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Lisbon International Convention


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Lisbon International Convention

  1. 1. Register online:    |  iwww.rotary.orgA Harbor for Peace
  2. 2. Meet and mingle with Rotariansfrom around the worldExperience the soulfulsounds of Fado musicMarvel at the legacy of world explorers likeVasco da Gama and Ferdinand MagellanTaste some of Europe’sfreshest seafoodJose ManuelRegião de Turismo do CentroAntonio Sacchetti Antonio SacchettiRotary ImagesRide a charming, turn-of-the-century streetcar to historic sitesIn Lisbon, you can . . .Jose ManuelJose Manuel
  3. 3. Dear Rotarian:A Rotary convention is a powerful thing. I will never forgetmy first convention, in Chicago in 1980. It was so impressive andso remarkable to me how volunteers from all over the world,working together, could accomplish so much.I came to that convention as a member of a Rotary club. I left it as a Rotarian. The feeling thatbegan in Chicago has never left me. And every year, I enjoy that convention experience again,in a different part of the Rotary world.I am delighted to invite you to the 104th Rotary International Convention in Lisbon, Portugal,23-26 June 2013. As an RI president from Japan, I am especially pleased that this conventionwill be hosted in Lisbon, because Japan and Portugal have a warm history together thatbegan in 1542. That was the year a Portuguese boat landed on a southern Japanese island.The Portuguese sailors did not plan to come to Japan. Strong winds blew their boat off course.But it was a fortunate detour, and the beginning of a peaceful and prosperous relationship.The Portuguese found Japan by accident. But it is no accident that Lisbon has been chosen forthis convention. Lisbon is A Harbor for Peace. And peace will be the theme of this convention,as it has been the theme between Japan and Portugal for nearly 500 years.Every year, when we come together for a Rotary convention, we see for a few days the worldas it could be. We see people of all colors and cultures come together. We look past ourdifferences and focus on our goal: the building of a better world.In 2013, we will have A Harbor for Peace in Lisbon through Rotary. It will be a great honor forme to preside over this convention, and I look forward to having you join us there.Sakuji TanakaRI President, 2012-13
  4. 4. 2   |    Bangkok 2012What to seeHistoric BelémA symbol of triumph, the JerónimosMonastery in Belém tops the list of “mustsee” attractions. Construction beganin 1501 in honor of Vasco da Gama’ssuccessful journey around Africa, whichopened new trade routes and transformedPortugal into a world power. Take in theManueline architecture, and don’t missda Gama’s tomb inside. Nearby, anothernational icon, the Belém Tower, standsguard at the entrance to Lisbon’s harbor.Originally a defensive structure, it wasthe last thing sailors saw when leavingPortugal and serves as an enduringreminder of their incredible journeys. TheMonument to the Discoveries, anotherBelém treasure, also will remind you of thecity’s role as a springboard for explorerssuch as Ferdinand Magellan. Notablemuseums in the area include the NationalCoach Museum and Maritime Museum.Saint George’s Castle and AlfamaFor the best view of Lisbon, head uphillto Saint George’s Castle. Once the royalhome of the Moors and later Portugal’sfirst kings, it stands as a symbol of justhow long the city has persevered. From thecastle, you can wander through the mazeof narrow alleys and whitewashed housesthat make up the Alfama district. Homemostly to fishermen and their families,Alfama survived an earthquake in 1755that nearly demolished the rest of Lisbon.A walk through its picturesque web ofstreets is like a stroll back to medievaltimes, full of unexpected twists, turns,and miradouros, or scenic viewpoints, thatoffer amazing photo opportunities. It’salso the best place to listen to Fado music,Portugal’s contribution to world music.Calouste Gulbenkian MuseumAfter the death of oil tycoon CalousteGulbenkian in 1955, Portugal becamehome to his vast private art collection.Browse the wide assortment of easternand western art, including a gold Egyptianmummy mask, Chinese porcelain, andPersian tapestries.Antonio SacchettiPerched on the west coast of Europe, Lisbon is a charming combination of old-worldappeal and modern flair, a capital city that is both energetic and languid. As one ofthe oldest cities in Europe, Lisbon can boast a colorful history that’s been preserved inworld-class museums and iconic monuments. Sun-drenched neighborhoods will offer awarm welcome as you learn more about Rotary while enjoying fresh seafood, traditionalFado music, and historic wonders. Whatever you choose to discover, one thing is certain:Lisbon is still an explorer’s paradise.Antonio SacchettiDiscover Lisbon
