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Hytera TETRA Series Product                                                                                               ...
Hytera TETRA Series Product Introduction                                                                                  ...
Hytera TETRA Series Product Introduction            Why TETRA?                                                       TETRA...
Hytera TETRA Series Product Introduction              Reliable quality & Superior performance               1     Rugged a...
Hytera TETRA Series Product Introduction                                               TETRA Base Station DIB-500 R4.1    ...
Hytera TETRA Series Product Introduction                                               ACCESSNET -T Campus IP             ...
Hytera TETRA Series Product Introduction                                           DWS TETRA Dispatch WorkStation         ...
Hytera TETRA Series Product Introduction                                                                                  ...
Hytera TETRA Series Product Introduction                                                      Innovative Design           ...
Hytera TETRA Series Product Introduction                                             Main Interface                       ...
For Data Modem                                                                                                Antenna     ...
Tetra Series Product
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Tetra Series Product


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Designed with mission critical technology, Hytera Tetra digital radio system is bringing in a communication solution of real-world reliability to your demanding working scenarios.

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Tetra Series Product

  1. 1. Hytera TETRA Series Product Introduction Hytera, complying with ETSI TETRA open standard, brings you versatile TETRA series products, including portable radio, mobile radio, data modem, base station and various solutions. Hytera responds to your demands for mission critical with the most valuable solution of leading digital technologies, innovative user-oriented product design and complete product portfolio.Hytera Communications Corporation LimitedAddress: HYT Tower, Hi-Tech Industrial Park North, Beihuan Rd., Hytera retains right to change the product design and specification.Should any printing mistake occur, Hytera doesnt bear relevant responsibility. Little difference betweenreal product and product indicatedNanshan District, Shenzhen, China by printing materials will occur by printing reason. EN20120828ATel: +86-755-2697 2999 Fax: +86-755-8613 7139 Post: 518057Http:// Stock Code: 002583.SZ , are registered trademarks of Hytera Co., Ltd. 2012 Hytera Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. Hytera TETRA Series Product Introduction What is TETRA? TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) is an open standard for digital mobile radio communication defined by ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute). It was developed to meet the needs of the most demanding TETRA professional radio users who need fast one to-one and one-to-many radio communication using voice and data in their daily work. TETRA provides a Overview high-end solution for small private systems up to large public networks, while preserving characteristics and advantages of private land mobile radio systems, such as fast call set-up, group calls, and direct mode communication. TETRA: new level of PMR Technology TETRA is a highly advanced technical platform providing integrated voice and data services. This combined with outstanding connectivity possibilities sets a whole new level in PMR technology. TETRA, an advanced and popular digital trunking standard, delivers multiple-base wireless communications for various demanding situations with its powerful dispatching and data transmission functions. What does TETRA offer? Hytera, as the leading provider of professional wireless communications equipment and a member of TETRA MoU, offers a series of TETRA products complying with ETSI TETRA Private network open standard. Characterized by superior performance, comprehensive solution, novel Total network control without depending on operators. appearance, user-friendly menu and flexible configuration, Hytera TETRA products provide Digital trunking system (cellular) efficient, reliable communications for industry clients of public security, airport, port and Robust communication. Several options for network subway etc, with its innovative applications and unique functions. coverage redundancy. If a repeater fails, modems roam and the monitoring system is not interrupted. High spectral efficiency cost savings ACCESSNET -T R Network growth capacity / Possibility of additional Campus IP services (voice, etc.) ACCESSNET -T IP R Data services Availability of different data services to be adapted to communication needs: Short Data Messages (SDS) and Status Messages Standard Packet Data service (PD) Circuit Mode Data (CMD) DT600 MT680 PT580H PT580 * More about TETRA standard, please visit
