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Want to know what is email marketing and how it helps businesses. Want to know more about email marketing features and what email it has to offer...then this is the perfect email marketing guide for you to get better understanding. (

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Email Marketing and Email List Manager

  1. 1.   98 St George Street, Papatoetoe – 2025 Auckland, New Zealand +64 9 620 7772 | +64 211 450 480   What is Topics Discussed in this guide… o What is Email Marketing? o How will it benefit your company? o Why you should use our product? o Email Marketing – Marketing Revolution
  2. 2. FREE  EMAIL  MARKETING  ACCOUNT  –  WWW.EMAILIT.CO     What is Email Marketing? In short… Email marketing is, as the name suggests, the use of email in marketing communications. What sort of email? In its broadest sense, the term covers every email you ever send to a customer, potential customer or public venue. In general, though, its used to refer to: Ø Sending direct promotional emails to try and acquire new customers or persuade existing customers to buy again Ø Sending emails designed to encourage customer loyalty and enhance the customer relationship Ø Placing your marketing messages or advertisements in emails sent by other people What are the different types of Emails? The classifications are Quick Announcements, Email Newsletters, Catalog Emails, Transactional Emails (Login Details) and many others, which you don’t need to worry about…  2  
  3. 3. FREE  EMAIL  MARKETING  ACCOUNT  –  WWW.EMAILIT.CO   About Email Marketing Why is email marketing so popular? Email marketing is so popular because: Ø Sending email is much cheaper than most other forms of communication Ø Email lets you deliver your message to the people (unlike a website, where the people have to come to your message) Ø Email marketing has proven very successful for those who do it right Where is the catch? This all sounds great of course. Imagine how much cheaper it is to send a message to thousands of email addresses, rather than thousands of postal addresses! Its not that simple, unfortunately. Quite apart from the complexities of designing and delivering email messages to the right people, getting them to actually read and respond to your message, and measuring and analyzing the results, there is the issue of permission. What’s ”permission”? Responsible email marketing is based on the idea of permission. This is a complex issue and the subject of intense debate in the marketing community.   3  
  4. 4. FREE  EMAIL  MARKETING  ACCOUNT  –  WWW.EMAILIT.CO     About Email Marketing Why Email Marketing works? Email marketing works for a variety of reasons... Ø It’s cost effective (as less as 0.002 cents/email) Ø It allows targeting (use of segments) Ø It is data driven (with built-in CRM) Ø It drives direct sales (great insights) Ø It builds relationships, loyalty and trust Ø It supports sales through other channels Our email marketing service supports database integration, segmentation and various other tricks and techniques for improving the targeting of outgoing messages. Advanced methods generate on-the-fly emails customized down to an individual recipient basis. And every email campaign you send out generates a heap of actionable data you can use to refine your approach and messages. Email promotions and offers generate immediate action: sales, downloads, inquiries, registrations, etc. Informative email newsletters and other emails send people to offline stores and events, prepare the way for catalogs, build awareness, contribute to branding, strengthen relationships, encourage trust and cement loyalty. All in all, a pretty good way of going about your marketing business…  4  
  5. 5. FREE  EMAIL  MARKETING  ACCOUNT  –  WWW.EMAILIT.CO   How will it benefit your company? Ø Email is a tool that nearly everyone uses today, and it continues to grow and be more prevalent in the lives of people around the world. Ø Meanwhile, on-line marketing was once seen as a risky endeavor for most businesses, but the gap between it and off-line marketing has rapidly narrowed: “Of U.S. and U.K. marketers surveyed, 81 percent plan to increasing their spending on email marketing in 2007, while only 50 percent said theyd increase spending on direct mail.” – Source: Alterian Some benefits… Many companies are interested in email marketing campaigns, but feel that running an effective campaign is either too technical, too expensive, or obsolete due of SPAM abuse. Fortunately email marketing can be: Ø Simple Ø Affordable Ø Highly Effective In fact, there may be no better time than now to get started on your companys first email campaign. Our company has over 7 years of experience helping businesses prosper. Consider some of the compelling reasons your business should use email marketing.   5  
  6. 6. FREE  EMAIL  MARKETING  ACCOUNT  –  WWW.EMAILIT.CO     How will it benefit your company? Increase your Bottom Line Off-line advertising is expensive and can drain resources that could be spent more efficiently on less routine aspects of your business. On the other hand, with email marketing, you can write email messages yourself and have them sent within minutes. It will cost you only pennies, but the return could be exponential. “$57.25 was generated for every $1 spent on email marketing in 2005, outperforming all other types of direct marketing.” – Source: DMA Many parts of an email campaign are automated, so that you may need to sign into your account only to schedule future messages for time-sensitive messages like special offers. You can spend those leftover resources on other important aspects for your business…  6  