  5. 5. Register online:    |  3What to experienceNightlife and FadoBairro Alto is an artsy, bohemian quarterof Lisbon. After dark, it attracts throngsof tourists and locals, who fill the livelybars, restaurants, and casos de Fado (Fadohouses). Fado, a blend of Portuguese,African, and Moorish tonal elements,features a singer with a guitar. The musicexpresses saudade, a yearning or longingfor home or lost love. Some of the mostauthentic Fado performances also take placein the Alfama district. If you’re a theaterenthusiast, head to the historic DonaMaria II National Theater. Opera loverswill enjoy the São Carlos National Theater.ShoppingShoppers love Lisbon. As one of Europe’smost affordable capitals, bargains aboundin its wide variety of shops. Go antiquingin Principe Real, surround yourself inluxury on the Avenida da Liberdade, orstroll through elegant Chiado, Lisbon’smost stylish quarter of popular retailers,high-end brands, and Portuguesedesigners. Take home a souvenir ofazulejos, traditional hand-painted ceramictiles, and end your shopping spree with atrue taste of Lisbon at the Ribeira Market,which tantalizes visitors with its selectionof fresh fish, produce, flowers, and samplesof local dishes.For the familyBoth convention venues are located inthe family-friendly Parque das Nações.This waterside park, one of Europe’slargest redevelopment efforts, is home tothe Vasco da Gama shopping mall, theworld-class Oceanário aquarium, and aninteractive science museum. If the kidsstill have energy, fly high on a cable car foran amazing view of this city by the sea.Where to goMinutes from Lisbon, visitors can enjoyPortugal’s alluring beaches, extravagantpalaces, and delightful villages.SintraJust 30 minutes outside Lisbon, Sintraoffers a fairy-tale setting complete withenchanting castles, royal palaces, woodedhills, and seaside gardens. It’s also aUNESCO World Heritage site.Cascais and EstorilSpend a day by the sea in the chic beachtowns of Cascais and Estoril. Both offerelegant shopping and sophisticatedrestaurants just steps away from sandybeaches and quality golf courses, andEstoril is home to a famous casino.Queluz National PalaceDubbed the “Portuguese Versailles,” thispalace once served as a royal summerhome and today stands as a stunningexample of rococo architecture.What to eat & drinkSeafoodAn international city with a palate tomatch, Lisbon offers nearly every type ofcuisine, but the “must eats” come from thesea. Be sure to try the bacalhau, or driedand salted cod. The Portuguese are said tohave mastered 365 ways of cooking theirfavorite fish, one for every day of the year.Other typical dishes are arroz de marisco,a rice stew similar to Spanish paella, andaçorda, a soup of mashed bread and fish.After dinner, sip Portugal’s most famouswine — a sweet port from the vineyards ofthe Douro valley.Coffee and custardYou’ll see pastéis de nata in nearly everycafe, but the original can only be foundat the Antiga Confeitaria de Belém. Itscustard tarts are made fresh daily froma recipe that has remained a secret forhundreds of years. One thing that’s not asecret is how good they taste — the cafesells about 10,000 tarts a day. Pair one witha tiny cup of bica — a rich, potent espresso— for the full experience.Jose ManuelJose ManuelJose ManuelAlma Mollemans / Pestana Palace Hotel
  6. 6. 4   |    Lisbon 2013your travel dates before you start theregistration process.QUICK TIP Find the most up-to-dateschedule at Register and reservea room onlineRegister for the convention andRI-ticketed eventsRegistering online is convenient andsecure — just follow the instructions Withintwo business days, you’ll receive an emailacknowledgment with your registrationnumber, and within a week, you’ll get yourregistration confirmation. If you don’thave a Member Access account, creatingone is quick and easy.QUICK TIP Register early to makesure you can get a visa, if needed.Find information on visa requirementsat for host-ticketed eventsLocal Rotarians on the Host OrganizationCommittee have arranged several culturalexcursions and host hospitality eventsto help you enjoy your stay in Lisbon.Consider taking a host-sponsored tourbefore or after the convention to meeteven more new friends. Find details andregister for host-ticketed events and toursat TIP Send questionsabout host-ticketed events Consider your optionsbefore registeringDecide if you’ll register with agroup or as an individualYour choice will affect how you register forthe convention. You can register yourselfand up to four guests online, but if youhave a group of six