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‘Key Elements to a Successful Web Marketing Strategy’. Search Engine Optimisation, Pay per click, Social Media – How to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn for business and we also look at new social Networks like Google + and whether it will play a bigger part in the future in getting you good search engine rankings on google

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  1. 1. Smarter Web StrategyWebResults.ie, F6 Nutgrove Office Park, Rathfarnham info@webresults.ie (01) 2071872
  2. 2. WebResults.ie• What do you hope to get from session?
  3. 3. Background• Business Studies & German (Marketing), University of Limerick• National & international markets Marketing / Business Development with a focus on online marketing/web (Creative Labs, Viking components, Eircom.net, Web Reservations International)• 2006 – set up HomeWise.ie 120,000 monthly visits• 2007 – WebResults.ie• Mentor with Enterprise Ireland. Training with various organisations, DMI, Fitzwilliam Institute, Sureskills, Enterprise boards etc
  4. 4. WebResults.ie• Web Marketing Services Company• Set up in 2007• Team of 5 people• Working with business to get results on the web• Devise and work with them to implement their web strategy
  5. 5. Approach to Smarter Web Strategy?Step 1: Set clear objectivesStep 2: Understand your marketplaceStep 3: Analyse your existing web presenceStep 4: Put action plan in place to drive quality visitorsStep 5: Measure/Monitor to establish sources of quality traffic
  6. 6. Step 1: Set Clear ObjectivesWhat are your business objectives?What are your objectives from the web?(How will the web help you achieve these businessobjectives? )
  7. 7. Monthly ObjectivesDefine your objectives from the Web:-no of visitors-source (organic, PPC)-no & € of transactionsFor the next 6 months –May, June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct
  8. 8. What are your website conversions/objectives?
  9. 9. Step 2 Understand your marketMarket research• Assess your market potential• Get to know your Target market: - Who are they ? - What are they doing on the web?• Competitor research
  10. 10. What is your market potential?
  11. 11. http://www.internetworldstats.com/stats.htm
  12. 12. Ireland - Ecommerce2011 - 43% of Irish adultshad shopped online in theprevious 12 monthsDublin top for ecommerceFollowed by The West
  13. 13. Ireland – Silver surfersAmong Irish 60 to 70-year-olds, 21% say that they use the internet every day
  14. 14. What Geographical markets are a priority?Local, regional, national, international
  15. 15. Who are your most important customers?
  16. 16. Step 3 – Look at your current web presence -No of visitors in the last month -Source (where they came from) -No. of conversions How you are performing on the search engines? Presence on Social Networks? Where you are in relation to competition?
  17. 17. Step 4 - Put an action plan in place-With clear objectives from the web- having identified any weaknesses in your existing presence- Now knowing your target markets interests & behaviour- With your competition in mind-Devise your marketing strategy and set out actions
  18. 18. Defining your Marketing strategy What combination of offline activity & online activity do you need for your business?
  19. 19. Impact of the web on Traditional marketing?
