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February 2013 19.39


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February 2013 19.39

  2. 2. 2FromtheEditorISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013BAKING ~ DECORATING ~ SHARINGWelcome  to  the  February  issue  of  Cake  Masters  magazine  where  the  theme  is  LOVE!As  February  is  the  @me  of  the  month  where  love  seems  to  be  in  the  air,  we  have  a  very  special  feature  on  Valen@nes  cakes.  This  also  @es  in  nicely  with  the  announcement  of  our  Valen@nes  Professional  and  Hobby  Baker  compe@@on  winners.    It  was  very  difficult  to  decide  in  the  professional  category,  the  standard  was  just  so  high!  Thank  you  to  everyone  who  entered,  the  designs  this  year  were  superb!An  extra  special  highlight  of  this  edi@on  of  the  magazine  is  a  full  briefing  on  what  the  Cake  &  Bake  Show  in  Manchester  has  in  store  for  us  in  April.    We  caught  up  with  the  organisers  who  told  us  all  about  the  special  features  of  the  show  -­‐  there  really  are  some  great  ones!You  all  must  enter  the  Cake  Catwalk  Compe@@on  at  the  show,  where  your  cake  designs  will  go  on  an  actual  Catwalk!  The  other  exci@ng  feature  is  the  gingerbread  village  where  you  are  given  a  plot  to  design  your  own  gingerbread  house  which  will  make  up  part  of  a  huge  village.    The  guys  at  the  show  have  been  extra  nice  and  are  offering  £10  @ckets  to  the  show  in  Manchester  as  well  as  being  entered  into  a  draw  to  win  an  iPAD  mini  EXCLUSIVE  to  Cake  Masters  fans  and  readers  only.We  have  tutorials,  an  excellent  column  this  month,  the  Alterna@ve  AZernoon  Tea  with  Jen,  an  exclusive  recipe  from  Mary  Berry’s  new  book  and  much  more.I  really  hope  you  enjoy  this  edi@on  of  Cake  Masters  MagazineRosie Masters February IssueFront cover credits- February 2013:Heart Boxes - ©Julia  M.  Usher,  author  of  Cookie  Swap,  Ul-mate  Cookies,  and  the  16-­‐video  Ul-mate  Cookie  Decora-ng  SeriesHeart in a cupcake tutorial - Made with Love by me
  3. 3. 3ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013TutorialEiffel TowerCupcake21Cake & BakeShowOverview4CONTENTSFrom the Editor ~ Page 2Manchester Cake & Bake Show Overview ~ Page 4Tutorial: Heart in a Cupcake ~ Page 9Feature: Alternative Afternoon tea with Jen ~ Page 15Interview: The Chocolate Strawberry ~ Page 18Feature: Little Angel’s Cakes ~ Page 22Event: Hospice Bake Off for Young Women ~ Page 23Spotted: Ana Parzynch Cakes ~ Page 26Tutorial: Eiffel Tower Cupcake ~ Page 27Interview: Fat Cakes ~ Page 30Competition: Fairytale Cakes~ Page 36News ~ Page 37Guest Columnist:Hannah from Made with love by me ~ Page 38Competition: Floral Cupcakes ~ Page 39Feature: The Colour of Love ~ Page 40Interview: Mary Berry ~ Page 43Recipe: Mary Berry’s Mini Banoffee Pies ~ Page 44Winners: Valentines Competition ~ Page 46Feature: Valentines Special 48ValentinesShowcase48
  4. 4. 4ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013Show FeatureCake & BakeShow heads toManchester!Following  a  sell  out  launch  show  in  London  last  year,  the  cake  and  bake  show  is  back  this  year  for  an  extravagant  show.    We  caught  up  with  the  organisers  earlier  this  months  to  find  out  all  about  what  to  expect  at  the  Manchester  show  There’s  so  much  going  on  during  this  three  day  cake  extravaganza,  we’ve  summarised  a  few  of  the  highlights  below:WHAT  TO  EXPECT  AT  THE  SHOW• See  all  your  favourite  celebrity  bakers  and  cake  stars  live  on  stage    -­‐  from  Paul  Hollywood  to  Mich  Turner  and  Eric  Lanlard• Nowhere  else  can  you  see  this  many  of  the  industry’s  leading  stars  all  in  one  place!• Get  inspired  by  and  involved  in  one  of  the  feature  stands  –  including  Lakeland,  Squires  Kitchen,  Dr  Oetker  and• Enjoy  family  fun  for  budding  bakers  –  from  gingerbread  decora-ng  with  Billington’s  to  family  bake  offs  with  Paul  Hollywood  and  interac-ve  free  sessions  with• Learn  new  skills  from  the  experts  in  live  demo  classes  –  from  macaron  masterclasses  to  cake  pain-ng  demos• See  all  the  leading  sugarcraQ  arRsts  under  one  roof  and  book  a  session  in  the  SugarcraQ  Academy  –  learn  direct  from  the  likes  of  cake  queen  Mich  Turner  and  royal  icing  expert  Ceri  Griffiths• Taste  your  way  around  the  country’s  top  arRsan  bakers  and  cake  makers  –  from  cakes  and  breads  to  brownies  and  pies• Source  the  latest  tools  of  the  trade  from  the  countrys  top  suppliers  –  from  leading  sugarcraO  suppliers  to  bakeware  specialists  including  all  the  latest  innova-ons  from  LakelandBUY TICKETS NOW:SPECIAL TICKET PRICE OFFER£10 + Entry into a prize drawn for an iPad MiniEXCLUSIVE to Cake Masters fans onlyCode Cakemasters10
  5. 5. 5ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013Show FeatureKEY  FEATURES  AT  THE  SHOW✴ CELEBRITY  BAKERS  &  SUGARCRAFT  EXPERTS✴ SKILL  CLASSES  &  INTERACTIVE  EXHIBITS✴ ARTISAN  PRODUCE  &  SUGARCRAFT  SUPPLIES✴ LIVE  BAKE  OFFS  &  CAKE  COMPETITIONSThe  Sugarcra?  AcademyA  full  programme  of  skills  demonstraRons  for  serious  sugarcraQers  are  available  to  pre-­‐book  in  The  Renshaw  SugarcraQ  Academy.  Don’t  miss  the  chance  to  aeend  a  session  with  the  likes  of  Mich  Turner,  Frances  McNaughton  and  Ceri  Griffiths.  Pre-­‐booking  requiredThe  Sainsbury’s  Compe<<on  TheatreWatch  stars  from  your  favourite  TV  baking  programmes  host  their  own  bake  offs  with  audience  members  live  on  stage  –  from  all  the  contestants  of  Series  3  of  Great  BriRsh  Bake  Off  to  the  judges  from  ITV’s  Britain’s  Best  Bakery  Mich  Turner  &  Peter  Sidwell,  plus  Stacie  Stewart,  fresh  from  judging  on  ITV’s  latest  series  -­‐  Food.Glorious.Food  with  Simon  Cowell.VIP  seat  Rckets  are  also  available,  which  allows  visitors  the  chance  to  guarantee  a  seat  in  the  first  few  rows  of  the  main  stage  demonstraRons,  as  well  as  gebng  them  fast  track  entry  into  the  show    BUY TICKETS NOW:SPECIAL TICKET PRICE OFFER£10 + Entry into a prize drawnfor an iPad MiniEXCLUSIVE to Cake Masters fansonlyCodeCakemasters10
  6. 6. 6ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013Show FeatureBaking  with  Paul  Hollywood  &  Join  Paul  Hollywood  as  he  judges  a  programme  of  live  bake  offs  for  families  and  schools  on  the  Friday  of  the  show!  Other  great  family-­‐focused  free  sessions  will  be  hosted  by  on  Saturday  &  Sunday.BUY TICKETS NOW:SPECIAL TICKET PRICE OFFER£10 + Entry into a prize drawnfor an iPad MiniEXCLUSIVE to Cake Masters fansonlyCodeCakemasters10The  Exhibi<onOffering  a  one  stop  shop  for  those  wishing  to  source  all  the  latest  tools  of  the  trade  from  the  countrys  top  suppliers,  with  a  host  of  fun,  free  interacRve  features  from  leading  brands  in  the  industry  including  Neff,  Dr  Oetker,  Squires  Kitchen.Lakeland  Interview  Stage  &  Feature  standDont  miss  this  chance  to  quiz  your  favourite  baking  stars  on  Lakeland’s  feature  stand,  which  will  also  feature  live  demonstraRons  showcasing  the  latest  product  innovaRons  for  the  baking  and  cake  decoraRng  market  from  the  experts  at  Lakeland!MarketplaceTaste  your  way  around  the  country’s  top  arRsan  bakers  and  cake  makers  in  The  Cake  &  Bake  Show  Marketplace,  where  you  will  find  market  stalls  showcasing  enough  freshly  baked  produce  to  saRsfy  even  the  most  insaRable  food  lover.Wedding dress from Heavenly BridesThe  Wedding  ShowcaseA  team  of  leading  sugar  craQ  experts  will  be  working  throughout  the  show  to  create  a  stunning  display  of  wedding  themed  sugar  craQ.Book  Signings  with  WHSmithMeet  the  star  speakers  and  buy  signed  copies  of  all  the  latest  baking  books  on  the  WHSmith  stand.The  ClassroomsThe  Classrooms  offer  the  chance  to  learn  direct  from  the  experts  in  a  more  focused  sebng,  with  30  minute  demonstraRons  held  in  enclosed  classrooms,  covering  a  wide  range  of  subjects  from  sugarcraQ  skills  to  macaron  masterclasses.  Pre  booking  required!PLAN  AHEAD  –  BOOK  CLASSES  &  SUGARCRAFT  SESSIONS  NOW!
