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Web based CRM software for small and medium sized business


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Web based CRM Software for small and medium sized business.

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Web based CRM software for small and medium sized business

  1. 1. CRM Solutions for Small Enterprises Looking for Big Technology
  2. 2. Mr. D'Souza runs a small business. He is a hard working man. With his experience and marketing skill , he is able to generate sales leads. Each day he and his team had to perform various task such as store customer data, follow ups, responds, generates quotes and bills.
  3. 3. To perform all the activities, it requires planning, proper communication and co-ordination. Mr. D'Souza's team was carrying out the activities efficiently as they wanted to grow their business.
  4. 4. But as time passes it became difficult to manage the business process. Mr. D'Souza had lot of enquires, but no conversions, His team was not able to provide prompt support, not able to manage contacts, unable to streamline the work process and poor work force efficiency.
  5. 5. Mr. D'Souza was upset and was finding solution to overcome this hurdle on the way to success.
  6. 6. He consulted one of his friends about his business problem. His friend being software professional advised him to go for software which will integrate his business flow and give a clear picture. He recommended him Infinix CRM.
  7. 7. Mr. D'Souza made his mind to set up Infinix CRM software in his business.
  8. 8. Within short time he was able to see improvement in his work process. He was able to manage his business process more effectively, he was able to find real time customer and concentrate on acquiring new customers and maintain good relation with old ones. Mr. D'Souza was bit satisfied with his decision of buying Infinix CRM. This provided him motivation and was able to concentrate fully on his business growth.
  9. 9. With the help of Infinix CRM, Mr. D'Souza was able to merge all his departmental information. This helped in increasing productivity, evaluate the business profit and measure his staff’s functionality.
  10. 10. Infinix CRM is easy to use Customer Relationship Management software which enables you to enhance your sales rapidly, organize your leads from one place, automates the work flow and assists you in offering remarkable customer service. Infinix CRM understands the business process and it provide a flexible, pay and use module. Infinix CRM is suitable for any kind of industry as it can be customizable as per the business needs. 1 Contact Us +91 8108203835 / / Infinix CRM
  11. 11. 2 Infinix CRM Contact Us +91 8108203835 / /
  12. 12. 3 For more details visit Infinix CRM Contact Us +91 8108203835 / /
  13. 13. 4 Address: 26/27 Gaurav Ind. Estate, Bharat Coal Compound, Bail Bazaar, Kale Marg, Kurla (w) -400070, Mumbai, Maharastra – India. Phone: Mob:+91 8108203835 Email: Infinix CRM Contact Us +91 8108203835 / /
  14. 14. 5 Thank you very much for spending your precious time. Infinix CRM We look forward to start a new healthy relationship. Contact Us +91 8108203835 / /