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Transitioning to Cloud Services: A Service Provider view


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Are you a software provider selling packaged software? Have you considered offering a cloud based version of your software offering, but do not have a deeper understanding of how to do it, and what business benefits you might get by doing so?

The transition of software workloads to the Cloud is gaining momentum. Software product/service providers who do not have a strategy for offering cloud based services will loose out.

This session will talk about the business drivers for offering your product/service on the cloud, and how to go about cloud enabling your products.

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Transitioning to Cloud Services: A Service Provider view

  1. 1. Cloud Services Roshan Agrawal
  2. 2. Cloud: benefits…  Pay as you go  Lower costs => competitive pricing  Ready to use  Wider geographic reach  Frequent updates: incremental software delivery
  3. 3. Transitioning to Cloud  Operate the service vs just shipping bits - monitoring - logging - infra ownership - ops people - capacity management - security  24/7  Organizational/cultural transformation
  4. 4. Transitioning to cloud  Implement “pay per use” usage and billing  Multi tenancy  Access control  Security Isolation  Performance Isolation
  5. 5. Discussion