or more, you’ll need tosubmit a paper registration form. If youhave a group of 25 or more, contact RIRegistration Services (, +1-847-866-3495) forinformation and instructions.Choose your travel datesCheck the preliminary schedule on theinside back cover page of this booklet andnote the preconvention activities you’dlike to participate in. It’s best to determinePortugal is home to many active Rotary clubs. You’llnotice one just minutes after you step off yourplane at the Lisbon international airport, wherethe Rotary Club of Lisboa-Olivais has placed acollection box to benefit Rotary’s fight to eradicatepolio.The location is ideal: Thousands of travelerscan drop in the extra change they won’t be able toconvert to their home currency. This not only raisesmoney, it also educates a global audience aboutRotary’s efforts to combat the disease. AnotherRotarian initiative is Dê uma tampa à indiferença(Give a Cap to Indifference). Through this program,Portuguese Rotarians, lead by the Rotary Clubof Sintra, collect plastic bottle caps throughoutthe country for recycling and use the proceeds topurchase wheelchairs and other equipment forpeople with disabilities.Rotary in PortugalCarlos GilRegister by Saturday, 15 December 2012,to take advantage of early registration pricing!How to register
  7. 7. Register online:    |  5Reserve your hotel roomTo take advantage of reduced rates, reserveyour hotel room through Experient. Readhotel descriptions and select your room at Reservationsare taken on a first-come, first-served basis,so book early to secure your preferredhotel. Booking for RI Convention housingbegins Saturday, 5 May 2012.QUICK TIP Send questionsabout hotel reservations, or call+1-800-650-6913 (toll-free in NorthAmerica) or +1-847-996-5885.Three organizations work together to provide an exceptional convention experience for all attendees.For… Work with… Email WebsitesRI Convention registrationRI preconvention meetingsRI-ticketed eventsRotary International (to register) information and forms)Host-ticketed events Lisbon Host OrganizationCommittee (HOC) www.lisboa2013.orgHotel reservations(individuals and groups)Experient Make travelarrangementsafter registeringDiscounts are available on select airlinesfor Rotarians and their guests travelingto Lisbon for the 2013 convention. Findinformation and discount codes SacchettiRotary ImagesEnjoy the 2013 RI Convention in Lisbon!Jose ManuelWhen 2012-13 RI President Sakuji Tanakawelcomes thousands of Rotarians to Lisbon, he’llhelp carry on an enduring friendship between thePortuguese and Japanese. Portugal was the firstwestern country to make contact with Japan, and in1860, the nations formally established diplomaticrelations with the Treaty of Peace, Friendship, andCommerce, leading to years of trade and culturalexchange. In 2010, they celebrated the 150thanniversary of that relationship.Today, Portugal andJapan also enjoy seven “sister city” agreements.Portugal and JapanJose Manuel
  8. 8. 6   |    Lisbon 2013Plenary sessionsDuring five plenary sessions, you’ll beinspired by the RI president and renownedguest speakers, who will share successstories that highlight how Rotarians setthe standard for Service Above Self aroundthe world. Rotary Foundation leaderswill also present the latest news on polioeradication and updates on the new grantmodel under the Future Vision Plan.Lively entertainment by established andemerging artists will round out the plenarysessions. Simultaneous interpretation willbe offered in French, Japanese, Korean,Portuguese, and Spanish. Learn more as the programdevelops.Breakout sessionsHeld on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesdayafternoons, breakout sessions offer anexcellent chance for Rotarians to shareproject ideas and tips. Sessions willaddress topics including New Generationsand Rotary’s new strategic partnerships.House of FriendshipMeet old friends and make new ones inthe House of Friendship. Visit serviceproject booths, share ideas, check out thelatest Rotary publications, and register forthe next year’s convention.© Turismo de Lisboa / www.visitlisboa.comBe the first to knowStay up-to-date on breaking convention news withthe free convention e-newsletter. Sign up be the site of all plenary sessions.Both are located on the coast, in Parquedas Nações, a massive redevelopmentproject. The area’s transformation startedin 1998, when Lisbon hosted the Expo’98 world fair, and has continued with theaddition of shopping centers, a world-classaquarium, a casino, and restaurants. Bothvenues are easily accessible by metro.All 2013 convention activities, exceptfor plenary sessions, will take place atFeira Internacionalde LisboaRua do Bojador, Parque das Nações,1998-010 Lisboa, Portugal.Plenary sessions will take place at theneighboring Atlântico PavilionRossio dos Olivais, Lote 2.13.01A, Parquedas Nações, Lisboa, Portugal.The Feira Internacional de Lisboa, a new,modern space with four pavilions andstate-of-the-art equipment, will hostthe House of Friendship and severalworkshops and events. The AtlânticoPavilion, Portugal’s largest indoor arena,Convention venue andprogram highlightsAIP Feiras, Congressos e Eventos