  7. 7. FREE  EMAIL  MARKETING  ACCOUNT  –  WWW.EMAILIT.CO   How will it benefit your company? Establish Profitable Relationships Small companies can develop a personal relationship with their prospects and customers that their larger counterparts simply cant match due to their size. But personal contact can be burdensome with so much other work to be done. Its a dilemma lot of businesses face. Effective personal communication requires: Ø Trust Ø Time Ø Repeated Contact By sending personalized email to subscribers, you can show them that youre a real, live person with their concerns and interests in mind. Just answer common questions automatically to reduce support costs, then send information theyll complement you on as thoughtful and helpful. Connect with your prospects without getting pulled away from the work you need to get done.   7  
  8. 8. FREE  EMAIL  MARKETING  ACCOUNT  –  WWW.EMAILIT.CO     How will it benefit your company? Boost your Sales Of course, personalized branding alone wont build your business. Its important also to use direct marketing to promote immediate sales. Whether youre a local brick-and-mortar business or an on-line company, you can use email to send subscribers directly to your website or business for a speedy purchase. Links to order pages, special limited time offers, and coupons are all time- tested, measurable ways to generate sales through email. Do it yourself marketing Dont be afraid of email! To run an effective email campaign, you dont need to hire an expensive design firm or copywriter. Our service offers a tool that is easy for you to use. You just need to focus on writing some messages, and youve already got a start on that, whether you know it or not. You must discuss questions, news in the industry, and the unique selling points of your products all of the time with your customers. Just put it into writing!  8  
  9. 9. FREE  EMAIL  MARKETING  ACCOUNT  –  WWW.EMAILIT.CO   Why should you use our product? Email It is a powerful, all-in-one email marketing software thats incredibly easy to use. Take a look at our list of benefits and were sure youll agree: Ø Personalize your customer relations o Studies have shown that people respond better to emails that actually address them via their first name. Our product allows you to capture your subscribers first name, last name, age, salary -- even their shoe size -- when they signup to your mailing list. You can then use these fields in your email to deliver personalized content. Ø Send any type of email communication o Newsletters, special offers, follow-up emails, member notices, customer service announcements, affiliate emails, invitations -- anything! Ø Improve sales and increase revenue o Selling a product or service from your website? Why not use Email It to send a series of follow-up auto responders to your potential customers after they signup for your newsletter? You could send them a free whitepaper, more information on your products, or even a "subscriber- only" discount. Your imagination and creativity really are the only limits! Ø Build trust with your subscribers o One of the most import steps in the buying process is to establish trust with your visitors. By starting your own weekly or monthly newsletter, youre establishing your website as a credible source of information, which helps your visitors build up their trust in you.   9  
  10. 10. FREE  EMAIL  MARKETING  ACCOUNT  –  WWW.EMAILIT.CO     Why should you use our product? Ø Powerful and Easy-to-use Features o Email It combines superior features with an easy-to-use interface, so that you dont have to be a computer expert to use it! Ø Top Notch Customer Service o Email It has a dedicated, highly skilled Customer Solutions Team at its main office in Auckland, New Zealand. If you find that any Email It features or instructions are not clear or you get stuck along the way, our team is here to answer your questions. Ø Secure and Reliable Systems o We operate all of the dedicated hardware resources (multiple mail servers, RAID enabled database server, both primary and secondary DNS) that run the Email It services. o Our servers are located in a state of the art data center that boasts a Tier I backbone Internet connection, 24 hour on-site staff, key code locked building with full time video monitoring, separate key code authentication access to server room, fire suppression, backup diesel generators, and redundant air conditioning systems. Ø Fast Auto Responders o All Email It mail servers are optimized to send your auto response and follow up messages as fast as possible. Your prospects requests for information are processed in real time, and your auto responders are sent within seconds.  10  
