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Is it Working? How to Track Your Social Media Strategy's Success


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You've developed your social media strategy, spent time creating content, and managing your social media accounts, but are your efforts actually producing results? In this presentation, you'll learn the social media metrics you need to know to track your goals, how to get your data straight from the source, and how to track your progress over time and match it to your goals.

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Is it Working? How to Track Your Social Media Strategy's Success

  1. 1. Is it Working? How to Track Your Strategy’s Success Mastering Social Media So You Can Keep Doing Cool Stuff By Rose Souders, CEO & Founder Potluck Consulting
  2. 2. We’ve come so far! Established Goals – revenue, subscribers, etc Created a Social Media Strategy Developed a plan for efficient implementation In the past two months together we’ve…
  3. 3. But is everything we’re doing actually worth it and working? Let’s refresh our memories of our goals and learn a few metrics that we’ll need to understand to track our progress.
  4. 4. Goal: 20,000 people see my social media content each month Remember that “I need to reach 20,000 people to make $2,000 a month” scenario? Reach Impressions
  5. 5. Goal: 400 people to my site each month from social media These are the people who have seen your content, then click through to your site. Users Sessions Bounce Rate
  6. 6. How to Find Your Analytics Facebook Insights Overview Insights Data Download Buffer Twitter Twitter Analytics Buffer Instagram Insights Overview Buffer
  7. 7. Facebook Quick Poll: Spreadsheets vs No Spreadsheets
  8. 8. Facebook Insights Facebook analytics are actually called “Insights” (same with Instagram)
  9. 9. Want the totals or prefer spreadsheets? Facebook’s Insights overview is nice to look at, but if you want the number breakdown, you’ll have to download. Cue spreadsheets!
  10. 10. Facebook Analytics on Buffer Instead of Facebook’s native Insights section, you can use Buffer to see which content you’ve published is ”Most Popular”, has the most clicks, and more. This is useful knowledge for when you attempt to write your next month’s editorial calendar.
  11. 11. Twitter It’s far from dead! For some, Twitter is a powerful outlet to drive traffic.
  12. 12. Twitter Analytics Twitter’s Analytics are all in one place. You can get an overview of your best content, following, and even download your metrics.
  13. 13. The Great Twitter Cleanup of 2018 This year Twitter is getting rid of tons of fake accounts and bots. Don’t be alarmed if you see a drop in your follower count. If your other metrics are up, you’re good.
  14. 14. Instagram The hardest outlet of all to get detailed analytics for. *sigh*
  15. 15. Instagram Native App Insights Stink You can find Instagram’s analytics in the app from your profile. Unfortunately, the metrics they give are just for the past week and pretty surface level.
  16. 16. Instagram Analytics on Buffer Since Instagram’s app analytics are so terrible, Buffer or other third party scheduling apps like Planoly are a good place to get your metrics. You can use Buffer to Export and download your metrics to find your monthly totals.
  17. 17. Google Analytics Let’s talk website analytics.
  18. 18. Google Analytics is Not Optional Google Analytics is a must if any of your goals require someone to purchase, book, or sign up for an email list on your website. Make sure you it’s connected, even if you don’t have the time to check it.
  19. 19. Feeling Confident? Behavior Landing Pages Behavior Flow Audience Location Mobile, Devices If you’re interested in diving deeper, you’ll certainly find these areas in Google Analytics useful.
  20. 20. Each month you need to log your metrics and compare them to your goals. Overwhelmed?
  21. 21. I made another tool for you! Behold – Potluck Consulting’s Social Media & Web Reporting template.
  22. 22. Mark Down Outliers & Trends Numbers aside, make sure that while you’re reviewing your accounts that you’re noting down anything that stands out. Be open to surprises! Posts that performed well Days where traffic spiked Social platforms that are performing best Pages with the most traffic
  23. 23. Stay Smart, Re-evaluate Your Strategy Every Month It doesn’t need to be a big change, but use your analytics to your advantage and make changes based on what’s working.
  24. 24. QUESTIONS?
  25. 25. Thank you! Website Social: @PotluckConsult