  9. 9. Register online:    |  7to your hotel. Once downtown, Lisbon’smetro is the fastest way to get around,and the Oriente station will bring yousteps from the convention venues. Forsightseeing, Lisbon’s charming fleet oftrams is a good choice, especially thescenic route of Tram 28.Purchase a Lisboa Card from a touristoffice to enjoy unlimited rides on all thetrams, buses, and the metro. You’ll alsoget reduced admission to many populartourist sites. Though driving in Lisbon isn’trecommended, taxis are a reliable way toget around. Drivers are usually honest andexperienced at navigating the hair-raisingtraffic. Fares are reasonable, and tipping issuggested.Host eventsPortuguese Rotarians will welcome visitorswith a series of events planned by theHost Organization Committee, includingseveral concerts showcasing Portuguesemusic, like traditional Fado. Host eventsoffer a great opportunity for buildingfriendships, networking, and having fun.Get the latest details and register for hostevents at aroundLisbon is one of Europe’s easiest cities tonavigate, thanks to its compact size and itsnetwork of buses, trams, taxis, and metrolines. From the airport, the AeroBus ora taxi is probably your best option to getMore reasons to attend the 2013 RI Convention• Networking opportunities: Looking for an international partner for your serviceproject? The RI Convention offers an ideal opportunity to meet like-mindedRotarians with similar goals from all over the world.• Fellowships and service: Browse the booths hosted by Rotary Fellowships andRotarian Action Groups, and connect with Rotarians and others who share yourrecreational, professional, or humanitarian interests.• Reconnect with friends: Your district or region can consider sponsoring its ownmeeting, breakfast, or luncheon. Download the Unofficial Affiliate Events form or request one from• Expand your horizons: Showcase your 2012-13 service project in the House ofFriendship. For information, contact• Volunteer: Rotarians who choose to serve as a sergeant-at-arms get to helpfellow attendees and learn what goes on behind the scenes. Sign up when youregister.Make plans earlyGet the most out of your RI Conventionexperience with these tips.1. Register earlyTake advantage of special preconventionpricing by registering early. Don’t delay:The early registration deadline is15 December 2012.2. Find out if you need a visaCheck if you need a visa to enter Portugalat Uponregistration, RI automatically sends a letterof invitation to those who are residents ofcountries requiring a visa. RI processes allforms on a first-come, first-served basis,so register early and apply for your visawell in advance to allow adequate time tocomplete the visa application process.3. Plan to attend first-timer orientationRI has organized two orientation sessionson Saturday, 22 June. Hosted by theInternational Fellowship of RotarianConvention Goers, the orientationwill help you get the most out of yourconvention experience.Online registration will remain open until the end of the day, 15 June 2013.The cancellation deadline is 30 April 2013, end of the day.Jose ManuelTram 28If you have time to enjoy the ride, consider touringLisbon on Tram 28. Bright yellow, it’s an older,traditional tram in the city’s fleet.You’ll go throughthe most beautiful quarters of old Lisbon, climbinghigh into the Alfama district and back down again.Jose Manuel© Turismo de Lisboa /
  10. 10. 8   |    Lisbon 2013Beyond LisbonLisbon is the heart of urban Portugal, but you need to get outside the city for a complete look atthe warm and welcoming Portuguese culture. Whether you choose to relax on the beaches of theAlgarve, experience the ancient wonders of Évora, or jet off to Madeira island, Portugal will notdisappoint, before or after the convention.The AlgarveMake the most of the Portugal’sabundant sunshine in the Algarve, thecountry’s scenic southern coast. With itswhitewashed towns, soft sand, world-classgolf, and seaside villas, it is the place torelax. Don’t miss Ponta da Piedade, southof the beautiful village of Lagos, wherenature has artistically carved the coastlineinto a display of rock formations, or thetown of Sagres, once considered the end ofthe world.Medieval towns ofAlentejoJust west of Lisbon, clusters