  11. 11. FREE  EMAIL  MARKETING  ACCOUNT  –  WWW.EMAILIT.CO   Why should you use our product? Ø Amazing Scalability o The existing Email It platform is capable of supporting millions of users. Email It network has been modularly designed, enabling techs to quickly and easily increase its capacity. Most machines run at only approximately 30% of total capacity at even the busiest periods, and additional capacity can be added within 24 hours. Ø Years of Experience o We are the first in New Zealand to offer such a fully-fledged email marketing application from 2005 and thereby we instantly became the market leader. o Since that period, we have continued to lead the industry with exciting new features and enhancements. At Email It, we have the market understanding, technology, and development plans to continue to dominate the auto response market for many years to come. Ø Email Marketing Resources o We recognize that in order for us to be successful, our customers must. On that note, we share our experience with email marketing with customers and offer the how-tos and tips and tricks necessary to get the best results from an email campaign. o On a regular basis, we offer Live Webinars hosted by our Education Team covering how to get started and more advanced features. Youll find frequent postings on our blog, and a Knowledge Base that evolves along with the email industry.   11  
  12. 12. FREE  EMAIL  MARKETING  ACCOUNT  –  WWW.EMAILIT.CO     Our Product Features Email Design Features Email Templates - Choose from dozens of beautiful, industry-specific email templates to get started creating your email. Alternatively, we can design a branded email template just for your company… Easy WYSIWYG Editing - Use the built-in WYSIWYG editor to make changes to your email campaigns. You can format text, upload and insert images, add links and more. Email Personalisation - Personalize your email with two clicks using custom fields such as first name, age or company name. It works the same as a mail merge in Microsoft Word! Upload or Import Content - As well as using the WYSIWYG editor, you can upload your existing email campaign from your computer or import it from a web page. Popup and Inbox Preview – You can see exactly how your email will look before you send it. You can view a preview in your web browser or even email it to yourself before you send the campaign through.  12  
  13. 13. FREE  EMAIL  MARKETING  ACCOUNT  –  WWW.EMAILIT.CO   Our Product Features Email Design Features Design Once, Please Many - Our templates have been tested to work in all popular email clients (including Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail and Outlook), meaning your contacts see your email message exactly as you intend it to be seen. Use Existing Templates - Theres no need to design your email template from scratch. You can upload or copy+paste your existing template (with images) into Email It in just a few seconds. RSS Archive of Sent Emails - Email It automatically creates an RSS archive of emails you send, making it easy for you to display the archive on your website or anywhere that supports RSS. Easily Upload Images - Upload as many images as you like into your email campaigns. Unlimited free image hosting is included with every account. Anchor Links - Anchors allow you to insert a link from one section of your email campaign to another…. Advanced HTML Editing - Advanced users have full access to customize the HTML of their email campaigns, right from the WYSIWYG editors "source" tab.   13  
  14. 14. FREE  EMAIL  MARKETING  ACCOUNT  –  WWW.EMAILIT.CO     Our Product Features Email Campaign Features Automatic Unsubscribe - The "Insert Unsubscribe Link" button makes it easy to add an unsubscribe link to your email campaign, which is required by law in most countries. Also, all unsubscribe requests are processed for you automatically giving you and your subscribers peace of mind. Built-in Spam - Your email is analyzed for known spam keywords and the spam report shows you exactly what needs to be changed, ensuring your email is delivered to as many of your subscribers inboxes (and not junk mail folder) as possible. Dynamic Content Blocks - Dynamic content blocks allow you to personalize a section of your email message based on custom field values. For example, if the subscribers hobby is golf, you can show a golf ball. If its hockey, you can show a hockey stick, etc. Campaign Optimisation Tips - Right from Big Commerce you can view tips, tricks and advice to make sure your email campaign is optimized before sending. Learn how to improve subject lines; what time works best for sending and more. CAPTCHA Form Support - Eliminate automated submissions from your website signup form by enabling CAPTCHA form support.  14  
  15. 15. FREE  EMAIL  MARKETING  ACCOUNT  –  WWW.EMAILIT.CO   Our Product Features Email Campaign Features Forward to a friend link - Encourage subscribers to share your email by including a "forward to a friend" link in your email. You can even see a report on who forwarded your email to a friend and when! Automatic Inbox Preview - For maximum impact and click thrus its important that your email looks the same in all of the popular email clients, which isnt always easy. Luckily Email It inbox preview tool shows how your email will look in all of the popular email clients (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, etc). If something is found to be out of place, youre shown exactly what to change to ensure maximum inbox compatibility. Automatic Bounce Handling - Bounced emails (both soft and hard) are processed and removed from your list for you automatically, meaning your list is always clean. You can also export a list of which email addresses bounced and see both soft and hard bounce details. No Duplicate Emails - You never have to worry about duplicate emails with Email It. We guarantee youll never find a duplicate email address in your list. Upload & Send Attachments - Our software includes full support for uploading and sending attachments along with your emails.   15  
