE CAN BE THE NEXT BIG THING Roshan Kumar 11
  12. 12. Learning from the Winners VOICE IS NOT YET BLEAK. Roshan Kumar •Mobile Blogging •Incentives to take part •Advertisers can promote by giving away their products as incentives or sponsoring the same. 12
  13. 13. THE RURAL GAME 72.2 % population (Census 2001)  Mobile Telephony (Rural)  39.46 million, June 2007 (TRAI)  21.31 % of Total Indian User Base  And growing rapidly  Roshan Kumar Airtel -IFFCO tie-up to Kids in the family are often reach farmers directly: the most educated and most excited too. Farmers receive free voice messages twice daily on- Farming techniques; weather Target them for long term forecasts; dairy farming; rural health initiatives; fertilizer availability; loan branding. information and market rates. 13 This can be branded
  14. 14. FUTURE: WHAT CAN WE LEVERAGE ON Roshan Kumar 14
  15. 15. ISSUES AND SOLUTIONS Co- creation  Applications, Application  Based Portals Intrusiveness Opt-in Models Consumer privacy and  Security Roshan Kumar Issue with using Cross Media Partnerships  behaviour tracking software, cookies etc. Voice Marketing  Solution: Paid Surveys/ Localization (e.g.: Store  Collaboration Locator) Small screens, limited Good landing page; good storage space  user experience Information Overload If They Use Mobile Data,  They Search (courtesy: Illiteracy 15 Google) Handset Compatibility
  16. 16. LEVERAGE STRENGTHS; BUILD NEW STRENGTHS Leverage on our strength: SMS;   while continually strengthening/innovating in Mobile Internet Roshan Kumar Media and Ads go hand in hand. Service providers  can make money through ads, while providing incentives to end users Huge rural base: it’s a low value, large volume game  16
  17. 17. Roshan Kumar “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” : Albert Einstein 17 Thank You!