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Creating Your Social Media Strategy


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While branding, target market, and content types are important pieces of the puzzle, this presentation will show you how to determine the ad budget and amount of social media content you need to create to reach your monthly revenue goals.

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Creating Your Social Media Strategy

  1. 1. Creating Your Social Media Strategy Mastering Social Media So You Can Keep Doing Cool Stuff By Rose Souders, CEO & Founder Potluck Consulting
  2. 2. How does your business make money? Foot Traffic Web Sales Client Inquiries Social Media is a tool. Use it to help you increase whatever keeps the lights on.
  3. 3. Is it…Foot Traffic? – What you can do Paid Ads Visibility to New Customers Re-Engage Current Customers Consistent Content Store Experience Real-Time Updates & Deals Instagram Behind the Scenes Loyalty
  4. 4. Product Sales (B2C) – What you can do Paid Ads Web Traffic Grow Customer Base Consistent Content Product Value Brand Values Website Easy to Buy Reinforce Social Presence
  5. 5. Client Inquiries (B2B) – What you can do Paid Ads Web Traffic Email Opt In Consistent Content Authority Content Case Studies Email Marketing Develop Relationship Create Action
  6. 6. Pick Three Things, and do them well Just because everyone says you need to, doesn’t mean you have to. Focus on the areas that directly keep your business thriving.
  7. 7. Strategy in progress! What your business needs What you can do on social to get it Determine how much social content you need You’re creating a strategy and you didn’t even realize it! Step 1 and 2, check!
  8. 8. You need a few numbers first… $100 Click-Through Rate 2% Average Sale Purchase Rate 5%
  9. 9. Putting them to use! People Reached People Reached 20,000 Click-Through Rate 2% Web Traffic 400 Purchase Rate 5% Number of Sales 20 Average Sale $100 Revenue $2,000 Let’s just say this month…
  10. 10. How the heck do I get 20,000 people to see my content??? No, but seriously.
  11. 11. How many people does your Facebook content reach now? 1 Post, $5 Boost1 FB Post 1 Post, $10 Boost 100people 500people 1000
  12. 12. How much content do I need to write? Non-Boosted FB Posts 200 $5 Boosted Posts 40 $10 Boosted Posts 20 $15 Boosted Posts 13 For 20,000 people to see my content this month
  13. 13. Yikes, how much money do I have to spend on advertising? This sounds like a lot.
  14. 14. How big does my ad budget need to be? $5 Boosted Posts 40 per month $200 ad spend $10 Boosted Posts 20 per month $200 ad spend $15 Boosted Posts 13 per month $200 ad spend To reach $2,000 in monthly revenue
  15. 15. Work Smarter, Not Harder Write the least number of high quality posts Use your entire ad budget Determine Return on Investment Increase Budget if Working as planned $200
  16. 16. Use the Same Formula to Work Backwards Revenue Reach Ad Budget We have all of the numbers, now determine how much money you want to make with social media and figure out what it takes!
  17. 17. What if I’m not a numbers person? I got your back!
  18. 18. Don’t Forget… You have two of the most powerful areas of your strategy figured out, but don’t forget the others! Ad Spend How Much Content Brand Types of Content Target Market
  19. 19. QUESTIONS?
  20. 20. Thank you! Website Social: @PotluckConsult