  7. 7. 7ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013COMPETITIONPHOTO: Gingerbread Willy Wonker creation from Wicked Goodies*WIN*£150  cash  PLUS  a  MASTERCLASS  with  Master  PaRssiere  Eric  Lanlard  (worth  £195)GIANT GINGERBREADVILLAGEA  giant,  whacky  wonderland  inspired  Gingerbread  Village  has  to  be  one  of  our  favourite  features  planned  for  the  Manchester  Cake  &  Bake  Show!  As  well  as  an  impressive  7  foot  high  gingerbread  house,  commissioned  especially  for  the  event,  there  will  be  a  display  of  biscuit  buildings  and  village  features  created  by  gingerbread  fanaRcs  around  the  country  who  are  being  invited  to  display  their  designs  as  part  of  a  compeRRon  sponsored  by  Billington’s.  But  this  won’t  be  the  usual  fesRve  themed  display  of  gingerbread  houses,  as  entrants  are  being  asked  to  take  inspiraRon  from  childhood  memories  of  the  edible  creaRons  in  Alice  in  Wonderland,  Charlie  and  The  Chocolate  Factory  and  Hansel  and  Gretel  to  create  unique  candy  clad  construcRons!CompeRtors  are  invited  to  enter  their  plans  for  individual  ‘plots’  in  the  village  online,  from  which  the  organisers  will  select  the  most  promising  entrants  to  come  to  the  show  to  create  the  ‘village’.  Judges  will  be  looking  for  creaRvity  and  design  and  so  the  only  real  limitaRons  are  the  size  of  the  plot  –  12  x  12  inches,  with  entrants  free  to  create  any  structure  from  gingerbread  -­‐  not  just  houses,  with  landscaping  and  gardens  etc  encouraged.Categories:• Adults• JuniorsClick  here  for  full  compeRRon  guidelinesNEED  INSPIRATION?To  get  you  all  fired  up,  take  a  look  at  these  fantasRc  examples  of  gingerbread  creaRons  from  Wicked  Goodies,  as  well  as  the  Cake  &  Bake  Shows’  own  Pinterest  board  for  the  compeRRon!
  8. 8. 8ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013CAKE ON THE CATWALKcompetitionThere’s  no  denying  cake  is  definitely  ‘en  vogue’  at  the  moment!  So  it  seems  fibng  that  the  Cake  &  Bake  Show’s  official  compeRRon  for  Manchester  is  themed  ‘Cake  on  the  Catwalk’  and  will  see  compeRtor’s  fashion  themed  creaRons  given  their  own  stage  at  the  event  in  the  form  of  a  purpose  built  ‘cake  catwalk’!Sponsored  by  Stork,  the  compeRRon  is  open  to  non  professionals  and  juniors  (under  18),  while  the  professional  category  is  themed  ‘vintage  couture’.  Runway photo from Bravoe RunwayVintage couture from HeavenlyVintage Brides Cake sketches from Ana Parzych CakesCakes on the Catwalk Hey there, Cupcake!,The Clever Little Cupcake Company, Consumed By Cake, Cake Land by Nivia*PRIZES*Win  up  to  £250  in  cash  and  £100’s  of  Pyrex  Bakeware,  plus  see  your  cake  featured  in  delicious.magazine!  COMPETITION  DETAILSTo  enter,  simply  submit  your  plans  online  for  a  fashion  inspired  cake,  selecRng  either  non  professional  or  junior  (under  18).  The  Professional  category  (defined  as  those  people  engaged  in  the  commercial  sale  of  bakery  products  or  a  baker/cake  decorator  employed  by  such  a  business)  is  themed  ‘vintage  couture’  and  the  judges  will  be  looking  for  designs  inspired  by  vintage  styles,  encompassing  the  romanRc  charm  which  epitomises  the  principles  behind  vintage  couture  design.  GUIDELINES  Refreshingly  there  are  very  few  guidelines,  as  the  organisers  say  they  do  not  want  to  restrict  entrant’s  creaRvity…as  long  as  it’s  edible,  with  no  dummy  cakes  used  (but  internal  supports  are  permieed),  and  fits  within  a  base  area  of  16  x16  inches,  then  your  imaginaRon  is  the  only  limit!  CATEGORIES• Professional  Category• Non  Professional  Category• Junior  Category  (under  18)JUDGESThe  judging  panel  will  include  Elizabeth  Solaru  of  Cake  Emporium,  whose  catwalk  inspired  cake  creaRons  are  regularly  featured  in  the  press;  Karen  Barnes,  editor  of  delicious.  magazine,  as  well  as  experts  from  Stork’s  baking  team.    CLICK  HERE  FOR  FULL  COMPETITION  GUIDELINESNEEDINSPIRATION?take  a  look  at  some  of  the  catwalk  inspired  creaRons  by  Elizabeth  Solaru, or visit the  Cake  &  Bake  Shows’  own  Pinterest  board  for  the  compeRRon  
  9. 9. 9Tuto!alHeart in a CupcakeISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013Tuto!alBy Hannah fromMade with love by me
  10. 10. 10ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013Heart in a CupcakeTutorialEasy  Peasy  Lemon  Squeezy  CakeIngredients  6oz  Self  Raising  Flour4  oz  Softened  Butter1  tsp  Baking  Powder6oz  Caster  Sugar2  Large  Eggs  (Free  Range)6  tbsp    MilkFinely  grated  rind  of  a  large  unwaxed  lemon  +  juice  from  one  lemon  (or  to  taste)Method:Preheat  oven  to  180  C/gas  mark  4.Tip  all  cake  ingredients  into  large  mixing  bowl  and  beat  for  2-­‐3  minutes;  mixture  will  drop  easily  off  spoon.Spoon  mixture  into  tin  and  smooth  with  back  of  spoon.  I  use  an  oblong  tin  which  measures  9″  x  8″,  lined  with  baking  parchment.  You  could  also  use  a  round  tin.Bake  for  30-­‐40  minutes  until  golden  &  firm  to  the  touch.Cool  in  tin  &  slice.Step  1Make  your  cupcake  batter  using  the  Easy  Peasy  Lemon  Squuezy  Cake  recipe.  You  can  use  any  light  coloured  sponge  recipe,  although  you  should  make  sure  it  is  a  moist  recipe  and  not  too  dry!What  you  will  need:  Light  coloured  sponge  Pink  colouring  Small  bowl  Small  heart  cutter  Muffin  Cases  Baking  trayStep  2Once  you  have  made  your  batter,  separate  a  1/3  of  it  into  a  small  bowl.  Cling  film  the  remaining  batter  mix  and  leave  to  one  side.  Use  food  colouring  or  natural  alternatives  to  dye  the  1/3rd  you  have  just  separated  to  the  colour  of  your  choice.  I’ve  chosen  pink  for  my  hearts.