  3. 3. Hytera TETRA Series Product Introduction Why TETRA? TETRA Technical Characteristics Innovative Design & Convenient Operation The main reason for adopting PMR services is its High quality and high security in communications; Double spectral efficiency; 1 Patented antenna 2 Large-size color display & multilingual UI special functions, such as group calls (one-to-many), Higher data bandwidths (up to 28.8 kbps); The radio antenna and GPS antenna are The large-size TFT LCD display with advanced group configuration, instant communications integrated to ensure convenience and multilingual UI delivers you favorable without call set-up delay and maximum security. Multiple real-time data services; better performance. accessibility. Another specialized service is dispatching which helps Half-duplex and full-duplex communications; Interoperable with other networks; an organization manage its field operations and related Hytera TETRA communications. For public safety organizations, Continuous coverage; Advantages security is fundamental and requires authentication of Emergency calls; the networks users as well as encryption of voice and Fast call setup; data communication. For many organizations, being Simultaneous voice and data; able to control network resources is crucial. Open standard technology: investment protection. 3 Separated knobs 4 User-friendly menu Separated by the antenna, the two knobs The menu gives you quick access to all of portable radio stand apart from each services and functions. Our TETRA Global Markets other, which reduces misoperation when products, terminal and mobile, employ with gloves on or under dim light. the same UI style so that you can learn to TETRA technology fulfills the requirements of a wide group of PMR users. They are typically public safety and security operate different models easily. organizations like police, firefighting and rescue forces, ambulance services, frontier guards and other professional cellular users like transportation companies, courier services, energy utilities, airports and so on. Most TETRA networks for public safety and security (PSS) users such as police, firefighting and rescue services are government owned. Other networks are either privately owned or run by network operators who invest in the network and sell communications services to private companies and government agencies. 5 Ergonomic key 6 2-in-1 knob The smart body incorporates big keys for The mobile radio employs a 2-in-1 large knob ease of use and precise operation. to adjust the channel and volume quickly.
  4. 4. Hytera TETRA Series Product Introduction Reliable quality & Superior performance 1 Rugged and reliable 2 IP67 compliance Compliance with MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G requirements, ensure PT580H complies with IP67 requirements, outstanding performance even under harsh environments. withstanding immersion testing (1meter up to 30 minutes). TETRA Products 3 High RF output power for large-area coverage 4 High compatibility High RF output power (portable up to 3W, mobile up to 10W) can effectively Strong network compatibility can accommodate the enlarge signal coverage, including basement and in-door coverage. interconnection requirements of TETRA MoU, and be compatible with systems and terminals of other manufacturers. PT580H strictly compliant to IP67 Flexibility & Scalability requirements, works well after one-meter 1 Customized encryption 2 Further development port submersion up to 30 Besides TETRA standard encryption, advanced encryption tailored to users Our TETRA products reserve port for you or any third demands can also be achieved to ensure communication confidentiality. party to further develop desired functions such as GPS, minutes call control and telemetry. 3 Software upgradable 4 Customizable interface Authorized dealers can download the Software Upgrade Kit on Hytera Users can customize the operation interface of portables official website*; this can help end-users upgrade software and enjoy and mobiles, shielding unnecessary menus to simplify further features with an ease . operation and improve efficiency.
