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How to Efficiently Manage Your Social Media in 1 Hour a Day


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Your company’s social media strategy has been planned out, but now you need to know how to implement it efficiently without wasting time and money. This 'How to Manage Social Media for Small Business in 1 Hour a Day' presentation provides an understanding of time management for social media, a list of new tools, how to use them to save time and get better insights, and what the priorities really are when implementing your social media strategy.

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How to Efficiently Manage Your Social Media in 1 Hour a Day

  1. 1. Efficiently Managing Your Social Media in Less Than 1 Hour a Day Mastering Social Media So You Can Keep Doing Cool Stuff By Rose Souders, CEO & Founder Potluck Consulting
  2. 2. Where did we leave off… Goals – revenue, subscribers, etc Ad Budget Content Quantity With your strategy, you’ve already determined…
  3. 3. Now it’s time to implement! But you need a few things set up first so that moving forward, you can accomplish what you need in just 1 hour a day.
  4. 4. Check yo’ self before you wreck yo’ self There a little bit of setup work required to make sure that you can be as efficient as possible. Check the following. Define Content Types Setup Ad Account & Pixel Set up Google Analytics Set up Social Tools & Get Apps Set up Notifications Nice Camera Phone
  5. 5. Essential Social Media Tools
  6. 6. Other Tools to Consider Facebook News Feed Eradicator Browser Extension Chrome Eyedropper Extension
  7. 7. Asses Your Current Needs Need to Grow Following 75% Ad Budget for Growth 25% Ad Budget for Traffic & Reach Part-Time Content Has Following Already & Need to Engage 25% Ad Budget for Growth 75% Ad Budget Traffic & Reach Full-Time Content
  8. 8. The Bare Minimum So you want to see results? Add these tasks to your regular workflow. Editorial Calendar Content Creation Community Engagement Reporting
  9. 9. Plan Ahead: The Editorial Calendar 2 hours per month
  10. 10. Crank out that content! Graphics 1 hour per week Create in Canva Page Content 1-2 hours per week Schedule in Buffer Paid Ad Content 1 hour per week Schedule in Ad Manager 4 hours per week
  11. 11. Create Graphics with Canva Saves 1 hour per week Paid version: $12.95/month
  12. 12. Schedule Your Content with Buffer Saves 2+ hours per week! Paid version: $10/month Schedule content, optimize posting schedule, add other content managers, and check analytics.
  13. 13. Social Media is a Two-Way Conversation Yes, you have to reply to those comments!
  14. 14. Community Engagement Check Notifications Reply to Comments & Messages Check Brand Hashtags & Interact 10 minutes per day
  15. 15. Monthly Reporting Social Media Analytics Top Performing Content Track Goals Paid Ad Analytics Top Performing Content Top Performing Audiences Google Analytics Web Traffic Sources Track Goals 1-2 hours per month
  16. 16. Total Time Investment: Hours per Month Editorial Calendar 2 Content Creation 16 Community Engagement 5 Reporting 2 You’ll need a minimum of 25 hours a month to manage your social media
  17. 17. Heavy Lifting ✅ Now time for that 1 hour a day you mentioned…
  18. 18. Your Week: At a Glance in 1 Hour a Day Monday Check Notifications Create & Schedule Weekly Ad Copy Tuesday Check Notifications Check Reports/Cal Wednesday Check Notifications Check Ad Performance Thursday Check Notifications Create & Schedule Weekly Page Content Friday Check Notifications Create & Schedule Weekly Page Content You must use tools to save time and maintain a 1 hour/day schedule.
  19. 19. QUESTIONS?
  20. 20. Thank you! Website Social: @PotluckConsult