City of Philadelphia Customer Service Officers Program Manual


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Customer Service Officers program manual template which launched Office of the Managing Director's program. Examples include success profiles, expectations, and project timelines.

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City of Philadelphia Customer Service Officers Program Manual

  1. 1. Rosetta Carrington LueChief Customer Service OfficerCity of PhiladelphiaMay 2012THE APPROACH TO BUILDING A CULTURE OFCUSTOMER SERVICE EXCELLENCEOffice of the Managing Director
  2. 2. Rosetta C. Lue, Chief Customer Service Officer DRAFT Version 1.1.2Customer Service Support PlanOverviewOBJECTIVEThe intent of the Customer Service Strategy Support plan is tooutline recommendations to assist the important AdministrativeDepartments to achieve their respective customer servicegoals and performance objectives:Create and maintain a culture of customer serviceexcellence through a formalized programDrive results which exceed customer expectationsLink Customer Satisfaction survey ratings directly toemployee performanceOBSERVATIONS & FINDINGSWhile the elements of good customer service have eitherbeen in place in some of the Administrative Departments orhave recently been developed, there is no formalized strategythat pulls them together and places each element of theDepartment’s customer service into the larger context ofcustomer service.InternalDifferent customer service cultures within each departmentLow customer focus, limited understanding of howindividual functions related to customer deliveryNo common performance metrics or performance linkageto employee’s annual reviewExternalCustomer Service reputation not strongInconsistent “look and feel” and customer experienceacross customer touch pointsTimeliness and extra mile needed special attention in Cityof PhiladelphiaLack of vision failed to communicate a service focusedorganization with a single vision focused on CustomerService excellenceEXECUTIVE OVERVIEWThe Office of the Managing Director,on behalf of the City of Philadelphia,strives to achieve customer serviceexcellence for high quality,responsiveness and cost effectivepublic services through an innovateCustomer Service plan and renewedfocus on customer service acrossvital agencies.Through its Service Framework, theOffice of the Managing Directorrecognizes the need for enterprisemanagement of end-to-end servicedelivery across an integratednetwork of service channels. Thelinkage between employeeengagement, performancemanagement and customersatisfaction is critical to the ServiceFramework.RECOMMENDATIONSelect and appoint the Office ofthe Managing Director ChiefCustomer Service OfficerCreate a 5-point AdministrativeCustomer Service Support PlanAppoint Senior Team CustomerService OfficersCreate Customer ServiceManagement Advisory Council
  3. 3. Rosetta C. Lue, Chief Customer Service Officer DRAFT Version 1.1.3“Customer service ismeeting the needs andexceeding theexpectations of theCustomer as defined bythe Customer.”— Richard Negrin, City ofPhiladelphia Managing DirectorCustomer Service PerformanceManagement Support PlanWhile the elements of good customer service have either beenin place in some of the Administrative Departments or haverecently been developed, there is no formalized strategy thatpulls them together and places each element of theDepartment’s customer service in the larger context ofcustomer service.The intent of the Customer Service Performance ManagementSupport program is to outline a plan of support to the individualdepartments within the Office of the Managing Director to helpthem achieve their customer service goals and performanceobjectives.This Customer Service Support Plan will focus on the followingOffice the Managing Director Administrative Departments: Department of Technology Human Resources Records Public Property Procurement Fleet Management 311 Contact Center
  4. 4. Rosetta C. Lue, Chief Customer Service Officer DRAFT Version 1.1.4Customer Service PerformanceManagement Support PlanGOALSSuccessful implementation of the Customer Service supportprogram requires the Administrative Departments work towardscreating a department specific Customer Service Plan:1. Implement a Customer Experience Management Strategy2. Expand the Customer Service Leadership Academy TrainingProgram3. Create a “Voice of the Customer Program” process to identifyand prioritize customers needs and wants to improve servicequality.4. Enhance the Ease by which a Customer Contact and InteractWith the Department5. Communicate Service Standards and Performance ResultsADMINISTRATIVE DEPARTMENT CUSTOMER SERVICE PLANFor each of the five goals set out in the previous section, aCustomer Service Plan must be created and utilized by eachDepartment to achieve each goal.Implement a Customer Experience ManagementStrategyThe Administrative Departments must move towards creating a“Culture of Customer Service.” They must clearly define what theirgoals and expectations are