of cork oaktrees, olive groves, and the occasionalmedieval village sporadically interruptthe vast countryside of the Alentejoregion. Visit the walled city of Monsaraz,which preserves Portugal’s history in itstangle of cobblestone streets, the ancientmonuments of Évora, known for theTemple of Diana that dates to Romantimes, and Marvão, which towers over theregion and can boast a superb view of theentire landscape. Consider staying in apousada — a luxury hotel inside a formercastle, monastery, or other notable site.PortoPortugal’s second-largest city, Porto, isa commercial hub and the heart of thenation’s production of its famous port wine.Douro valleyAfter you sip port in the city where it’smade, head west to the vineyards whereit’s born. The Douro valley, Portugal’smost scenic wine country, invites visitorsto taste the best wines in the nation whileadmiring the sun-drenched mountainsand winding Douro River.More to discoverThe international airport in Lisbon offersconnections to all of Europe’s major citiesas well as Portugal’s paradise islands in theAtlantic. It’s only a two-hour flight fromLisbon to the Azores or to Madeira island,often called the “floating flowerpot” for itsvariety of lush vegetation.Styles of FadoTraditional Fado has a romantic and lyrical style foundin Lisbon and another more political or humorousstyle found in Coimbra. In November 2011, Fadowas added to UNESCO’s World Intangible CulturalHeritage list. outWhen you sit down to dinner in a restaurant inLisbon, you’ll typically receive a basket of bread or aplate of meat and cheese before your meal. Unlikemany other countries, this is not complimentary,so if you don’t want it, just ask the waiter to take itaway. Otherwise, you’ll be charged for what you eat.Sebastiao da FonsecaRegião de Turismo do AlgarveJose Manuel
  11. 11. Register online:    |  92013 Rotary International ConventionPreliminary ProgramThursday, 20 June15:00-19:00 Convention RegistrationTBD Preconvention Meeting Registration17:30-19:00 CANCELLED – International InstituteWelcome Reception17:30-19:00 Youth Exchange Officers Welcome ReceptionFriday, 21 June08:00-18:00 Convention Registration09:00-17:00 CANCELLED – International Institute09:00-17:00 Rotaract Preconvention Meeting 09:00-17:00 Youth Exchange Officers Preconvention MeetingTBD CANCELLED – International InstituteLuncheon (RI-ticketed event)TBD CANCELLED – Rotary Alumni CelebrationLuncheon (RI-ticketed event)19:00-21:00 Youth Exchange Officers Banquet (RI-ticketed event)Saturday, 22 June08:00-18:00 Convention Registration 09:00-10:00 Orientation for First-Time ConventionAttendees09:00-13:00 CANCELLED – International Institute09:00-17:00 Rotaract Preconvention Meeting09:00-17:00 RYLA Preconvention Meeting (for Rotarians)09:00-17:00 Youth Exchange Officers PreconventionMeetingTBD CANCELLED – Rotary Alumni Celebration10:00-10:30 House of Friendship Grand Opening10:00-18:00 House of Friendship14:00-15:00 Orientation for First-Time ConventionAttendeesSunday, 23 June08:00-18:00 Convention Registration08:30-09:15 Interfaith Service09:00-17:00 House of Friendship09:45-12:15 Opening Plenary Session – First Seating15:30-18:00 Opening Plenary Session – Second SeatingMonday, 24 June 08:00-18:00 Convention Registration09:00-09:25 Preplenary Entertainment09:00-18:00 House of Friendship09:30-12:00 Plenary Session 2 12:45-14:15 President’s Recognition Luncheon (RI-ticketed event)14:30-16:00 Breakout Sessions16:30-18:00 Breakout SessionsTuesday, 25 June 08:00-18:00 Convention Registration09:00-09:25 Preplenary Entertainment09:00-18:00 House of Friendship09:30-12:00 Plenary Session 3 12:45-14:15 President-elect’s Leadership Luncheon (RI-ticketed event)14:30-16:00 Breakout Sessions16:30-18:00 Breakout SessionsWednesday, 26 June08:00-18:00 Convention Registration09:00-09:35 Preplenary Entertainment09:00-16:00 House of Friendship09:30-12:00 Plenary Session 412:45-14:15 On to Sydney Convention Luncheon (RI-ticketed event)14:30-16:00 Breakout Sessions16:30-19:00 Closing Plenary SessionNote: This schedule is preliminary and subject to change. Pleasevisit for the most up-to-date information.Jose Manuel
  12. 12. iv   |    Lisbon 2013996-EN—(612)One Rotary Center1560 Sherman AvenueEvanston, IL 60201-3698 USAwww.rotary.orgAll images are from Turismo de Portugal unless otherwise attributed.Useful PortugueseOlá HelloSim/Não Yes/NoNão falo português I don’t speak PortugueseComo está? How are you?Obrigado(a) Thank youDesculpe Excuse me/sorryThe Portuguese are quick to thank others, and it’sconsidered rude not to express gratitude whensomeone does something for you, even if it’s a paidservice. Men say Obrigado to express thanks, whilewomen use the feminine version, Obrigada.