  11. 11. 11ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013Step  3Grease  the  base/sides  of  a  square,  (any  shape  will  do,  i  just  preferred  square  for  doing  this)  deep  baking  tray  and  pour  in  the  coloured  mixture  to  a  depth  of  a  couple  of  centimeters.  Use  your  judgement  here,  you  are  looking  for  a  risen  depth  that  will  fit  into  your  cupcake  cases,  whilst  leaving  room  for  the  non  dyed  batter  as  well.Pop  the  baking  tray  into  the  oven  at  the  temperature  the  recipe  suggests.  Take  the  cake  out  as  soon  as  it  is  firm  enough  to  handle  being  cut  into.  Try  and  avoid  baking  for  the  full  suggested  recipe  time  if  you  can.  Keep  testing  it  so  that  you  can  remove  from  the  oven  the  second  it  is  firm  enough  to  cut.Once  firmed  take  the  cake  out  of  the  oven  and  leave  to  cool  completely.  Popping  it  into  the  fridge  will  speed  the  process  up.Step  4Use  a  small  heart  shaped  cutter  to  cut  out  shapes  from  the  coloured  cake.  Pop  in  the  fridge  to  cool,  or  even  freeze  for  30  minutes  to  help  prevent  overcooking  when  you  re-­‐bake  them.Step  5Place  your  cupcake  cases  into  your  muffin  tin.  Remove  the  clingfilm  from  your  2/3rd  non  dyed  batter  and  spoon  a  dollop  into  the  base  of  each  case.  Take  each  heart  and  stand  it  vertically  (point  to  the  base)  into  the  dollop  of  batter.  Then  spoon  a  dollop  of  batter  on  either  side  of  the  heart.  Make  sure  your  batter  reaches  roughly  the  half  way  mark  of  the  cupcake,  high  enough  to  support  the  heart,  but  remembering  that  the  batter  will  rise!Remember  you  want  the  batter  to  rise  OVER  the  top  of  your  heart  so  add  enough  to  achieve  this.  You  can  also  add  a  dollop  of  batter  over  the  top  of  the  heart  to  help.
  12. 12. 12ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013Tuto!alBy Hannah fromMade with love by meEt voilà!
  15. 15. 15ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013Travel ~ Taste ~ TryFeatureby Jennifer DeGuzman-RolfeJen’s  Just  sat  here  wriRng  this  aQer  having  enjoyed  the  most  gorgeous  aQernoon  tea  (AT)  in  a  land  far,  far  away...  So  HELLLLOOOO  from  my  ValenRnes  sweetheart  (my  lovely  husband  Mark  -­‐  pictured  on  the  right)  and  me.  I  really  cant  wait  to  write  about  my  special  ValenRnes  Day  AT,  as  I  have  so  much  to  share  with  you  about  the  fabulous  "ALTERNATIVE  AFTERNOON  TEAS"  I  have  recently  indulged  in  London.    Im  dubbing  them  alternaRve  ATs    because  these  parRcular  opRons  are  not  your  run-­‐of-­‐the-­‐mill  finger  sandwiches,  scones  and  cakes,  which  are  obviously  wonderful  in  their  own  right,  but  why  don’t  you  judge  for  yourself.A"ernoon Tea wi# JenTHE ALTERNATIVESo,  my  cakey  pal  Allison,  from  Lets  Eat  Cupcakes,  recently  celebrated  her  big  4-­‐0  and  I  thought  that  the  Madhaeers  Tea  at  the  Sanderson  Hotel  in  Soho  would  be  the  perfect  giQ  for  her.  From  the  moment  we  were  shown  to  our  table,  we  just  knew  it  would  be  special.  The  whole  experience  was  very  "wonderland-­‐y"  -­‐  from  the  menus  provided  in  vintage  books,  to  the  way  the  tea  choices  were  presented  in  preey  glass  jars.    Ooh  and  the  teapots,  teacups  and  saucers  were  just  so  whimsical  in  keeping  with  the  Madhaeer  theme.  The  pièce  de  résistance  was  most  definitely  the  presentaRon  of  the  AT  cake  stand  filled  with  gorgeous  and  magical-­‐looking  goodies.  The  savoury  opRons  were  plenRful,  including  a  selecRon  of  ham  and  cheese  scones;  mini-­‐quiches  and  sweets  were  seriously  UH-­‐MAZ-­‐ING!    We  loved  the  drink  me  poRon  and  the  totally  fun  meringue  mushrooms  and  carrots.    The  best  thing  was  that  everything  really  did  taste  as  good  as  it  looked!  
  16. 16. 16ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013Featureby Jennifer DeGuzman-RolfeJen’s  Just  when  we  thought  we  couldnt  eat  any  more...  you  know  how  some  other  AT  places  give  you  the  opRon  of  selecRng  from  a  cake  trolley?  Well,  this  Madhaeer  tea  allowed  for  a  selecRon  from  a  JELLY  CART!  Of  course,  we  had  to  sample  these,  so  yes,  we  had  a  variety  of  different  flavours  including  pineapple,  banana  and  rhubarb  -­‐  again,  just  so  different  to  your  usual  AT!!  My  favourites  from  this  alternaRve,  and  slightly  mad  AT  were  the  green  tea  mousse  and  the  mango/white  chocolate  cake.  I  was  also  pleasantly  surprised  by  the  yummy  mini-­‐quiches  and  the  really  light,  refreshing  rhubarb  and  custard  tea.  Im  already  looking  forward  to  my  return  visit  here,  as  its  definitely  somewhere  Ill  be  coming  back  to  again  and  again!If  you  really  want  an  alternaRve  AT  in  London  -­‐  perhaps  something  for  the  special  fella  in  your  life  -­‐  then  look  no  further  than  the  Sanctum  Soho  Hotel.  I  say  its  an  AT  for  your  fella  just  because  what  they  have  to  offer  is  called  theGentlemans  AQernoon  Tea,  –  Im  certainly  no  gentleman  and  I  totally  enjoyed  it!  Can  you  believe  this  special  AT  starts  off  with  oysters!!  So,  how  does  this  menu  sound  to  you?Poached  oyster  with  bloody  mary  relish  /  Seared  steak  with  peppers  and  mushrooms  on  toasted  sourdough  /  Mini  smoked  salmon,  caviar  and  watercress  bagel  -­‐  as  the  first  course.  Lamb  and  potato  hotpot  /  Mini  Sanctum  beef  burger  with  mustard  seed  relish  /  Rabbit,  panceea  and  leek  pasty    /  Roast  beef  and  horseradish  stuffed  Yorkshire  pudding  -­‐  as  the  second  course.And  you  do  also  get  something  sweet,  as  well:  Twice  baked  chocolate  fudge  cake  with  Jack  Daniels  Ice  Cream.Oh,  did  I  menRon  that  you  also  get  a  lil  tankard  of  Jack  Daniels,  as  well  as  a  mini-­‐cigar!?  See  what  I  mean?    This  AT  is  all  served  in  private  booths  in  the  very  cool  but  casual  hotel  restaurant.  You  dont  need  to  be  a  gent  to  enjoy  this  alternaRve  AT,  but  just  in  case  this  doesnt  float  your  boat,  you  do  have  the  opRon  of  ordering  a  tradiRonal  aQernoon  tea,  (which  was  also  delicious...!)  but  dont  you  get  ever  so  slightly  (or  very)  jealous  when  your  dinner  date  orders  the  beeer  meal!    In  this  case,  although  the  tradiRonal  AT  was  enjoyable,  the  Gentlemans  AT  was  just  so  much  BETTER!!  I  would  definitely  recommend  this  to  anyone  looking  to  treat  a  special  man  -­‐  or  yourself!  -­‐  to  a  really  unique  AT  experience.  Gentleman’s Afternoon Tea ...Travel ~ Taste ~ Try
  17. 17. 17ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 201330Travel ~ Taste ~ Tryby Jennifer DeGuzman-RolfeJen’s  Just
  18. 18. 18ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013MEETSarahfromThe ChocolateStrawberrySarah is one of those bakerswhere you can instantlyrecognise her cakes purelythrough the hand cut nature anddesigns of her decorations.Cake Masters loves the cakesthat Sarah creates and presentsin a beautiful way - we are totalfans of the rather amazingChocolate Strawberry!13InterviewQ:  Tell  us  about  you  and  your  familyI’m  42  (which  looks  quite  scary  when  it’s  wriaen  down)  married  with  five  year  old  twins.  We  live  very  happily  in  a  sleepy  village  in  The  Forest  of  Dean,  Gloucestershire.  I’ve  always  loved  food  and  food  presenta@on,  so  discovering  cake  decora@ng  has  opened  up  a  whole  new  world  to  me.  Growing  up,  cooking  and  family  meals  were  hugely  important.    Now  I  have  my  own  family,  we  also  live  in  the  kitchen  and  our  children  love  to  cook  and  now  decorate  cakes  too.  At  five  years  old,  they  think  that  I  am  capable  of  making  any  structure  that  they  can  imagine  in  cake  and  request  more  and  more  complex  designs  on  a  daily  basis!