around delivering world-classcustomer service. Senior management must set the overall vision ofwhat constitutes excellent customer service.Develop a Customer Skills Training Program – CustomerService Leadership AcademyIt is critical for a department to provide training for the skillsnecessary to enhance and increase the efficiency andeffectiveness of the leadership and front-line staff with theircustomers. An on-going customer service training program,housed under the Customer Service Leadership Academy, aims toenhance the performance of the customer organizational staff asthey provide the highest level of customer service delivery to bothinternal and external customers.OBJECTIVESupport the AdministrativeDepartments within the Officeof the Managing Director tocreate and maintain a cultureof customer service excellenceand to drive results, whichexceeds customerexpectations.“Customer Service isnot a Department, it’san attitude! Unless youhave 100% customersatisfaction…you mustimprove.”— Rosetta Carrington LueCity of Philadelphia ChiefCustomer Officer.
  5. 5. Rosetta C. Lue, Chief Customer Service Officer DRAFT Version 1.1.5Create a Voice of the Customer ProgramCustomer feedback and monitoring should sit at the core ofthe department customer service strategy. It involves theongoing process of: Setting standards through customer service charter(s); Communicating these to the customers; Capturing customer feedback through the varioussystems; Reviewing performance; and Using the outcome of this review process to revise thecustomer service standards contained in the customerservice charter to ensure continuous improvement.Making It Easy For the Customer to Contact andInteract With the Department – Service DeliveryFrameworkIt is not always easy for customers to communicate with adepartment or have access to senior management. EachDepartment should investigate ways to improve thevarious customer contact channels which includetelephone, letter, e-mail, face-to-face and website.Communication of Service Standards andPerformance ResultsClear and concise goals must be established for allAdministrative Departments. Every employee, from executivemanagement to front-line, must be committed to this newdirection, and all must be given the necessary support toachieve these goals.Customer Service Officers and Customer ServiceManagement Advisory Council ProgramsWith a new focus on customer service, it is important toimplement a customer satisfaction survey program andexpand the current customer service metrics. Both results willbe reviewed by the Customer Service Officers and CustomerService Management Advisory Council. The survey results canbe used to develop customer service goals on bothDepartmental and Divisional levels.VOICE OF THE CUSTOMERPROGRAM
  6. 6. Rosetta C. Lue, Chief Customer Service Officer DRAFT Version 1.1.6Customer Service Officers (CSO) ProgramTEAM STRUCTURE The Department Customer ServiceOfficers will be selected andappointed by the DepartmentCommissioner or Director and will bea member of the SeniorManagement team for theDepartment. The Customer Service Officer (CSO)will be appointed from the followingOffice of Managing DirectorAdministrative Departments: Division of Technology Human Resources Records Public Property Procurement Fleet ManagementPURPOSETo assist and support the Administrative Departments achievetheir respective customer service goals and performanceobjectives, a Customer Service Officer (CSO) program will belaunched to further refine and develop the leadership andcustomer experience management skills within eachrespective Department.The Customer Service Officer also supports the PhillyStatprogram as the Department’s Senior Leader Customer Servicesubject matter expert during PhillyStat sessions.Key Profile Selection Characteristics: Positive Attitude Adaptable and Patient Change Agent Professional Commitment to Customer SatisfactionRequirements & Expectations An ideal Customer Service Officer will be able to commit tothis position for a minimum of one year in addition to theircurrent job title within their respective Admin Department Availability is an absolute necessity if considering this role A minimum of five (5) hours weekly should be allotted fortraining during the first 90 days and then ONE ServiceManagement Advisory Council Training would consist of in-class formal and informalinstructor based training on various Customer ServiceManagement courses (include homework assignments) CSOs will attend PhillyStat sessions as the Senior CustomerService subject matter expert who reports on key CustomerService metrics and drive improved results CSOs could act in a Train-the-Trainer role for eachDepartment There is no additional financial compensation for thispositionMEETINGSThe Customer Service Management Advisory Council willadminister monthly review meetings with the Customer ServiceOfficers to discuss service updates, ongoing projectsspecifically targeted towards improvement of customerservice and appropriate actions arising from discussions.
