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Web Based ERP Software for Small and Medium Business


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Infinix ERP is a extensive ERP software solution aimed at supporting small enterprises to evaluate and focus their organizations rationally. It allows the integration of information throughout the organization to make sure you have better exposure in every sections of your enterprise, from every day functions to a proper selection stage. It offers information about manufacturing,stock and financial data so that it is simple to recognize possibilities for financial savings and productivity enhancements.

Infinix ERP an enterprise software solution consists of modules such as R & D, Finance, Purchase, Inventory, Sales, Production and CRM (Customer Relation Management) .

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Web Based ERP Software for Small and Medium Business

  1. 1. Contact Us +91 8108203835 / / Infinix ERP 1 Infinix ERP - Total ERP Solution A web based ERP solution especially designed for small and medium sized business. Infinix ERP is packed with powerful features, is extremely easy to implement and use, comprehensive in its scope, modular and flexible, fully customizable, totally secure, and incredibly robust. Benefits of Infinix ERP Eliminate costs and inefficiencies Improve operational efficiency Low cost ownership Gain better control of processes Improve communication and collaboration
  2. 2. Infinix ERP 2 Contact Us +91 8108203835 / /
  3. 3. SEARCH Infinix ERP 3 Search Items Search Regular Products Search SAP Products Search Other Products Issue Request to Store Confirm Issue ITEM MASTER – ADD ITEMS ADD Add Regular Products Add Sub-Assembly Products Add Other Products Add Bill of Material Fault/Corrective Action Standard Cost Reorder Levels INQUIRIES & REPORTS View BOM Cost of BOM Total Cost of Product Inventory Item where used inquiry Faults/Corrective Reports Product Code Definition SAP Product Code Definition Inquiry from Sales Cost of Items Reports - Cost of Items Reports - Cost of Items Individual Reports – Category wise Cost of Items Contact Us +91 8108203835 / /
  4. 4. TRANSACTIONS Infinix ERP 4 Purchase Inquiry Purchase Order Generation Pending Purchase Orders Job Order Generation Pending Job Orders Direct Invoice for Items INQUIRIES & REPORTS Search Items Purchase Inquiry List Pending PO / Job for Approval Approved PO / Job GRN Listing Cost of Items General Shortage List Purchase History Invoice Report Customer wise Edit Direct Invoice for Items Direct Invoice for Services Invoice Listing Invoice Payment Listing Issue Request to Store Confirm Issue MAINTENENCE Suppliers Standard Cost Contact Us +91 8108203835 / /
  5. 5. TRANSACTIONS Infinix ERP 5 Search Product Code Search Regular Products Sales Quotation Entry Sales Order Entry Outstanding Work Orders Delivery Against Sales Orders INQUIRIES & REPORTS Sale Quotation Inquiry Sales Order Inquiry Dispatch Notes Invoice Report Customer wise Invoice Report Product wise Invoice Against Sales Delivery Invoice Listing Invoice Payment Listing Packing List Deliver Challan Warranty Certificate MAINTENENCE Add and Manage Customers Customer Branches Test Certificate Issue Request to Store Confirm Issue Total Cost of Product Inquiry to R & D Govt. Tenders Contact Us +91 8108203835 / /
  6. 6. TRANSACTIONS Infinix ERP 6 Issue Goods / GIN Issue Goods (Other Departments) Receive SA Products GRN Against Purchase Invoice Inventory Adjustment INQUIRIES & REPORTS Inventory Item Status All Item Stock List All Sub Assembly Products Stock List All Product Stock List ITEMS Search Items INVENTORY View Bill of Material Reorder Levels General Shortage Stock List Suppliers GRNs Inquiry BIN Card All Items In-Hand Report Contact Us +91 8108203835 / /
  7. 7. TRANSACTIONS Issue Request to Store Confirm Issue Infinix ERP 7 Manufacturing Sub-Assembly Product Outstanding Work Orders Outstanding Sub-Assembly Tasks Production Task Calendar Manufactured Products INQUIRIES & REPORTS Inventory Item where used Inquiry Work Order Inquiry Faults / Corrective Reports Production Report – Product wise Production Report – Month wise MAINTNANCE Bills of Material Faults / Corrective Actions Contact Us +91 8108203835 / /
  8. 8. TRANSACTIONS Infinix ERP 8 Payments Deposits Sales Payment Listing Purchase Invoice Listing Purchase Payment Listing INQUIRIES & REPORTS Sales Invoice Tax Reports MAINTNANCE Bank Accounts Quick Entries Contact Us +91 8108203835 / /
  9. 9. MAIN MASTERS Product Master Price List Quotation Templates Master Forms & Formats/Templates Infinix ERP 9 Customer Master Organization/Company Master Vendor/Supplier Master Employee Master Principal Master POTENTIAL MANAGEMENT Add a New Prospect CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT Contact Manager Configurable Tasks, Reminders & Alerts Customer Tracking Customer History Issue Tracking and Alert System Potential Details Follow-up Details Add Visit Details Add Client /Account Details Add Contact Person for Client Assign Sales Executive to Account Check Client Status Details (New/Existing) View Companies Location Wise View Contacts in a Company View Client Billing & Order Details Contact Us +91 8108203835 / /
  10. 10. QUOTATION MANAGEMENT Infinix ERP 10 Add Proposal Templates Create Proposals Update Proposal Status (SPANCO) View Proposal Sent in Week/Month/Year/ Customer Wise/ Employee Wise PLAN/ROUTE TRAVEL MANAGEMENT Add a Tour Plan Approval Process from Manager Assigning a Tour Plan Create Travel Expenses Approve Travel Expenses View Tour Plan of Employee Month Wise Contact Us +91 8108203835 / /
  11. 11. Infinix ERP 11 FRONT END PHP 5.0 BACK END MySQL 5.0 HTML & GRAPHICS DREAMWEAVER , PHOTOSHOP Contact Us +91 8108203835 / /
  12. 12. Infinix ERP 12 Contact Us +91 8108203835 / /
  13. 13. Infinix ERP 13 Address: 26 / 27 Gaurav Ind. Estate, Bharat Coal Compound, Bail Bazaar, Kale Marg, Kurla (w) - 400070 , Maharastra – India. Phone: Mob:+91 8108203835 Email: Contact Us +91 8108203835 / /
  14. 14. Infinix ERP 14 Thank you very much for spending your precious time. We look forward to start a new healthy relationship. Contact Us +91 8108203835 / /