  19. 19. 19ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013InterviewQ:  What  is  your  earliest  memory  of  baking?My  earliest  memory  is  baking  with  my  Gran,  who  made  everything  by  hand  and  baked  on  an  almost  con@nual  basis.  Her  ‘signature  dish’  was  a  cake  that  we  called  ‘Granny  West’s  Find  The  Jams’,  but  I  think  are  really  called  ‘Maids  of  Honour’.  Shortcrust  pastry,  jam  in  the  boaom  and  sponge  on  top.  Intensive  training  for  me  on  this  dish  started  at  around  four  years  old.  If  any  of  my  family  ever  went  abroad  in  the  1970s,  they  were  packed  off  with  an  old  Quality  Street  @n  packed  with  “Find  the  Jams”,  so  that  they  had  something  to  eat  on  the  plane.  They  were  so  good  that  they  were  oZen  handed  out  through  cabin.  When  she  died,  the  whole  family  scaaered  her  ashes  in  Welsh  waterfall  and  I  (on  my  Dads  sugges@on)  produced  a  large  @n  of  “Find  The  Jams”  for  the  occasion,  which  would  have  made  her  laugh  a  lot  I  think.  Q:  What  is  your  baking  story,  how  did  you  get  into  baking?  Having  stopped  work  in  2007  to  bring  up  our  long  awaited  twins,  I  had  started  to  lose  myself  a  bit  and  the  thought  of  returning  to  work  almost  five  years  later  was  frankly  terrifying.  Since  we’ve  had  the  children  we  have  moved  to  an  area  which  is  incredible  to  live  in,  but  work  is  thin  on  the  ground.  I  thought  I  might  be  able  to  do  something  with  my  love  of  cooking  and  signed  up  for  a  course  preparing  people  to  start  their  own  business.  At  the  end  of  the  12  week  course,  I  decided  that  I  would  set-­‐up  a  small  outside  catering  business.  The  fashion  for  cupcakes  started  me  baking  and  the  general  catering  disappeared.  Within  a  year  I  had  discovered  all  the  extra  decora@ng  space  you  get  with  celebra@on  cakes  and  now  am  a  complete  convert.  Its  been  a  huge  learning  curve  with  long  hours  spent  studying  tutorials,  experimen@ng  with  recipes  and  decora@on  techniques.  Talking  to  other  cake  makers  had  been  a  massive  help.  I  have  found  the  industry  to  be  generally  very  generous  with  advice  and  encouragement.14
  20. 20. 20ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013InterviewQ:  When  did  you  decide  to  start  the  Chocolate  Strawberry?    The  business  started  a  couple  of  months  aZer  I  finished  my  business  course  start  up  course.  I  had  to  take  my  food  hygiene  exam  first  and  I  aaended  a  basic  book-­‐keeping  course  (not  that  youd  know  it).  I  actually  found  that  I  was  making  excuses  not  to  start  it  through  nerves.  Eventually  my  course  tutor  gave  me  a  talking  to  and  pointed  out  that  all  the  prepara@on  was  great,  but  eventually  I  did  actually  have  to  cook  something  for  somebody....I  then  started  almost  immediately  supplying  a  local  cafe  with  cakes  and  luckily  was  able  to  work  every  week  of  the  first  year  of  business.  Why  is  your  business  called  The  Chocolate  Strawberry?  I  have  an  instantly  forgeaable  name  myself,  so  I  wanted  an  image  that  people  could  remember.  The  Chocolate  Strawberry  sounds  delicious  and  creates  an  instant  picture  in  your  mind.  Customers  dont  need  to  remember  that  my  name  is  Sarah  to  recommend  the  business.  I  get  a  lot  of  compliments  about  the  name,  so  I  think  Ive  made  the  right  choice.  Q:  What  has  been  the  most  difficult  cake  you  have  made?  I  think  the  most  difficult  cake  to  make  was  my  Funny  Liale  Tortoise  cake  because  it  was  unlike  anything  that  I  had  done  before,  but  I  enjoyed  every  minute.  It  wasnt  actually  that  technically  difficult,  but  I  was  so  nervous  that  I  might  not  be  able  to  make  it  work.  I  really  didnt  want  to  create  a  cartoon  type  animal.    Q:  What  cake  has  meant  the  most  to  you?  The  cake  that  meant  the  most  was  Our  Story.    I  made  a  wedding  cake  based  on  the  story  of  how  my  husband  and  I  met  and  married.  We  chose  the  colours  and  the  wording  together  and  the  whole  process  was  really  enjoyable.  What  has  been  your  best  achievement  to  date?  The  Our  Story  cake  was  featured  by  Conde  Nasts  Bride  magazine  straight  away.  I  dont  think  Ive  ever  felt  so  proud  of  anything  else  Ive  done  professionally.  Its  s@ll  featured  by  Brides  on-­‐line  now  and  s@ll  brings  in  enquiries  from  all  over  the  country.  I  have  also  had  lots  of  cake  makers  asking  for  permission  to  reproduce  the  design,  which  is  incredibly  flaaering.  14Sarah with her husband >>
  21. 21. 21ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013InterviewQ:  Is  there  anyone  you  would  like  to  say  thanks  to?  There  are  so  many  people  that  I  need  to  say  thank  you  to  for  suppor@ng  me  through  the  first  two  years.  Firstly  my  husband  -­‐  its  a  massive  change  to  our  lifestyle  running  a  business  from  the  house.  At  @mes  its  been  incredibly  trying,  messy  and  expensive,but  we  have  now  sorted  out  some  sort  of  rou@ne  and  things  run  much  more  smoothly.  Our  parents  have  also  been  a  huge  help  offering  everything  they  can  from  child-­‐care  to  emo@onal  support  on  the  days  that  you  find  you  arent  living  the  dream.  Rosie  at  Cake  Masters,  who  rang  me  at  home  to  discuss  my  work  within  a  few  months  of  me  star@ng  to  make  cakes  and  who  has  supported  me  throughout.  Hundreds  of  other  cake  makers  for  advice  and  friendship,  but  one  s@cks  out  more  than  any  other  for  believing  I  could  make  it  as  a  cake  designer  when  I  said  I  never  would,  is  Lou  at  Cake-­‐y-­‐licious.  Lastly,  i  would  like  to  thank  Miranda  Jenkins  and  The  Dean  Entrepreneurs  scheme,  without  which  there  would  be  no  business  at  all.  14