  16. 16. FREE  EMAIL  MARKETING  ACCOUNT  –  WWW.EMAILIT.CO     Our Product Features Email Campaign Features Send Now or Later - With full support for scheduled sending, you can blast your email out immediately or schedule it to go out at a later more convenient time or the time you want your customers to receive. HTML, Text or Both (Multipart) - Create beautiful HTML emails, informative text emails or both using the integrated campaign editor. Multipart emails are sent as HTML and text and your subscribers email client will show whichever version it supports best. Embed Images as Attachments - When sending a campaign you have the option to embed images as attachments, meaning your email can be viewed (once downloaded) without an Internet connection. Send to Multiple List at Once - Easily send your email campaign to multiple contact lists in one send. Duplicate emails are removed automatically before sending. Pause & Resume Sending - From the "Scheduled Emails" page you can see a list of emails waiting to send and you can even pause and resume emails that have started sending.  16  
  17. 17. FREE  EMAIL  MARKETING  ACCOUNT  –  WWW.EMAILIT.CO   Our Product Features Auto responder Features Create Multiple Auto Responders - Auto responders are emails, which get sent to a contact after theyve been on your list for a certain time, such as 24 hours or 2 weeks. Email It allows you to create multiple, sequential auto responder emails for each of your contact lists. Filter the Recipients List - You can assign an auto responder to your entire list or only a portion of it, such as those in New York with under 10 employees or leads from last weeks trade show who have ticked the "Send me more information" box on your signup form. This means you can assign multiple auto responders to one list based on custom filters instead of separating your contacts across multiple lists. Open/Link/Unsubscribe Reporting - Just like campaign statistics you can see who opened your auto responder, which links they clicked on and more, including unsubscribe and bounce reports.   17  
  18. 18. FREE  EMAIL  MARKETING  ACCOUNT  –  WWW.EMAILIT.CO     Our Product Features Advanced Marketing Features Split Testing - Find out which of your email campaigns performs the best based on open rates and click-thru rates with split testing. You can even run a split test on a small portion of your list and send the winning email to the rest of your list automatically after a predefined period of time! Unlike other email marketing software, which limits you to A/B split testing, you can test unlimited variations in a single split test. Triggers - Put your follow up tasks on autopilot with triggers. Send birthday and anniversary reminder or promotion emails; move contacts between lists when they open your email or click a link and a whole lot more! With triggers you can: Ø Send recurring emails based on a date such as a birthday Ø Add contacts to new lists based on events (such as opening an email or clicking a specific link) Ø Remove contacts from the list they are on based on an event Ø Add/remove a contact from a list on a date in the future Google Calendar Integration - Email It has full support for your Google calendar. Easily add follow up reminders to your Google Calendar simply by clicking the "Add to Google Calendar" icon next to any date field when editing a contacts details.  18  
  19. 19. FREE  EMAIL  MARKETING  ACCOUNT  –  WWW.EMAILIT.CO   Our Product Features Advanced Marketing Features Automatic Event Logging - Every time a contact in your list receives and opens an email campaign or auto responder, or when they click a link in your email, that action is logged automatically under their contact profile. You can see a complete history of every email theyve received, which links they clicked and when they opened your emails. Manual Event Logging - Using the built-in event logging system you can quickly and easily log events such as phone calls and meetings next to contacts in your list. Each user can define their own event types and follow up reminders can be added through the software automatically to your Google Calendar if enabled. Survey and Feedback Forms - Use the drag & drop editor to quickly create a completely customized survey then link to it in your email or auto responder and blast it out to your list. Responses are collected and can be analyzed, browsed and exported to Microsoft Excel for further processing. Integrated XML API - The powerful XML API can be used to add and remove contacts to/from a list, retrieve and update contact details, check if a contact is on a list and much more.   19  