  20. 20. The way people are interacting on the web has changed-Talking at peopleHas change to-Listening to what people are saying………. & then interact
  21. 21. Defining your Web strategy Get Engage people with to site them Monitor/ Convert Measure them Give them a reason to return
  22. 22. Web strategyBuild a sound platform that cements your brand and also creates a valuableopt-in database / community that can be used to invite people again & again
  23. 23. Getting your website in order• Design/look and feel• Usability & Navigation• Tools & Functionality• Strong calls to action• Search Engine Optimisation• Good measurement and tracking
  24. 24. Web Strategy Activities to drive traffic• Search Engine Optimisation• Pay Per Click• Social mediaOthers• Online Advertising• Viral Marketing• Partnership marketing
  25. 25. • Music concerts 5,400 searches• Live music 8,100
  26. 26. Pay Per Click - Google Adwords• Very targeted• Gives good understanding Health and safety training – 720 searches of your market• Test to establish ROI• Focus on what works
  27. 27. SEOmoz.com
  28. 28. Web StrategySocial Media – Clear objectives
  29. 29. Ford Fiesta100 socially vibrant social media fanatics - selected to drivea Ford Fiesta for six months – select 100 of those who are“socially vibrant18 months prior to release in USHad to share their experiences of the car over 6 monthsBlogs, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube channels
  30. 30. 7 secrets to Fords Social Media Marketing Success • Allow other people through word of mouth create trust for you • Reach out to those who are listening and let them do the talking for you and to connect with people like themselves • Let them know that you are real people just like them and are passionate about what they do and the Ford Brand • Run a competition involving Social Media e.g. To be selected to drive a Ford Fiesta for six months (“socially vibrant”) • Aggregated the content on Fords Fiesta movement website (crowd sourcing content) without editing it! • Implemented multiple Social Media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to create digital buzz • “Get On Board” the executive team and the board of directors
  31. 31. The Results• 11 mill impressions• 5 mill engagements on social networks (people sharing & receiving)• 11,000 videos posted• 15,000 tweets.. not including re-tweets• 13,000 photos• 50,000 people who have seen the product in person or on a video who said that they want to know more about it when it comes out and 97% of those didn’t currently drive a Ford vehicle• 38% awareness without spending a dollar on traditional advertising ( Fords model “Fusion” doesn’t have that awareness after 2 years of being out in production and yet it has received hundreds of millions of dollars in traditional marketing spend).
  32. 32. Social MediaEmpower people to promote products to their friends
  33. 33. Facebook AdvertisingHighly targetedIndividuals who live in certain area?Age group?Interests?
  34. 34. Twitter
  35. 35. VideoVisualHow to’sBig audienceFacebook 46.2 years of videos watched a day
  36. 36. 58 % of marketers with 3+ years of experience are using Google+67% of respondents say they plan to increase Google+ usageSource: marketingland.com. Social media examiners survey of marketers &business owners Jan 2012 – based on replies from 3,800 marketers across theworld
  37. 37. In October, the earths population surpassed 7 billionThe New York Times used Google+ business page to source photos for its latest crowdsourcing project"Picturing 7 Billion."Customizing its page based on follower feedback, who said they were looking for international news andphotos on the Google+ business page.
  38. 38. B2BBusiness Networking Profile – Build connections Company page Groups
  39. 39. Step 5: Measure/Monitor to establish sourcesof quality traffic Web Analytics •What works? •What doesn’t?
  40. 40. Web Marketing StrategyStep 1: Set clear objectivesStep 2: Understand your marketplaceStep 3: Analyse your existing web presenceStep 4: Put action plan in place to drive quality visitorsStep 5: Measure/Monitor to establish sources of quality traffic
  41. 41. Web Marketing StrategyThere are two ways you can approach this – carry it out yourself – get someone like WebResults.ie to do it for you
  42. 42. Web Mentor Programme• A clear action plan• Structure and discipline• Knowledge – What / How?• Prioritise above everything else in the business• Issues/question - don’t know how to solve it• Understand what to monitor and measure
  43. 43. WebResults.ie servicesFully outsourced web marketing servicesDevise strategy and implement activitiesSEO, PPC, Social Media, Viral, Affiliate etcWeb Mentor Programme – bring skills in-houseIn house Training – LinkedIn, Facebook, Web Strategy,PPC etc
  44. 44. • Regular• Focused• Interesting• Fun
  45. 45. Finally• Feedback• Follow up call Thank you!!
  46. 46. Questions Thank you for your time.www.webresults.ie Unit 6F, Nutgrove Office Park, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14 Contact: info@webresults.ie (01) 207 1872
  47. 47. Web Marketing Activities Samsung LED-illuminated sheep running around the Welsh countryside Attracted nearly 8.5 million views on YouTube and continues to be the topic of discussion on blogs across the web. The "is it real or not" quality proves once again to be YouTube gold. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2FX9rviEhw&feature=playr _embedded
  48. 48. Web StrategyElephant campaignBelgiumhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1uwexYeKAg&feature=player_embedded