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Smarter Web Strategy. How to use the web to build new customers. Using SEO, PPC, Social Media and all relevant web marketing activities to build your businesses profile on the web

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WebResults.ie Smarter Web Strategy

  1. 1. Rosey Broderick, WebResults.ie Smarter Web StrategyThe successful approach to building quality customers through the web Nov 2012
  2. 2. What are your biggest issues in relation tothe web?Not enough time?Not sure where to start?Too costly to outsource?Not sure what the benefits are?
  3. 3. Background• Many years working in technology sector. National & international markets Marketing / Business Development with a focus on online marketing/web)• 2006 – set up HomeWise.ie• 2007 Set up to help businesses ‘get customers online’• Mentoring• Training with various organisations, DMI, Fitzwilliam Institute, Sureskills, Enterprise boards etc
  4. 4. Approach to Web Marketing Strategy?Step 1: Set clear objectivesStep 2: Understand your marketplaceStep 3: Analyse your existing web presenceStep 4: Put action plan in place to drive quality visitorsStep 5: Measure/Monitor to establish sources of quality traffic
  5. 5. Step 1 – Set Clear objectivesWhat are your business objectives from the web?
  6. 6. Step 2 Understand your marketMarket research• Assess your market potential• Get to know your Target market: - Who are they ? - What are they doing on the web?• Competitor research
  7. 7. What is your market potential?
  8. 8. Ireland - Ecommerce2011 - 43% of Irish adultshad shopped online in theprevious 12 monthsDublin top for ecommerceFollowed by The West
  9. 9. What Geographical markets are a priority?Local, regional, national, international
  10. 10. Targets & Influencers
  11. 11. DefineWho is your target marketPrioritise them (1 = most important etc)What do they do?/what is their behaviour?Do they use the web to research/purchase your products/services?Do they use search engines?What social networks & other websites do they use?
  12. 12. Research & PlanningWhat triggers them to look for your products/services?What are their motivations?What are their issues?What solution are you providing your customers?
  13. 13. Step 3 – Look at your current web presence -No of visitors in the last month -Source (where they came from) -No. of conversions How you are performing on the search engines? Presence on Social Networks? Where you are in relation to competition?
  14. 14. Step 4 - Put an action plan in place-With clear objectives from the web- Having identified any weaknesses in your existing presence- Now knowing your target markets interests & behaviour- With your competition in mind-Devise your marketing strategy and set out actions
  15. 15. Defining your Web Marketing Strategy Get Engage people with to site them Monitor/ Convert Measure them Give them a reason to return
  16. 16. Web StrategyElephant campaignBelgiumhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1uwexYeKAg&feature=player_embedded
  17. 17. Getting your website in orderHow does your website perform?• Design/look and feel• Usability & Navigation• Tools & Functionality• Strong calls to action• Search Engine Optimisation• Good measurement and tracking
  18. 18. Data collection & feedback
  19. 19. Developing a content plan• Both on your site and off your site ( on other sites/social networks etc)
  20. 20. Web StrategyKeyword researchGoogle keyword research tool
  21. 21. What is relevant to my market?What will drive them closer to the saleWhat are they talking about on the social networksMonitoring conversations• SocialMention• HootsuiteMonitoring groups in LinkedInKeyword researchNo of searches relevant to your business
  22. 22. WebResults.ie
  23. 23. Content PlanSocial MentionHootsuiteMonitoring conversationsMonitoring groupsKeyword research
  24. 24. Web Strategy Which activities to reach your targets• Search Engine Optimisation• Pay Per Click• Social media• Blogging• Viral Marketing• Online Advertising• Partnership marketing
  25. 25. Pay Per Click - Google Adwords• Very targeted• Gives good understanding of your market• Test to establish ROI• Focus on what works
  26. 26. Which social networks?What formats?How regularly?
  27. 27. Web StrategySocial Media – Clear objectives
  28. 28. Web StrategySocial media
  29. 29. ConsistencyRegular & relevantManage - respond
  30. 30. Web StrategyOnline Advertising
  31. 31. Online Advertising
  32. 32. Web StrategyEmail
  33. 33. Affiliate Marketing A business rewards one or more affiliates (publishers) for each visitor, lead or customer brought about by the affiliates marketing efforts
  34. 34. Mobile MarketingConsider all activities for mobileSEO for mobileGoogle Adwords for MobileDisplay advertsQR codes etc
  35. 35. Web Marketing - Devising a web strategyWeb Analytics•What works?•What doesn’t?
  36. 36. Web Marketing StrategyHow do I generate new business/ leads through the web??
  37. 37. Web Marketing StrategyStep 1: Set clear objectivesStep 2: Understand your marketplaceStep 3: Analyse your existing web presenceStep 4: Put action plan in place to drive quality visitorsStep 5: Measure/Monitor to establish sources of quality traffic
  38. 38. Web Marketing StrategyHow do I ensure these visitors are high quality potentialcustomers?
  39. 39. • Regular• Focused• Interesting• Fun
  40. 40. My Action plan• Nov• Dec• Jan
  41. 41. Web Strategy Effective use of Digital Marketing Fully measurable – highly effective
  42. 42. Questions? Thank youWebResults.ie, 1A Richview Office Park, Clonskeagh, Dublin 14 info@webresults.ie (01) 2071872
  43. 43. Ford Fiesta100 socially vibrant social media fanatics18 months prior to release in USHad to share their experiences of the car over 6 monthsBlogs, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube channels
  44. 44. The Results• 11 million Social Networking impressions• 5 million engagements on social networks (people sharing and receiving)• 11,000 videos posted• 15,000 tweets.. not including retweets• 13,000 photos• 50,000 people who have seen the product in person or on a video who said that they want to know more about it when it comes out and 97% of those didn’t currently drive a Ford vehicle