  7. 7. Rosetta C. Lue, Chief Customer Service Officer DRAFT Version 1.1.7Customer Service Management Advisory CouncilA Customer Service ManagementAdvisory Council will be created,consisting of:Chief Customer Service OfficerLabor Relations DirectorDepartment Customer Service Officers Division of Technology Human Resources Records Public Property Procurement Fleet ManagementCustomer Service Subject Matter ExpertsPlus, other appropriate members of the seniormanagement staff or other designatedexternal stakeholders.The Customer Service Management AdvisoryCouncil should hold monthly review meetingsto discuss service updates, ongoing projectsspecifically targeted towards improvement ofcustomer service and appropriate actionsarising from discussions.The Customer Service Advisory ManagementCouncil will brief the Managing Director on aquarterly basis.PURPOSEProactively promote an environment that exceedscustomer expectations and responds to challengingsituations with practical yet efficient solutions to ensurecustomer service excellence.RECOMMENDATIONIt is recommended the Managing Director institute agovernance structure which includes the creation ofan Internal Customer Service Management AdvisoryCouncil. The Council will function as a StandingCommittee to provide technical assistance andadvisory support to the Administrative Departments toachieve their customer service performance standardsand related strategy goals outlined in this document.QUALIFICATIONS CRITERIATo ensure an effective and functional team, thesubject matter experts on the Council should be skilledcommunicators and should bring a unique perspectiveto the every-day challenges the Department CustomerService Officers are facing.Review the Administrative Department CustomerSatisfaction Survey ResultsReview of the Administrative Department’s customerfeedback processReview of the Administrative Department’s actionplans to create and maintain a Culture of CustomerService Excellence environmentAdvise on the expertise and resources required toachieve successReview the effectiveness of the Office of theManaging Director Customer Service Academycustomer service training program
  8. 8. Rosetta C. Lue, 311 Contact Center Director DRAFT Version 1.1. 8Customer Service Support Services MilestonesDrive to Customer Service Excellence Strategic PlanMilestonesEstimated Completion“Drive to Customer Service Excellence” Program CustomerService Communications ApprovedJune 3, 2012Appointment of the Department Customer Service Officers June 15, 2012Customer Service Officers - Orientation August 17, 2012“Drive to Customer Service Excellence” Workshop #1Topic: Defining the End-User CustomerSeptember 14, 2012“Drive to Customer Service Excellence” Workshop #2Topic: Customer Feedback: Real or FictionSeptember 21, 2012“Drive to Customer Service Excellence” Workshop #3Topic: Creating A Culture of ExcellenceSeptember 28, 2012PhillyStat Performance Team Workshop #1Topic: Designing Customer Satisfaction Survey MethodologyOctober 5, 2012PhillyStat Performance Team Workshop #2Topic: Customer Service Satisfaction Survey ReviewOctober 12, 2012PhillyStat Performance Team Workshop #3Customer Service Satisfaction Survey Program Completed andBaseline Results CommunicatedOctober 19, 2012PhillyStat Performance Team Workshop #4PhillyStat Customer Service Metrics Design WorkshopsOctober 26, 2012Appointment of Customer Service Management AdvisoryCouncilMonth of October 2012PhillyStat Performance TeamExpanded customer service metrics approvedMonth of November 2012Departmental Customer Service Officers & Customer ServiceManagement Council monthly meetingsMonth of January 2012