  20. 20. FREE  EMAIL  MARKETING  ACCOUNT  –  WWW.EMAILIT.CO     Our Product Features Advanced Statistics & Reporting Email Opens Reporting - Youve created and sent the perfect email campaign, but how many people opened it and when? Email It tells you this and more. From the statistics tab you can see exactly who opened your email and when. View the data as a visually appealing bar chart or as a data table with more detail. You can view the open rate report for the last 7 days, last 30 days, last year or even a custom date range. Link Click Tracking - See which links were clicked, by who and when. Your sales team can follow up with leads that have shown interest in your products by clicking a link in your email. Talk about making contact at the right time! Google Analytics Integration - As youre sending an email campaign you can type in your Google Analytics details and a tracking code will be added to all links in your email, giving you full integration for number of visits, goals and e-commerce conversions for that campaign.  20  
  21. 21. FREE  EMAIL  MARKETING  ACCOUNT  –  WWW.EMAILIT.CO   Our Product Features Advanced Statistics & Reporting Email Bounce Tracking - Bounces are handled for you automatically and you can view reports showing which email addresses bounced, when and why, with an exact error message from the email provider, such as "Email address doesnt exist". Unsubscribe Reporting - See unsubscribe statistics for each email campaign you send, either for a specific date or over time. You can view the details of everyone who unsubscribed and see the unsubscribe rate relative to open and bounce rates. Forward to a Friend - See how viral your email campaign really is with complete details of who forwarded your email to a friend and when.   21  
  22. 22. FREE  EMAIL  MARKETING  ACCOUNT  –  WWW.EMAILIT.CO     Our Product Features Advanced Contact Management Full List Management - Youll always be compliant with spam laws and best practices thanks to Email Its automatic handling of opt-ins, unsubscribe requests and bounced email cleaning. Add or Import Contacts - Type in contacts details one by one or even import existing contacts from Microsoft Excel, Outlook or a CSV file. Website Signup Forms - Easily create customized signup forms with your companys color scheme to add to your website. Limitless Custom Fields - Create multiple custom fields to store additional information about contacts such as location, interests, last name, phone number and more. You can then add custom fields into your email campaigns to personalize them, similar to a mail merge in Microsoft Word. Multiple Contact Lists - Create as many contact lists as you need, allowing you to group contacts based on type or lead source, such as "newsletter subscribers" and "sales leads". One-Click Unsubscribe Links - Automatic unsubscribes links in your emails give subscribers peace of mind and helps you comply with CAN-spam laws.  22  
  23. 23. FREE  EMAIL  MARKETING  ACCOUNT  –  WWW.EMAILIT.CO   Our Product Features Advanced Contact Management Double Opt-In Confirmation - Keep your list clean and follow best practices by requiring new subscribers to click a link in an email (generated and sent automatically) to verify they want to join your list. Modify Subscription Details - Each contact on your list can modify the details of their subscription, such as email address, first name, preferences and more. Bulk Remove Contacts - Remove large groups of contacts from your list by typing in their email addresses or uploading a file. You can remove contacts permanently or mark them as unsubscribed so they wont receive any new emails you send out. Powerful List Segmentation - Filter contacts across multiple lists based on common attributes such as location or interests and lets you send emails to each segment. “Do Not Contact” List - The built-in email suppression tool allows you to keep lists a list of contacts who shouldnt (and wont) be sent your emails under any circumstance.   23  
  24. 24. FREE  EMAIL  MARKETING  ACCOUNT  –  WWW.EMAILIT.CO     Email Marketing: The Killer App With a seemingly never-ending flow of new marketing channels, and social media and mobile getting the entire buzz these days, email sometimes feels like the forgotten stepchild. In fact, email is only getting stronger and more vital in its role as marketing workhorse. Maybe email isn’t sexy anymore, but it continues to deliver consumer value, brand engagement, cost savings and revenue. However, a major shift is occurring, albeit quietly. Consumers are using email less for personal communications, relying instead on texting, tweeting, posting on Facebook, etc. But because email has a strong permission foundation and gives users control over the inbox, it has become consumers’ preferred channel for communications with companies and brands. Additionally, devices like the iPhone and iPad are actually enabling a better email experience for consumers and making reading and engaging with email fun again. Finally, I believe we have reached the point where more companies simply do email marketing better by moving to lifecycle and trigger-based messages that truly deliver on the promise of “right message, right time.” Source: Loren McDonald (SilverPop)  24  
  25. 25. .   FREE  EMAIL  MARKETING  ACCOUNT  –  WWW.EMAILIT.CO     Convinced? Just give us a call using the contact details below or send us an email. We ‘d love to hear your marketing needs and get you started right away. Not Convinced? Still give us a call and we will convince you for sure. We look forward to hearing from you soon! 98 St George Street, Papatoetoe – 2025 Auckland, New Zealand +64 9 620 7772 | +64 211 450 480 WWW.EMAILIT.CO     25