  22. 22. 22ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013FeatureLittle Angels cakes has been set upusing cake makers and bakersacross the UK to help make freecakes for children with lifethreatening conditions.We  caught  up  with  Lucy  Kelsall  Founder  of  Little  Angels’  Cakes  to  find  out  more...  Little Angels’ CakesQ: What inspired you to startLittle Angels’ CakesLittle Angels’ Cakes started from avery simple idea. After gaininginspiration from Icing Smiles in theUSA and searching for somethingsimilar in the UK.At first I didn’t think many peoplewould be interested and thought itwould take months to get peopleon board, but after a few messagesto other cakey people, it was clearthat people wanted to be involved.After the death of my brother inlaw, it hit me just how important alittle love and care can helpsomeone with a life threateningillness, although my brother in lawwasn’t a child, it was still heartbreaking when he finally passedaway after his battle with cancer.He loved it when I took him a boxof cupcakes or sweet treats andalways asked for more!After seeing several posts aboutchildren with life threateningillnesses and the effect a cake or agift could have on these children; Iwondered if I could be able to helpin some way. That’s when I read upabout Icing Smiles in the USA, Ithen knew I had to do this.I have some very close cakeyfriends who were willing to helpout - all had either wanted to do asimilar thing or had a loved onewith a life threatening illness.Q: How people can get involvedTo bake cakes for us you need tobe registered with EnvironmentalHealth at your local Council. Westill welcome hobby bakers to joinin with our fund raising events,donation of ingredients anddelivering of cakes. We also ask forall members of the public to helpsupport us and spread the word.Q: Where did your first cake go?Our first cake was donated on the2nd February 2013 for a little girlcalled Ava Scott. Ava Scott is abeautiful little girl who hasrecently been diagnosed as havinga Ewings Sarcoma, a canceroustumor in her leg.A cake was requested for her glitterball fund raising event and as Avaloved Katie Perry, the theme had tobe around that. The cake wasdonated by Wendy Pitts fromAngel Cakes of Warrington.A special thanks to Nina Rogers,Melanie Lauven, Zoe CaniesLeonard Kirstie Cracknell and allour sponsors for giving their timeand resources to make this happen.SIGN UP TO HELP OUTAbove:Ava receiving her cakeBelow:Ava with Gary Barlow
  23. 23. 23ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013EventHospice Bake Offfor YoungWomenThose  of  us  who  love  baking  will  understand  the  joy  of  having  some“me  time”  and  the  sensory  pleasures  gained  from  creating  something  delicious.  It  is  these  things,  and  much  more,  for  5  young  women  who  visit  young  adult’s  hospice,  Douglas  House,  in  Oxford.On  5  February,  with  some  assistance,  they  took  part  in  the  ‘Douglas  House  Bake  Off’  judged  by  professional  cake  maker  and  decorator,  Tracey  Mann  and  Alison  Gomm  from  the  event  sponsors,  Oxford  based  interna@onal  economics  consultancy  Oxera.    The  event  was  the  inspira@on  of  keen  baker  Fleur  Perry,  23,  from  Wiltshire,  who  has  Spinal  Muscular  Atrophy  and  visits  Douglas  House  for  respite  care.    Her  condi@on  means  that  it  can  be  very  difficult  geqng  together  with  friends  to  share  in  such  an  ac@vity,  but  coming  to  Douglas  House,  a  modern,  hotel-­‐style  building  built  specifically  to  cater  for  the  social,  physical,  emo@onal  and  medical  needs  of  young  adults  with  life-­‐shortening  condi@ons,  gives  her  the  opportunity  to  enjoy  what  a  lot  of  us  take  for  granted,  whilst  having  her  specialist  medical  needs  looked  aZer.Above: Douglas House, Oxford Above: Event inspiration by Fleur Perry with helper Jackie
  24. 24. 24ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013EventFleur,  22,  is  a  vibrant  young  woman  who  lives  in  Swindon  with  her  parents.  She  has  been  visiRng  Douglas  House  for  over  2  years  and  has  a  condiRon  called  Spinal  Muscular  Atrophy  (Type  2).  She  has  a  passion  for  the  sciences  and  holds  5  A-­‐levels  in  Maths,  Further  Maths,  Chemistry,  Physics  and  Ancient  History,  with  AS  levels  in  Spanish  and  Earth  Science  and  GCSEs  in  Astronomy  and  LaRn  -­‐  and  she  hasn’t  stopped  there!  She  is  working  towards  a  degree  in  natural  sciences  with  the  Open  University.Fleur PerryFleur  made  smiling  cupcakes,  with  a  homemade  jam  smile  inside  when  you  cut  it  open.Lizzie,  23  from  Burnham,  Slough,  has  been  visiRng  Douglas  House  since  2011.  She  loves  baking  and  oQen  baked  with  her  Nanny.  ‘As  a  liele  girl  I  used  to  make  cherry  and  coconut  rock  cakes  with  Nanny  Joan.  Sadly  she  died  last  September  just  5  days  before  my  grandpa  so  I  am  making  them  for  the  Bake  Off  in  memory  of  her.’Gemma  Orton,  27,  is  an  arRst  from  Aeleborough  in  Norfolk.  She  has  been  visiRng  Douglas  House  for  about  four  years  and  has  a  condiRon  called  Spinal  Muscular  Atrophy.Gemma  achieved  a  BA  (Hons)  in  Design  CraQs  at  LowestoQ,  an  MA  in  TexRle  Culture  at  Norwich  University  College  of  the  Arts  and  is  a  member  of  Aeleborough  ‘CraQers’.  Gemma  is  interested  in  art,  fashion,  theatre,  craQs  and  baking.    ‘Baking  is  an  opportunity  to  be  creaRve.  Its  great  to  start  with  a  few  ingredients,  and  at  the  end  you  have  a  tasty  treat.  I  loved  seeing  all  the  various  bakes  and  creaRons,  and  most  importantly,  tasRng  them!’    Gemma  made  her  Eton  Mess  cupcakes  for  the  ‘Bake  Off’.  GemmaOrtonGemma  made  Eton  Mess  CupcakesMeet the BakersLizzieWaddingtonLizzie  made  cherry  and  coconut  rock  cakes  in  memory  of  her  Nanny
  25. 25. 25ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013Charlie,  18  has  Spinal  Muscular  Atrophy  Type  2  and  lives  with  her  Mum,  Dad  and  brother  Adam  in  Northampton.  She  has  been  coming  to  Helen  and  Douglas  House  since  she  was  5  years  old,  recently  making  the  transiRon  to  Douglas  House  for  young  adults.Charlie  currently  aeends  college,  studying  acRng  at  level  2.  She  hopes  to  gain  a  merit  at  the  end  of  the  course  so  she  can  progress  to  study  musical  theatre,  one  of  her  passions,  the  other  being  baking.CharlieWalterCharlie  made  Tiramisu  Kerri,  26,  from  Hungerford,  in  Berkshire,  has  been  visiRng  Douglas  House  for  4  years  and  has  a  condiRon  causing  mulRple  brain  and  spinal  tumours.  She  completed  her  GCSE’s  in  art  and  music  and  loves  drawing  and  singing.  With  her  art,  she  has  specialised  in  making  rugs  and  decoupage  and  is  currently  trying  to  start  her  own  business  selling  her  work.Kerri’s  entry  was  quite  quirky.  Her  recipe,  “Fish  Cakes”,  was  a  rather  surprising  entry  for  the  cupcake/muffin  category.  But  they  were  actually  sweet  cakes  decorated  to  look  like  goldfish!KerriHunterKerry  made  cupcakes  decorated  to  look  like  goldfishAll  the  girls  were  winners  but  a  winner  and  runner  up  had  to  be  chosen.  