  5. 5. Hytera TETRA Series Product Introduction TETRA Base Station DIB-500 R4.1 Networking Topologies ACCESSNET -T IP "Best in Class" radio characteristics Compact design Radio Direct Mode Operation Handheld Dispatcher (DMO) Sensitivity 119 dBm (TOC) Dimensions (HxWxD): 900x600x600 mm Terminal Tx Output Power max. 50 W Weight max. 100kgs Group Communication Up to 8 Carriers (= 32 radio channels) Integrated Tx+Rx Filters Individual Direct Mode Communication Net-wide and local switching capability 400 and 800 MHz frequency band Data Full-featured Fallback Mode guarantees Service Group Call service Outstanding power efficiency continuing operation when isolated Individual from switch all TETRA security features 350 Watt (1 carrier), 550 Watt (2 carrier) half/full duplex call will not be compromised even when Application server isolated from network Packet Data Line Short Data Dispatcher BS Service BS System Controller Node IPN BS Customer Network(IP) BS ACCESSNET -T IP R Provides full IP-based TETRA Based on carrier-grade servers (COTS) as BS Customer Cellular Radio Network databases soft-switching functions, one common HW platform BS Management TETRA applications and gateways system Voltage 110-230 VAC, others on request BS Infrastructure Application Interface (A-CAPI) Central Network Node/ Switching Node PSTN/PBX (SIP, S0, S2m) Compact Design Packet Data interface (IP) Dimensions (HxWxD): 900x600x800 mm Telephony Network lBS interface (IP) (PABX/PSTN) Weight: 100 kg Network Database (Subscriber register) Voice and Data Recorder ACCESSNET -T IP is a R comprehensive and efficient solution for all System Architecture ACCESSNET -T IP Leading-Edge in TETRA professional mobile radio ACCESSNET -T IP was developed in compliance with the specifications issued by the applications. European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and meets all the requirements of TETRA Base Station Services and Features Network Management System/Infrasturucture the internationally recognized ETSI TETRA standard. Highest Sensitivity -119 dBm Multi-Agency Support with Fully integrated NMS Geographically The ACCESSNET -T IP TETRA radio system is a highly scalable digital TETRA mobile radio (static, top of Cabinet) VPN (Virtual Private Network) (single-vendor R&S product, Distributed Redundancy system. It can be used to implement structures ranging from single-cell systems up to Guaranteed (not typical value) TETRA optimized) nationwide networks. It supports decentralized and centralized network architectures, Full TETRA Security options Modular and enabling it to optimally satisfy all user requirements. Besides, it provides unsurpassed Graphical, Tool based Full-featured Fallback Mode Distributed Switching system availability based on an elaborate redundancy concept, as well as exceptional including Full TETRA Data options network configuration with high scalability robustness. Authentication Air Interface Encryption Flexible, IP based Central Repository for E1 or IP based links All call services application interface complete network configuration High COTS content Local Gateways and Secondary Control Switching Capability Channel for scenarios Open SNMP Interfaces Full IP based switching with high data/signaling load to umbrella Mgmt. and architecture (Soft switching) Remote Software and external network elements Configuration Update Fully Integrated End-to-End Encryption incl. voice Role-based Access Control recorder and dispatcher to all NMS facilities
  6. 6. Hytera TETRA Series Product Introduction ACCESSNET -T Campus IP Flexible: additional applications possible Reliable ACCESSNET -T common application programming interface (A-CAPI ) integrated. R R The ACCESSNET -T Campus IP saves space, is easy to install and can be operated without expert-level R Dispatcher as well as voice and data recording functionality (voice/SDS recorder) are offered as standard applications. knowledge. Featuring IP-based data transmission, it is fully in step with todays market and can be adapted The A-CAPI provides links to applications from qualified third-party manufacturers. R to operational requirements and processes. -Personal security systems With the future in mind, the ACCESSNET -T Campus IP keeps all doors open: Extra base stations and R -Locating people and terminals via automatic vehicle location (AVL) applications can be added and, if required, the existing system can be expanded to create a large system. -Remote monitoring and remote control via supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) In other words, todays investment will continue to be safe tomorrow. -Automated meter reading (AMR) and smart metering technology -Operational data acquisition in vehicles Fully in step with the market: IP-based exchange and networking Benefits and key features Networking of base stations via existing IP networks as cost-effective solution. Linking of applications and network management software via existing IP connections. The solution for small and regional Safe investment: can be expanded up to a large Gateways to the public telephone network and to local telephone systems via the leading-edge SIP technology. TETRA networks. TETRA network. Full-fledged mobile radio system based on Cost-effective basic model as entry-level solution. ACCESSNET -T R TETRA technology for local and small Scalable and upgradeable from one to three base TETRA Campus IP regional networks with a maximum of stations. air interface three base stations and 21 voice channels. Optimal scalability: the system can be