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The Royal Baby


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Welcome to the world! Royal baby, George Alexander Louis.
The third in line to the throne and will be known as, "His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge".

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The Royal Baby

  1. 1. “Royal BaBy” George Alexande
  2. 2. Social Media Activity Twitter got the highest number of mention with 2,875,180 mentions, Blogs got 68,068 mentions, Forums got 109,223 mentions and News got 94,492 mentions.
  3. 3. Blogs Blog post mentions has 68,068 mentions and shows that the 24th of July got the highest number of mentions because that’s the day the royal baby is born.
  4. 4. • USA got the highest mentions with 31.7% and other with 18.2% third is UK with 15.9%,4th is Italy with 8.8%, 5th is France with 7.0%, 6th is Germany with 5.2%, 7th is Canada with4.9% and lastly Brazil with 3.4%.
  5. 5. Sentiment 92% of the population is favorable with 8% negative, 57% is neutral and 35% is positive. Female has 61% while male is 39% by Gender females are talking more about this.
  6. 6. Tweets Twitter got the highest number of mentions with 2.8 million mentions with 15,711 tweets per day and 655 tweets per hour. July 24th got the highest number of mentions or tweets.
  7. 7. Females are more active on mentions with 59% than males with 41%.USA got the highest mentions with 31.9%, 2nd is UK with 31.0%, 3rd is other with 20.3%, 4th is Canada with 5.0%, 5th is France with 3.8%, 6th is Indonesia with 3.6%, 7th is Ireland with 2.2% and lastly Australia with 2.2%.
  8. 8. News got 94,492 mentions and 24 of July got the most number of mentions. Forums got 109,223 mentions.
  9. 9. The Duchess and Cambridge has the strong connection on the BuzzGraph and on the WordCloud Kate the Duchess who gave birth to a baby boy “George Alexander Louis”.
  10. 10. 10 * Acknowledgement Brian L. Maceda @justrain_143 Edited by: Researched by: Rosalina B. Buendia @purplelandia310