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Short films new new


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Short films new new

  1. 1. ANCILLARY TASK Short Film Posters
  2. 2. SHORT FILM POSTERS Short film posters, just like normal film posters are used to advertise a film and try to reach a particular audience. They might do this by advertising certainbig actors/actresses or by the director that’s directedit. These are normally advertised on the street in busstops, on the side of of buildings and in the cinema.
  3. 3. GEORGE LUCAS IN LOVEThis is a short film poster for George Lucas inlove, we discovered when we watched it that itwas a film created by Joe Nussbaum and it isbased on what he liked about the two films StarWars and Shakespeare in Love. This is a reallygood example of a hybrid genre because of thetwo types of genre featured such as Romantic andSci-Fi. The poster has a sketchy feel to it, thissuggests the low budget to make a good shortfilm poster . There is a quote from star wars inthe top left hand corner ‘ Dozens of years ago ina nearby galaxy’. It also indicates that it’s a shortfilm because there are no big actors nameshighlighted and the only big name is the shortfilm name. This suggests that its aimed at theshort film buffs.
  4. 4. ACROSS THE HALL On the left is the poster for the short film its quite different from the one on the right which is for the cinema film because on the short poster its a snapshot from a scene in the film. The red carpet in the hotel could foreshadow the tragedy of the murders that are about to happen. Whereas on the right, the actors are posing and airbrushed. The women in the middle is in the light and makes her seem like a victim and the men are in the dark suggesting that they have done something wrong or are predators. This might be because they had more funding to do it andbecause the short film poster is a snapshot from the film this might suggest that they had less funding.
  5. 5. GENRES Genres are used to categorise films or short films. This is used so thatdirectors no what their specific audience is to target for the film. Its important because most people like a specific genre of film over other types, if its not obvious this could lead to bad film ratings or make it a very successful film which could be disastrous.
  6. 6. ROM-COMThe genre rom-com is a hybrid of Romanticand comedy. The signs that are given in theposter to help indicate what sort of genre it isare couple featured are looking at each otherbut are more apart than what they would be ina romantic genre . The colours in the posterdo have the soft and neutral colours thatwould be in the romantic poster but we arefaced with the more harsher colours that wewould see in a comedy poster. Another giveaway sign would be the title the ‘o’ isn’t in linewith the rest of the letters this could suggestto the audience a more fun approach to thefilm.
  7. 7. ROMANTIC DRAMA The give away points in the presentation of this Romantic genre poster are; the people featured in the poster are close together and seem in love, smiling and are looking the other person. Another thing that’s used is soft neutral colours that are displayed to give a soft and delicate approach. These two example are tell-tale give away signs for a romantic film to audiences.
  8. 8. HORRORThis poster is quite obvious thatit’s a horror because of the wayits presented. Its an extremeclose up of someones eye with ascary image inside it. This wouldindicate to the particularaudience its aimed at.
  9. 9. COMEDY You can generally tell what type of genre it is by looking at the poster. Sometimes you can tell by the actors featured in the film because some actors specialize in certain genres more than others such as Will Ferrell. He specializes in comedy films more than films. You can also get an idea from the picture featured. In this one there are two men, that are dressed like young boys posing like a school/family photo.