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rose's credentials


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rose's credentials

  1. 1. r00 2656
  2. 2. The above named percon graduated from University year 2012. with matriculation number Of Nigeria with BSC. in P/EXC/16A001762 07lDEcRlDLl3922 Accounting in the ." ?"'' :- Il ta- "-' ! 't' r "i: r., '.'; ,'-:: -.r 'ir.':'.i".:, (DIRECTORATE HEADQUARTERS} Ptot 416, Tigris Crescent, otrAguiyi tronsi sreer r!4aitama p.M B 138. Abuia LETTER OF EXCLUSION FROM NATIONAL SERVICE Nnamani, Rosetine Uzoamaka 2. However, these categories of graduate, from participating in Lhe National youth GoYernment with effect from 2001. Part-llme have been excluded Service Corps by the Federal 3. In view of the above, she therefore directed to request recognition. is hereby issued this you to give her all letter of Exclusion. I necessary assistance am and 4. Vlsit,,:ii'r ,",i r, :r.ii:r to verify this document_ Thank you. Dire.lor (Corps Ce.tifi cation) for Director-Cenem I 27-Ap.2016 ltililfl il illltilfi ililffltillllilillilillilllillilllilfl fl tilllillilllililillil]
  3. 3. The West African Examinations Council Ergt 9friran Srnior $dioo[ @trtifitatt JUNE 2OO1 - El:lig iE to €rrtify t!It: yg61,q,1p1s1y5qr-rNB uz.,!.a!44-!.d- 6orlr ott- x4111g113, 19g2 FEMALE ha.,ing been in attendance et the.fbllowing recoguised school TRINITY SECON'DARY SCHOOL. ARAROMI.APAPA sctt Tlrc West AJi ican Senior School Ce ificate Exqminqtiotl an.d obtained the rcsults shott n beluq,. SI'B]TCT GR]]E 4:-- 3= 3 ==. CD 11 CANDID-ATL No. 4250202437 CLRTIFICATE No NcwAsscs 2444479 Chth-nu" tl (:.t .il Z,Aq,V IrI a "2 ae Cls ai6z'"Y 1''1* .i,"r rlc,Iior. ensue or ol fli.n,grrf,, a1.6lhis Cerllilcar. rnulnl Regintur b th! (ouNil
  4. 4. D 046135 BY THE AUTHORIry OF THE COUNCIL AND THE SENATE OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA fie nt *,nofin @,bat dAL*- Uj-*,^T* $/,^*^"*,; spp0rt8rning fgweto, in rongi[rration of Oe Batigfdttor! mmp[etfon in.. .Ile...*-rrb,tr..Xr.l2*, .. of Oe stuljes an! rcquirements ad preccriteb bl fl)e @niberllity. nt testimonp tubewof, he babe caugei our siqmturog en! tle common geal of tfu @tiberBity to te affixetr Uereto, sg probitre! by tlSa @nibetsitt of frigeila X"ah. -CHANCELLOR REGISTRAR