Gemma  won  with  her  Eton  Mess  cupcakes  and  Kerri  was  runner  up  with  her  ‘fish  cakes’.  All  the  young  women  received  a  signed  copy  of  Tracey’s  latest  book  ‘Bake  Me  I’m  Yours  -­‐  Chocolate’,  vouchers  from  John  Lewis  and  a  giQ  box  of  cosmeRcs  donated  by  our  wonderful  supporters.  Kate  Barklie  from  the  Douglas  House  Care  Team  and  organiser  of  the  event  said;  ‘I  really  enjoy  organising  events  that  paRents  can  take  part  in  with  staff.    The  bake-­‐off  was  a  first  for  us  and  we  did  it  on  a  grand  scale  with  special  aprons  made  for  the  contestants,  bunRng  donated  from  the  Oxford  BunRng  company,  beauRful  tea-­‐sets  loaned  to  us  from  our  charity  shops  and  5  ovens  sponsored  by  Oxera.  As  a  team  we  love  to  make  something  happen  that  a  guest  has  asked  for  and  make  it  an  amazing  and  special  event  for  them.’AQer  a  tour  of  both  Helen  House  for  children  and  Douglas  House  for  young  adults,  Tracey  Mann  said;    ‘I  didn’t  know  what  it  would  be  like,  but  it  was  amazing  –  it  really  is  such  a  posiRve  environment.  The  guests  are  made  to  feel  so  welcome  and  all  their  needs  are  taken  into  account  and  they  are  treated  as  independent  individuals.  I  have  had  a  wonderful  day.’<<Tracy Mannwith Kerri
  26. 26. 26ISSUE 6 JANUARY 2013SpottedAna Parzych CakesWe love it when designers work to sketches and then create masterpieces out of sugar.Ana Parzych is a master of just that, and creates absolutely stunning cakes.Ana Parzych CakesISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013
  27. 27. 27ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013Tuto!alFrom Bake HappyEiffel Tower Cupcake30
  28. 28. 28ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013Step  1  Roll  out  gumpaste  and  cut  out  the  Eiffel  Towers  using  the  template.  Let  it  dry  overnightStep  2Thin  out  brown  food  coloring  with  vodka  and  brush  onto  the  towers.  Let  it  dry  for  about  2  hours.What  you  will  need:Eiffel Tower ImageKnifeGumpasteBrown gel food coloringRoyal Icing in piping bag with a #1 tipBronze luster dustVodkaPaint brushCupcakes to decorateEiffel Tower CupcakeTutorial
  29. 29. 29ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013Step  4Thin  out  the  bronze  luster  dust  with  vodka  and  brush  onto  the  details.Step  3Using  the  Royal  Icing  in  piping  bag  with  a  #1  tip,  pipe  the  outline  and  details  on  the  tower.  Let  it  dry  (...  again)  Step  5Thin  out  the  bronze  luster  dust  with  vodka  and  brush  onto  the  details.Final  stepPlace  your  decorated  towers  onto  your  cupcakes!
  30. 30. 30ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013MEETMiaFromFat CakesMia is an awesome baker andcake designer. Her cakes havethe impact which wow peoplefrom across the globe and aredesigned and executed to a veryhigh standard.We interviewed Mia to find outmore about the person behindthe cake.InterviewQ:  Tell  us  about  you  and  your  familyI  am  35,  I  live  in  a  small  busy  house  in  Sussex  on  the  south  coast  with  my  three  young  children  Harry  (he  hates  cake),  Marshall  (he  wants  to  work  for  me  one  day)  and  Emalyn  (she  eats  all  the  offcuts)  my  lazy  cat  and  three  chickens.  They  all  drive  me  crazy,  but  they  are  my  world!  I  have  an  allotment  which  is  my  escape  place  but  havent  had  the  chance  to  get  over  there  much  since  I  became  Fat  Cakes,  I  feel  like  Ive  been  permanently  in  the  kitchen  for  the  last  18  months!  
  31. 31. 31ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013InterviewQ:  What  is  your  earliest  memory  of  bakingI  loved  baking  rock  cakes  and  scones  as  a  child,  but  then  didnt  dabble  with  baking  again  un@l  I  had  children  of  my  own.  Unhappy  with  the  quality  of  supermarket  cakes  (I  am  a  perfec@onist!)  I  started  making  my  childrens  birthday  cakes  8  years  ago.  They  had  many  experimental  buaercream  extravaganzas!  It  wasnt  un@l  my  daughters  first  birthday  in  2010  that  I  tried  covering  a  cake  with  sugarpaste  for  the  first  @me  and  I  have  been  hooked  ever  since.Q:  What  is  your  baking  story,  how  did  you  get  into  baking?Baking  for  family  soon  turned  into  baking  for  friends  and  when  friends  of  friends  started  to  ask  for  cakes  I  thought  that  geqng  some  cards  made  might  look  beaer  than  scribbling  my  phone  number  on  a  scrap  of  paper,  so  I  needed  a  name...this  was  the  start  of  it  all.I  had  some  cards  made,  my  Facebook  page  was  born  and  I  have  just  been  trying  to  keep  up  with  it  all  ever  since!  I  have  always  been  drawn  to  art  and  anything  crea@ve  and  got  a  dis@nc@on  in  sculpture  at  art  college.    I  then  went  on  to  do  a  degree  in  interior  architecture  where  I  loved  thinking  three  dimensionally  and  enjoyed  playing  with  colour.  I  then  had  various  customer  service  jobs  for  years  just  to  pay  the  bills  as  I  didnt  know  how  to  make  a  living  from  anything  ar@s@c.  To  be  honest  I  s@ll  dont  make  a  living  from  it  but  at  least  I  am  happy!Q:  When  did  you  decide  to  start  Fat  Cakes?This  was  in  August  2011  so  just  18  months  ago.  It  more  sort  of  happened  to  me  rather  than  me  actually  making  any  decisions!  I  had  to  leave  my  part  @me  job  at  Sainsbury’s  due  to  a  change  in  circumstances  and  have  been  making  cakes  full  @me  ever  since.  It’s  as  if  it  was  meant  to  be.  My  sugarcraZ  kit  that  started  off  just  about  filling  a  small  toolbox  has  now  spread  into  nearly  every  room  of  my  house  and  con@nues  to  grow!Q:  Why  is  your  business  called  Fat  Cakes?I  spent  a  few  days  trying  to  think  of  names  but  found  none  that  felt  right  -­‐  none  that  really  said  what  I  wanted  them  to.  I  didnt  want  to  limit  myself  to  one  style  of  cake  so  needed  a  name  that  would  reflect  this.  Like  when  choosing  a  name  for  a  new  baby,  I  scanned  TV  credits,  town  names,  street  names,  the  dic@onary  even  cereal  packets!  I  was  about  to  give  up  when  I  finally  asked  my  partner  what  he  thought,  “Fat  Cakes”  he  said,  “because  they  are  fat  and  they  are  cakes”  simple  -­‐  and  so  it  came  to  be!
  32. 32. 32ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013InterviewA  selec@on  of  cakes  made  by  Mia  from  Fat  Cakes.