adapted to Option Option Option TETRA Compact system: exchange, base station the users current need. SIP and gateways in one rack. Expandable up to a large ACCESSNET -T system: R ACCESSNET -T ISDN Infrastructure Calls to and from the telephone network the customers investment in the ACCESSNET -T R Campus IP S TVR/TRD via an SIP-based telephony interface. Campus IP remains safe. S modem Telephone Phone NMS system ACCESSNET -T Campus IP - expansion up to a large TETRA network Ethernet The ACCESSNET -T R NMS Ethernet Ethernet IP connection network Application network Telephone network Campus IP is a compact (optional) TETRA system solution that makes the powerful ACCESSNET -T Campus IP ACCESSNET -T Option Base TETRA TETRA multisite 1 station air interface air interface TETRA technology affordable for all Application Base Base Option station station network operators. ACCESSNET -T ACCESSNET -T ACCESSNET -T IP packets IP DMX-500 R2 DMX-500 R2 Campus IP (packet data) LAN LAN ACCESSNET -T Campus IP ACCESSNET -T Campus IP multisite 2 Application The right solution for every customer Easy installation, configuration and operation Small-scale industry and small to medium-sized businesses Easy configuration and startup of the ACCESSNET -T R LAN with one site/campus. Campus IP by specialized vendors at delivery. IP Medium-to-large industrial companies with more than one TETRA system can be used without specific site in a region and with multisite communications needs. knowledge being required. Companies and authorities with special communications requirements in special missions. Event sites such as soccer stadiums, concert halls and trade fair grounds where the system is permanently installed.
  7. 7. Hytera TETRA Series Product Introduction DWS TETRA Dispatch WorkStation Future evolution DWS (Dispatch WorkStation), a trunking dispatching system developed base on Hytera ACCESSNET R -T IP TETRA infrastructure, is designed for efficient communication, remote management, resource dispatching & DWS operates in tablets with WIN7 system. terminal deployment by professional industrial users. Applicable to Hytera TETRA, PDT trunking and DMR trunking systems. Characterized by all IP structure, multi-touch technology, DWS offers an advanced platform with abundant functions. It also utilizes 3rd party to customized dispatching systems base on its common service platform, Develop customized dispatching systems for different industry users and provides expansion ports & plug-in-based architecture for convenient secondary development. like Integrated Command & Control System and Metro Dispatching System. Features Dispatcher 1 Voice call Dispatcher Support versatile voice calls, including half-duplex call, full-duplex call, group call, all call, group patch multi-party call, PSTN call and PABX call. Support call transfer, call hold, group call late-entry, and emergency call. Dispatcher DWS Facilitate call operation by initiating a call via multiple entrances as Contacts, Call history and Shortcuts. Detailed call history to record call parties in in-call, out-call & multi-party call, call start time and call TETRA lasting time. You can check all the recorded information easily. Dispatch Server Dispatch Various indicating sound & light, including vibration and icon flash. WorkStation Dual sound cards play to ensure crisp voice by assigning independent sound card for listening and calling. Switch Background monitoring allows the dispatcher to monitor the background environment of the terminals. 2 Text message 7 Contacts Priv ate Support predefined text message, status Automatically synchronize terminal data Cal l ll message, text messaging & Flash message; with the TETRA switch. Ca up ata group sending; message template and Support multiple contact search methods, Gro ort D emergency messaging. including contacts category, by label color Sh and user defined search (input SSI or alias). 3 Terminal monitoring User-defined labeling, label the contacts with Monitor the current status of the terminals, different colors according to your demands, including base station the terminal on, on- facilitating contact search. line/off-line and call information. Quick access to detailed contacts information and group membership. DWS Versions 4 Dispatching center recording Support DGNA and group patch. Monitoring management, allow dispatcher to Professional Version 5 External call decide which groups are monitored. Professional version covers most of the basic features like call, monitoring, and text message, which can meet customers general requirements. Support calls between dispatchers and external calls like PSTN. 8 Various external devices Advanced Version Besides traditional mouse and key board, 6 Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) Advanced version includes optional functions & features (like AVL feature) provided by Hytera for customers to choose according to their own the system also supports external tools like GIS map load & display. demands. Terminal location tracking & display. multi-touch touch screen, foot-tap PTT, and Track playback. microphone with PTT. Across border alarm. Customized Version Customized version includes special functions & features Hytera or other secondary development parties tailor according to customers specific demands by utilizing the common service platform. Applicable Industries Public security, Emergency service, Transportation, Public utility, Port & airport, Oil & gas, Business & Professional Version Advanced Version Customized Version enterprise.
