Uas cmd eng for kitchen staff


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  • hi Eka Prasetia. If you don't mind, may I have take a look at the full sylabus? Currently I'm teaching English in cooking college but I'm lacking in resources. Thank you in advance !
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Uas cmd eng for kitchen staff

  1. 1. English Material Development for Kitchen Staff By. Lily Meilia and Wiji Hastuti
  2. 2. outline O Introduction O Reason to develop English Material for O O O O O Kitchen Staff Goals and objectives of the programs Need analysis English Materials for Kitchen Staff Evaluation Conlusion
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION O Globalization era makes English as a very important tool of communication especially for those who are in tourism Industry. O The beauty of the nature in Indonesia leads to the expanding of the tourism aspects. O Not many books are available for tourism students, especially for kitchen staff O Adapting and adopting materials for Kitchen staff is needed so teacher can expose the students with appropriate models of English
  4. 4. Reason to develop English Materials For Kitchen Staff O Not many books are available for Kitchen Staff O Not many teachers are creative enough to adopt and adapt materials for Kitchen staff students O Adopting and adapting materials for Kitchen staff is not an easy task for teachers O Students needs to be exposed to appropriate English used in their work field
  5. 5. Goals and Objective of The Programs O Goals Students are able to use functional English related to the hospitality industry. Students understand the vocabulary commonly used in hospitality industry O Objectives Students are able to read the menu Students are able to explain the process of making dishes Time Allotment Time allotment will be setting in this stage too. Setting Time Allotment 1 class hour = 60 Minutes 1 week x 5 hours x 60 Minutes = 300 M/week 24 Weeks x 300 M = 7200 Minutes = 120 Class Hour
  6. 6. Need Analysis INFORMATION FROM THE QUESTIONAIRE From The Students and a teacher of SMK Kasih Ananda From Mr. Pawan Deep Bhatnagar, The manager and Marketing advisor of PT. Ganesha Eksanskriti Indonesia - The school requires the students to have at least 400 score on - The restaurant does not require the kitchen staff to have TOEFL TOEFL score but they require them to have good, fluent English spoken skill. - - The restaurant requires their kitchen staffs to be able to They need to learn functional English which is related to their handle guest, taking order, master the vocabulary of future work field. kitchen appliances, vegetables, and spices. - English needed in the restaurants is related to functioning of the kitchen, the service area and those regarding to the - They get the materials from the website (They find them by themselves not with the teachers help) food and allied matters. - Most of Indonesian workers working there are lack of knowledge and English about hospitality industry - Students think that they lack of practicing English and knowledge about hospitality Industry - Lacks of books about hospitality industry or tourism
  7. 7. English Materials for Kitchen Staff O Materials will be adopted and adapted from: a. Internet b. Authentic Materials c. At Your Service (Teacher and Students Books) d. High Season (Teachers’, Students’ and Workbooks)
  8. 8. O Blueprint of the materials will consist of: a. Syllabus: The syllabus used in this materials (course books) is Functional syllabus b. Language skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and writing c. Functional Units: 1. Taking and serving orders 2. Reading the menu 3. Describing dishes 4. Explaining the procedure to make dishes d. Techniques within the Lesson Plan: Motivation Strategies, Presentation Stage, Skill Practice, Review, Assessment
  9. 9. SYLLABUS
  10. 10. Teaching Students’ Requirements 1. Teenagers or Adult leaners 2. Having good motivation in learning English for Kitchen Staffs 3. Planning to work in hospitality industry 4. Ready to be posted in any international restaurants for training Teachers’ Requirements 1. Having ability to use English both in oral and written communication 2. Having good knowledge in hospitality industry 3. Wil ing to work in team 4. Creative 5. Having ability to define and refine the curriculum
  11. 11. EVALUATION Does the course book suit the environment in which it will be used? Does the course book meet the needs of the learners? Does the course book apply sensible principles of teaching and learning? Does the goal of the course book match the goals of the course? Does the content of the course book suit the proficiency level of the learners and reflect sensible selection and sequencing principles? Is the course book interesting and does it use effective techniques? Does the course book include tests and ways of monitoring progress?
  12. 12. CONCLUSION O Teachers is the ultimate element of the curriculum O In designing a course book, need analysis should be conducted. O Good course book will enhance the learning and teaching process O Any course book should be evaluated so that material designer can find out whether the book meet the objectives or not.