  33. 33. 33ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013InterviewQ:  What  cake  has  meant  the  most  to  you?  I  think  Emalyns  first  birthday  cake  and  my  Batman  cake  mean  the  most  to  me.  The  elephant  made  for  my  daughter  was  from  one  of  Debbie  Browns’  books,  I  am  a  big  fan  of  her  work,  and  this  was  the  start  of  my  love  affair  with  cake  decora@ng.  The  batman  cake  is  the  cake  that  made  my  facebook  page  really  take  off,  and  put  me  in  touch  with  a  lot  of  cake  ar@sts.  I  made  many  online  friends  as  my  name  started  to  get  recognised  by  more  people.  Regarding  my  Batman  cake,  I  am  a  big  fan  of  the  movies  so  really  enjoyed  making  this  cake-­‐  I  had  looked  forward  to  it  for  about  6  months  so  am  so  pleased  that  this  has  been  my  most  shared  cake  to  date.Q:  Which  has  been  the  most  difficult  cake  you  have  made?  All  of  my  cakes  are  difficult  in  their  own  way  as  I  always  push  myself  out  of  my  comfort  zone,  trying  something  new  with  each  and  every  one.  probably  the  most  technically  difficult  for  me  was  R2D2.  It  was  my  first  cake  with  internal  structure,  I  had  to  buy  a  new  drill  bit  for  my  sugarcraZ  kit  :)  As  the  cake  was  for  my  son  I  felt  I  could  experiment  a  bit  more  andit  didnt  maaer  too  much  if  it  didnt  work  out  as  only  we  would  see  it.<<<  Harry,  Marshall  and  Emalyn  
  34. 34. 34ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013InterviewQ:  What  has  been  your  best  achievement  to  date?Being  asked  to  do  this  interview  is  probably  my  best  achievement  to  date!  I  am  happy  that  that  the  business  has  grown  so  well  in  such  a  short  space  of  @me  and  that  I  have  had  to  teach  myself  how  to  build  a  website,  manage  accounts,  upload  photos,  keep  up  with  admin  (well  try  my  best  to)  alongside  managing  family  life.  This  is  my  biggest  achievement  and  something  I  feel  proud  of.Q:  Is  there  anyone  you  would  like  to  say  thanks  to?I  would  really  like  to  say  thank  you  to  all  of  my  online  friends  in  the  cake  world.  Some  I  have  met  in  real  life,  some  I  have  yet  to  meet.  All  of  whom  have  helped  me  in  our  virtual  office  to  get  through  the  long  night  shiZs;  helped  with  problems  and  have  been  there  to  bounce  ideas  off  of;  along  with  chaqng  about  family  life  and  the  various  emo@onal  states  that  go  with  working  crea@vely  from  home!  I  would  not  be  where  I  am  today  without  them,  they  have  all  become  very  important  to  me.  Q:  What  are  your  future  plans?I  have  a  lot  of  exci@ng  orders  to  look  forward  to  this  year  that  I  cannot  wait  to  get  started  on.  I  hope  to  also  find  @me  to  enter  one  of  the  categories  at  Cake  Interna@onal  this  year  too  and  my  all  @me  dream  has  been  to  have  a  go  at  a  thread  cakes  entry.  I  am  currently  in  the  process  of  seqng  up  to  start  doing  cake  decora@ng  classes  alongside  some  other  crea@ve  friends  from  different  craZ  areas  so  this  is  very  exci@ng  for  me,  I  am  really  looking  forward  to  the  sociable  side  of  this  and  a  liale  break  from  the  kitchen!  Other  than  that  I  am  just  going  with  the  flow  and  well  see  what  happens...
  35. 35. 35ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013Email: or
  36. 36. 36ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013Cake Masters has teamed up with Cake International to run a fantastic FairytaleCompetition! The prizes for winners of the competition in both categories are asfollows:- Two VIP passes for the winner and a friend to Cake International LONDON –Saturday 13th April 2013- Fast Track Entry so you will be first through the door and avoid the queues- Free Show Guide- Chance to get a front row seat at the Bakery Theatre- VIP Lounge Access which includes light refreshments- The opportunity to mingle with the celebrities of the cake world in the VIPLounge, including Marry Berry and Paul Hollywood!!- There will be two categories in which you can enter a cake, Hobby Baker andProfessional Baker.- A hobby baker is defined as someone who has never sold a cake for money.The reason why we have this category is to ensure we include all abilities and notonly those people who bake and decorate regularly.- You can enter a cake of any size (including a maximum of 12 decorated cupcakes or12 cake pops) or 12 iced biscuits.- There is only one entry per person and judging will be done by a panel of judges.The cake must have a fairytale theme.To enter please email us a good quality photo to with:- Your full name- Your category Hobby or Professional- Your facebook page name and website- Contact number- Optional – Tell us a bit about your entry and the inspiration behind the designDEADLINE: 31st March 2013in association withCompetition
  37. 37. 37ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013News!MOST SHARED CAKEON CAKE MASTERS!41,000I wanted to thank you all for helping mebreak through the 40,000 likes barrier.Facebook advertising helped us up to the20,000 likes mark, and then it justbecame too expensive. With changes totimeline and issues with reach, I decidedto stop advertising with Facebook. Tomy absolute delight, our numbers havebeen growing in a strong organic mannerand I want to thank you for not onlyhelping me through the 40,000 LIKESmilestone, but THANKYOU ALL forgetting me through the 41,000 LIKESmark.Claim to fame!As you know, Nina from Mon Cottage Cupcakescreated a cake that was featured in theYellowsection of last month’s magazine.Her cake was made for a charity that MerrillOsmond is associated to so was pictured holdingthe cake that Nina made.Well, my claim to fame is the Merrill Osmondshared my magazine on his own Facebook page!Thanks Nina for sharing your cake onYellowMonday all those weeks ago- seeing Merrill’spost really made my day!A cake that we posted last week has gone totallyviral, with over 2,318 shares and over 100,000people seeing the cake! Congratulations toBrownies Cakes Grimsby for creating such a greatcake that so many people could relate to!
  38. 38. 38ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013Guest ColumnistThis is war! (Somebody put thekettle on...)It’s been dark for so long I’dswear the birds are trying tobring in the dawn, the radio isburbling away insoothing ‘mellow’ tones onlysuitable for night-time easylistening and midnight is somesort of fuzzy distant memory. Yeti am stood in the middle of abattle zone that 12 hours agowas my kitchen embroiled inwhat I can only describe as thefight for my life. Not with aintruder, a burglar, or a maskedstranger...but with a cake.Yes a cake! Who knew a cake -a seemingly harmless mix ofsimple (quality) ingredients, adouble coating of buttercreamand a dressing of ready to rollicing could be such a force ofevil?! Evil I tell you!The race is most definitely onwith this fondant fiend and yetlike some stubborn, belligerentteenager it is point-blankrefusing to behave. Worse thansimply misbehaving this spitefulsponge is kicking some seriousbutt!. It is beating me harderthan my mixer on full speed andI’m losing!!On paper this cake is going towork just fine. It makes sense, Ihad even checked out YouTubefor the tutorial (!) so what couldgo wrong. It is destined to work,it is going to be brilliant. It isgoing to be a GREAT cake!More than that, I’ve been lookingforward to making this cake formonths.So why is it at silly oclock thenight before the big family eventwhere I am due to unveil thisamazing, surprise creation, is ittrying to kill me? What exactlydid I do so wrong in this or apast life that the bake of doomwould hate me so much as tosystematically take me apart likethis?Everything that can go wrong isgoing wrong, the simple bitshave become some MENSAstyle intellectual challenge, thedifficult bits have becomeMission Impossible only I am notseeing Tom Cruise hanging frommy ceiling trying to help!I dig in and fight back. I amdamned if Im going to let CountCalorie win!Just as I think I have avoidedeverything this mixture ofmadness has pelted me with,side-stepped the cloggedairbrush, dodged the slippingtiers, battled back from the brinkof cracked fondant failure athousand times over, taken onthe cake of calamity and won, itgoes and throws one last, brutalthing at me.At 2am, in a final willful attemptof defiance, out of pure spite, itthrows it’s head at me. It cruellypitches forward, pulling its ownhead away from its body takingout the supporting board anddowels with it. I manage to catchthe head as it falls by getting myhand under the board in timeand set it down alongside it’snow decapitated body.Then I stare at it in disbelief andthe slow realisation ofresignation. I give in, this cakehas beaten me. Im done in, it’stoo late, I’m too tired. I simplycannot fix it from here.Or can I?A few hours later (after a shortsleep) I wake with a gritteddetermination, and decide that Iam in no way going to allow thisevil edible to take me down. I putthe kettle on and roll up mysleeves. I don my apron armourand tool up with cocktail sticks,scissors and a paintbrush. Thismulit-tiered tower of terror mayhave won the battle, I am goingto win the war though!I set to it, I re-design, re-build,re-crumbcoat, re-fondant, re-texture and hand-paint feverishlyfor the next 3 hours then deliveron-time, unveil and present acake that to everyone else isnothing more than the sweetestof sweet Christmas cats.I am the only one who knowsthat there is NOTHING sweet orinnocent about this sugarycharlatan!So a word of warning to myfellow cakers - not all cakes areas sweet as the ingredientswould suggest, some seemalmost human in their ability tobring us to our knees and yes,sometimes you have to walkaway from the battle.There is no need to give inthough. Just take a break, grab acup of tea, take a deep breathand come back swinging - readyto win the war!Share your news with us! headless beast >>By Hannah fromMade with Love by Me
  39. 39. 39ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013Competition!The lovely people at the award winning Katy Sue Designs are giving away a set of 3“Victorian Garden” Cupcake topper moulds as a prize for the winner of this competition.All you need to do is send us a picture of your best floral cupcakes. One entry per person.Please send only one photo, with your full name, business name (if you have one); contactnumber and address to LUCK!
