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Visual Storytelling with SlideShare


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Visual Storytelling with SlideShare

  1. 1. Visual Storytelling with Slideshare
  2. 2. Social Media Users LOVE Images On Facebook, photos are liked 2x more than text updates. Videos are shared 12x more than links and text posts combined. Considering that approximately 65% of people are visual learners, it makes sense why social media users engage with images more than text. Thanks for the data, Hubspot. 2
  3. 3. Popularity of Image-Based Social NetworksINSTAGRAM•100 million monthly active users•11 million daily active users•40 million photos posted per day•10,000 likes per second•1,000 comments per second•1179% growth between April 2012 and September 2012 PINTEREST •In early 2012, less than 2 years after it launched, Pinterest had 10.4 million users. (After 2 years, Facebook only had 6 million users.) •In 2012, users spent 1,255,225,000 minutes on Pinterest from their desktops. •Last year, Pinterest saw a 1047% YOY change in unique visitors. 3
  4. 4. Meet SlideShare•Touted as the “world’s largest community for sharingpresentations”•60 million monthly visitors•130 million pageviews•Amongst the most visited 200 websites in the world View SlideShare’s Why You Should Use It presentation here 4
  5. 5. An Expert’s Opinion According to award-winning brand specialist David Brier, a SlideShare expert with over 200,000 presentation views, “SlideShare is a great resource, but more importantly, businesses can use SlideShare to get its message out in a venue that is already primed for and seeking information, insight and useful strategies.” 5
  6. 6. Reasons to Use SlideShare Social network growthDemonstrate knowledge & expertise Increase search engine visibility Increased engagement Brand promotion Lead generation Higher quality blog content and content promotion 6
  7. 7. SlideShare for Visual StorytellingSlideShare is simple to use and can add new life to your old presentations. Illustrate themessages you want to convey to your audience with visual storytelling tools, like SlideShare, tosee increased engagement and interest in your brand, while providing the kind of visual contentsocial media users enjoy. 7
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