  8. 8. Hytera TETRA Series Product Introduction Innovative Design Other Features 1 Patented antenna Rugged and reliable The radio antenna and GPS antenna are Compliance with MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G, integrated to ensure convenience ensure outstanding performance even under and better performance. harsh environments. 2 Separated knob design High RF output power Innovative Design Other Features Separated by the antenna, the two knobs PT580H gets a RF output power up to 3W*; of portable radio stand apart from each effectively enlarges signal coverage, other, which reduces misoperation when including basement and in-door area. 1 Large-size color display Rugged and reliable with gloves on or under dim light. PT580 adopts a 1.8-inch high resolution Compliance with MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F, ensure GPS positioning color transflective LCD display (up to 6 outstanding performance even in harsh 3 Large-size color display The built-in GPS port supports GPS lines), allowing good visibility even environments PT580H adopts a 1.8-inch high resolution message transmission, GPS positioning under sunshine. color transflective LCD display (up to 6 and visualized dispatching. Vibration lines), allowing good visibility even PT580 2 Ergonomic key The smart body incorporates big keys for your comfort and convenience. This feature is helpful in alerting you to reception of any voice or message under noisy or low-volume conditions. PT580H 4 under sunshine Ergonomic key Man down An alarm will be triggered when the radio is down or positioned aslant for a preset The smart body incorporates big keys for time period, improving user safety. TETRA 3 IP56 compliance Powerful speaker TETRA your comfort and convenience. The built-in 1W speaker in PT580 generates loud Portable Radio Compliant with IP56 requirements, it works and clear voice even under noisy environment. Portable Radio 5 IP67 compliance Vibration well after the direct jet of water. This feature is helpful in alerting you to Compliant with IP67 requirements, reception of any voice or message under Reversible screen withstanding immersion testing (1meter 4 Display & keyboard protection noisy or low-volume conditions. When the radio is belted on the waist, you can up to 30 minutes) Avoid damage to the display and keyboard read the screen just by reversing the screen 6 Display & keyboard protection Powerful speaker while falling, enhancing durability. instead of reversing the whole radio. The built-in 1W speaker in PT580H generates Avoid damage to the display and keyboard loud and clear voice even in noisy environment. 5 2-in-1 knob while falling, enhancing durability. Powered by compact Man down Distinguished by IP67 Easy channel selection and volume control Reversible screen An alarm will be triggered when the radio compliance, 1.8-inch high body, IP56 compliance, with one knob. When the radio is belted on the waist, you can is down or positioned aslant for a preset 1.8-inch high resolution resolution color display, read the screen just by reversing the screen time period, improving user safety. color display,1W RF output 3W RF output, clear digital instead of reversing the whole radio. and clear digital voice, voice, man down and GPS Programmable keys the TETRA portable radio positioning, the TETRA Quick access to functions by 20 programmable portable radio PT580H will keys. PT580 will refresh your 1 communication experience. enrich your communication High compatibility experience. Meet IOP requirements of TETRA MOU, Hytera TETRA products can be compatible with equipments of other vendors and have accomplished IOTs. 5 2 Upgradable software Software upgrade packages could be downloaded from Hytera website to let you 1 enjoy the latest features in time. 3 6 Further development 4 Reserve ports for you and any third party to further develop desired functions. 2 4 3 5 *Launch adjustable power