  40. 40. 40ISSUE 6 JANUARY 2013ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013The Colour OfLoveRed is naturally the colour of love...did you notice how wemissed the colour red in our of the 50 shades of cake issue inJanuary? I would like to say that we reserved red cakes for themonth of February...but no we didn’t! It is quite fitting that wewill share red cakes in the month where love is in the air!Sugar Pocket
  41. 41. 41ISSUE 6 JANUARY 2013Sugar Pie Gourmet CakesLoveZee Cakes Prettypetal CupcakesAlison Lawson CakesCakes by No More Tiers(York)Fancy Cakes by LindaDakota’s CustomConfectionsThe Crafty Kitchen(Sarah Garland)Robert FirthISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013
  42. 42. 42ISSUE 6 JANUARY 2013Baked In Caked OutEmma HallDeluxe Luton CakesCouture Cakes by Rose Melys Cake DesignSweetArt Cakes BedfordWedding Cakes LiverpoolTina Scott Parashar’s CakeDesignPetiteSweet - Cake BoutiqueISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013
  43. 43. 43ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013InterviewShe has sold over five million cookbooks, hasnearly 60 years baking experience and isknown for being the queen of all thingsbaking. Whether you are a seasonedprofessional or just starting out in theexciting world of home baking, Mary Berry isa name that you’ll be familiar with.From the signature Lemon Drizzle Cake tothe challenging Fraisier Cake, there is nodoubt that Mary’s recipes are some of thebest loved. Having learnt the art of bakingfrom her mother, Mary quickly establishedherself as a leading cookery writer andbroadcaster, specialising in Aga cookery, cakesand desserts.Q:  What  or  who  got  you  interested  in  baking?A  wonderful  home  economics  teacher  called  Miss  Date,  she  was  lovely  and  encouraged  me  in  classQ:  What  is  your  current  signature  dish?Lemon  Drizzle  cakeQ:  If  you  weren’t  a  chef  what  would  you  be?A  gardenerQ:  Sweet  tooth  or  savoury?SavouryQ:  What  do  you  most  enjoy  about  baking?  I  enjoy  sharing  the  finished  bake  with  family  and  friendsWhat  are  your  top  <ps  for  any  aspiring  baker?  Follow  a  good  recipe  and  weigh  accurately.  Use  digital  scales  and  weigh  exactly  as  in  the  recipe.  Use  the  correct  sized  @n  and  oven  temperature,  all  these  changes  can  affect  the  cake.Cake  baking  and  decora<ng  has  exploded  in  popularity  recently  -­‐  whats  your  opinion  on  why  this  could  be?The  Great  Bri@sh  Bake  Off  has  inspired  a  new  genera@on  of  bakers  Mary’s  new  book,  At  Home  is  available  now  to  buy!Visit Mary Berry at Cake InternationalEvent City Manchester 8-10 March
  44. 44. 44ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013RecipeRecipe  taken  from  Mary  Berry  At  HomeMini Banoffee Pies10
  45. 45. 45ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013RecipeRecipe  taken  from  Mary  Berry  At  HomeEveryone’s  favourite  dessert  –  these  individual  pies  are  Lucy’s  recipe  and  are  divine.  Tins  of  ready-­‐made  caramel  can  be  bought  in  any  supermarket  and  save  having  to  boil  a  can  of  condensed  milk  like  we  used  to,  to  give  it  a  caramel  flavour.SERVES  8For  the  base40g  (1½oz)  buaer,  melted75g  (3oz)  diges@ve  biscuits,  crushedFor  the  topping50g  (2oz)  buaer50g  (2oz)  light  muscovado  sugar1  ×  397g  @n  caramel4  small  bananas200ml  (7fl  oz)  double  cream,  lightly  whipped25g  (1oz)  square  of  dark  chocolate1. You  will  need  eight  7cm  (2½-­‐in)  cooking  rings,  arranged  on  a  baking  sheet.  To  make  the  bases,  mix  the  melted  buaer  with  the  crushed  biscuits  and  s@r  un@l  combined.  Spoon  evenly  between  the  rings  and  press  down  with  the  back  of  a  spoon.  Chill  while  you  make  the  topping.2. Melt  the  buaer  in  a  saucepan  then  add  the  sugar  and  s@r  un@l  dissolved.  Add  the  caramel  and  s@r  un@l  combined.  Simmer  for  1  minute  then  set  aside  to  cool  for  a  few  minutes.3. Pour  the  sauce  into  the  rings  on  top  of  the  biscuit  base  and  chill  for  about  1  hour  or  un@l  the  toffee  has  just  set.  Slice  the  banana  and  arrange  on  top,  then  spoon  or  pipe  over  the  cream.  Slide  a  fish  slice  under  each  ring  and  move  to  serving  plates.  Remove  the  rings  and  finely  grate  chocolate  on  top  of  each  pie  to  garnish.4. Serve  chilled.
  46. 46. 46ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013FeatureCongratulations!PRIZE• Two VIP passes for the winner and a friend to Cake InternationalMANCHESTER – Saturday 9th March 2013• Fast Track Entry so you will be first through the door and avoid thequeues• Free Show Guide• The chance to get a front row seat at the Bakery Theatre• VIP Lounge Access which includes light refreshments• The opportunity to mingle with the celebrities of the cake world in theVIP Lounge, including Marry Berry!!In association withValentines CompetitionPROFESSIONAL WINNERJessica RabicanoMrs Sweet Treats
  47. 47. 47ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013FeatureCongratulations!PRIZE• Two VIP passes for the winner and a friend to Cake InternationalMANCHESTER – Saturday 9th March 2013• Fast Track Entry so you will be first through the door and avoid thequeues• Free Show Guide• The chance to get a front row seat at the Bakery Theatre• VIP Lounge Access which includes light refreshments• The opportunity to mingle with the celebrities of the cake world in theVIP Lounge, including Marry Berry!!in association withValentinesHOBBY BAKER WINNERBrandon FullerCompetition
  48. 48. 48ISSUE 6 JANUARY 2013ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013TheValentinesSpecial©Julia  M.  Usher,  author  of  Cookie  Swap,  Ul-mate  Cookies,  and  the  16-­‐video  Ul-mate  Cookie  Decora-ng  Series
  49. 49. 49ISSUE 6 JANUARY 2013ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013The Craft Kitchen (Sarah Garland) Mon Cottage CupcakesMolly’s Creative CakesButtercup Cakes by ChristineNeet’s Treats
  50. 50. 50ISSUE 6 JANUARY 2013ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013CakeRox
  51. 51. 51ISSUE 6 JANUARY 2013ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013Carina’s Cupcakes
  52. 52. 52ISSUE 6 JANUARY 2013ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013KatyBakey
  53. 53. 53ISSUE 6 JANUARY 2013ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013Nicola Pretty JohnsHeavens CakesBrennies Cake House Starry DelightsThe Chocolate StrawberryKaties Celebration Cakes
  54. 54. 54ISSUE 6 JANUARY 2013ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013LArbre à Gâteaux
  55. 55. 55ISSUE 6 JANUARY 2013ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013GQ CakesIvy Janes’s Bakery
  56. 56. 56ISSUE 6 JANUARY 2013ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013G SweetsSweet KKara’s Couture CakesSweetly Baked
  57. 57. 57ISSUE 6 JANUARY 2013ISSUE 7 FEBRUARY 2013The Sugar MiceRosie Cake Diva
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