  9. 9. Hytera TETRA Series Product Introduction Innovative Design Other Features 1 Large-size color display Rugged and reliable MT680 adopts a 2.8-inch 260K color TFT LCD Compliance with MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G, and display (up to 6 lines), allowing good passing of HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test), visibility even under sunshine. ensure outstanding performance even under 2 harsh environments. 2-in-1 knob Easy channel selection and volume control MT680 DT600 High RF output power with one knob . MT680 gets a RF output power up to 10W, Main Interface Main Features 3 Knob whitening ring effectively enlarging signal coverage. The channel/volume knob can also work as TETRA GPS TETRA 1 Dat (DATA) indicator 3W RF output power a status indicator. Mobile Radio The built-in GPS port supports GPS message Data Modem 2 Reg (Register) indicator Compact body & flexible installation 4 Reliable handheld microphone port sending, positioning and visualized dispatching. The reliable handheld microphone port is 3 GPS working indicator Status indicator Built-in 4W powerful speakers compliant with military requirements, 4 Power indicator Standard PEI interface ensuring communication consistency. No external speakers, saving installation space as well as cost. 5 ON/OFF button Supporting PPP/AT 5 Programmable keys 20 programmable keys available for shortcut 6 GPS antenna interface DNP3, IEC101 10W RF output power, Powered by professional access to facilitate your operation. 7 PEI interface Built-in GPS port easy operation, flexible modular design, 3W RF 8 Power interface User-friendly PC interface installation, front panel output power and rich compliant with Ip67*, application interfaces, 9 Debugging interface SDS Messages and built-in powerful Hytera TETRA data modem 10 TETRA antenna interface Packet data/Services speaker; Hytera TETRA provides efficient and mobile radio offers you 20 programmable keys Flexible installation reliable data acquisition real-time communications 6 Flexible installation and remote monitoring for and dispatching for MT680 allows much installation flexibility. professional users in You may integrate the front panel with the mission critical. electricity, water industry main unit, or install it separately. The front panel is IP67 compliant. hydraulic engineering, 7 Ergonomic key and oil pipeline etc. 1 2 3 4 5 The smart body incorporates big keys for your comfort and convenience. 7 TETRA Network SOS/PD Debug SOS/PD program *The front panel in compliant with IP67 3 2 4 1 5 6 when installed separately. 6 7 8 9 10
  10. 10. Hytera TETRA Series Product Introduction Main Interface Specification Antenna connector Operating voltage The antenna connector is a 50 impedance- 7.4V 15%connector. It is the matching female MCX connector. It is the combined TETRA+GPS port. combined TETRA+GPS port. Operating temperature Power supply -25oC to +65oC The power supply connector is using 6-pin PBT580H board-to-wire connector. The power input cable with fuse-protected and high voltage Storage temperature -40oC to +85oC protected is commended. Transceiver Humidity Accessories Board SIM connector 95% contents The SIM Connector is using 10pins board-to- board connector. It provides interfaces to the Safety For Portable Radio* external SIM Card slot for E2EE encryption EN 60950-1 purpose. Battery EMC BL1805 Li-ion Battery (1800mAh) (Standard Accessory) (PT580) EN-301-489 AT/Data & I/O interface BL1806 Li-ion Battery (1800mAh) (Standard Accessory) (PT580H) PBT580H is the transceiver The AT/Data & I/O connector is using 40-pins Dimension Hytera also provides a BL3201 Li-ion Battery (3200mAh) (PT580) BL1806 board-to-board connector. AT Commands can 119mm x 46mm x 10mm board which is modified full line of professional be used to manage and control the from PT580H subscriber accessories (such as audio functionality of the PBT580H. PBT580H is Charger Accessory hardware platform. Proven using combined interface for AT Command accessory, battery, charger CH10L13 Dual Pocket MCU Charger (Standard Accessory) (PT580) in PT580H series portable and Data transmission, only one mode could and carrying accessory*) CH10A04 MCU Rapid-rate Charger (Standard Accessory) (PT580H) be operated at one time. External switch to MCA05 Battery Optimizing System (PT580H) radio, PBT580H provides a to deliver an optimal separate individual interface could be MCA06 MCU Multi-unit Rapid-rate Charger (PT580H) highly flexible and communication experience. implemented in 3rd party development. CH10A04 customizable TETRA PBT580H is equipped with 6 programmable transceiver board to meet I/O lines that can be configured and Carrying Accessory the requirements for controlled using AT Command and SDS. RO04 Leather Strap (Standard Accessory) BC17 Spring Belt Clip (Standard Accessory) (PT580) 3rd party solution providers. BC08 Spring Belt Clip (Standard Accessory) (PT580H) LCY002 Carrying Case (Thin Battery) (Leather) (Swivel) (PT580) LCY003 Carrying Case (Thick Battery) (Leather) (Swivel) 3 LCY003 Carrying Case 4 2 1 Antenna GPS dual-frequency antenna 350-400MHz/1575MHz 380-430MHz/1575MHz 410-430MHz/1575MHz 450-470MHz/1575MHz 806-870MHz/1575MHz Combination GPS/UHF Antenna * Unless exceptional notification, accessories applicable for PT580H and PT580
  11. 11. For Data Modem Antenna AN0390M02 UHF/380-400MHz, TQC-400FC3 dBi BNC-M Connector, M110 Cupule GPSO4 MOBILE GPS Antenna, SMA, 1575MHz Mounting Accessories BRK10 Mounting Bracket Power Accessory PS22002 Power Supply for Mobile Radio (300W, Backup Power Supply applicable) Ps22002 SM10A1 PWC10 Vehicle Power Cord (>15A) Maintenance Kit PC41 Data Cable (USB to DB9 Female Connector) PC42 Data Cable (USB to DB9 Male Connector)Audio Accessory For Mobile TerminalEHN12 D-earset with on-MIC PTT AntennaESN10 Earbud with on-MIC PTT AN0390M01 UHF/380-400MHz,TQC-400FC3.5dBiEAN16 Earpiece with On-MIC PTT & Transparent BNC-M Connector,M110 Cupule/ SM09D1 Acoustic Tube GPSO4 MOBILE GPS Antenna, SMA, 1575MHZEAN17 3-wire Surveillance Earpiece with Transparent Acoustic Tube (Beige) Audio AccessoryEAN18 3-wire Surveillance Earpiece with Transparent SM16A1 Palm Microphone (Standard Accessory) Acoustic Tube(Black) ESS07 ESS08 EAN16 SM10A1 Desktop MicrophoneSM18N1 Waterproof Remote Speaker Microphone SM09D1 External Speaker (IP57) (PT580)SM18N3 Waterproof Remote Speaker Microphone Power Source (IP57) (PT580H) PS22002 Power Supply for Mobile RadioESS07 Receive-Only Earbud (300W,Backup Power Supply applicable) AN0390M01 SM16A1 (for use with remote speaker microphone) PWC10 Vehicle Power Cord (>15A) (Standard Accessory)ESS08 Receive-Only Earpiece with Transparent Acoustic Tube POA33 Tube Fuse 32VAC-15A (Standard Accessory) (for use with remote speaker microphone) Vehicle mounting AccessoriesPower Source BRK11 Mounting Bracket EAN17 EHN12 SM18N3PS1014 US-standard Switching Power Adapter SM07 Palm microphone hangerPS1016 UK-standard Switching Power AdapterPS1017 AU-standard Switching Power Adapter Maintenance KitPS1018 EU-standard Switching Power Adapter PC35 10pin-connector Programming Cable (USB to Serial por)PS1025 KR-standard Switching Power Adapter PC39 DB26-connector Data Cable (USB to S erial port)PS1027 JP-standard Switching Power AdapterCHV09 Vehicle Adapter for charger, (Output:12V 1A) GPS PC39Data CabletPC36 Programming Cable (USB to Serial Port) MCA05 PS1018 PC36