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Script for english meeting


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Published in: Education
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Script for english meeting

  1. 1. English Language Department MeetingTime : 3.00 – 3.30 pmDate : 22 August 2012Venue : Meeting RoomAGENDA1. Apologise for absence2. Minutes of the last meeting3. Matters arising 3.1 New computers for English Laboratory4. Decline in English SPM Trial5. Any other Business6. Date of next meeting
  2. 2. Aideel : Mr HeadmasterIka : SecretaryFazirah : TreasurerFatimah : English Department LeaderAboh : New teacherAideel : Assalamualaikum and good morning everyone. I am glad to welcome all members to the English Language Department meeting. Thank you for coming. Can we call this meeting to order?All: Yes.Aideel : Are there any apologies for absence for today’s meeting?Ika : Yes, Mr Middleton is away at a meeting while Ms Syarifah is on medical leave.Aideel: Thank you Ms Zulaiha. Can we now proceed to the next item, minutes of the previous meeting?All : Yes.Aideel : Please read through the minutes of the last meeting which were distributed earlier. (....paused...) Are there any amendments?Fazirah : (..raise hand..) Yes Mr Aideel. There is correction to the total budget for English Drama Competition. The exact value is RM1, 850.00 not RM2, 000.00.Ika : Thank you Ms Fazirah. I will make the necessary action.Aideel : Are there any other amendments?All : No.Aideel: Thank you. Can someone propose the minutes be passed as true record?Timah : I propose the minutes to be accepted.Aboh: I second the motion.Aideel: Ok. Now, let’s move on to the next item. Any matters arising? Anyone? (..pause...)
  3. 3. Ika : Yes Mr Aideel. I would like to inform about the facility in our English Laboratory. As we all know, University Malaysia Pahang had adopted our school for their Long Life Learning Project. In conjunction with the project, they are going to give 5 units of new computer for English Laboratory for the use in teaching the students. Hope that we can make use of the English Laboratory more often since we had enough teaching equipment there.Aideel: Thank you Ms Ika. Anything else to add? (...pause..)All: No.Aideel: If there is nothing else, let’s proceed to our special business today, about the ‘Decline in English Subject in Trial SPM’. As the Headmaster, I am taking this matter seriously because it will affect our school reputation. I had assign Mr Fahmi to analyse the result. ( to aboh..) can you proceed with the presentation?Fahmi: Yes,yes... (...go in front..) This is the data that I had analyzed. As we can see here, there are ( .............) . From the survey that I made for the Form 5 students, they that lack of motivation...(bla,bla,bla...)(....two person chatting-make distractions ..)Aideel: Thank you Mr Fahmi. Well, we should come out with an excellent action to ‘baiki’ this matter. So, any suggestion?..(...pause..)Fatimah: (...raise hand...) I suggest that we separate the students according to their grades.Fahmi: Hmmm..What do you mean by separate the students according to their grades?Fatimah: I mean, we ‘anjurkan’ activities by separating the students. For instance; grades A-B students, we make English camping; grade C-D students, we make tuition; and detention class for grade E students. How is it?..(...pause...)Fahmi: If I follow you correctly, you said that the Form 5 students will be separated according to their English grades. Am I right? (...timah angguk..) Well, I quite disagree with your opinion because it seems to be unfair to the lower grades students. We should treat our students ‘sama rata’@ unbiased.Fazirah: Yes,yes,yes... I agree with Mr Fahmi because the time gap between the camping and the Final Exam. It is not good to have the camping, it takes time to be arranged. Right Mr Fahmi? (..Mr Fahmi nodded..)
  4. 4. Ika: But I think Ms Fatima suggestion is a good idea. By having the program, the lower grades students will be more motivated, aren’t they? (..asking...every one nodded..).By the way Ms Fatima, I am interested to know more on the camping for grade A-b students. Could you explain on the venue, date, and the activity during the camping?Fatima: It will be a 3 days, 2 nights motivation camping...Fazirah: Too long isn’t it?Fatima: ...And, we will invite a professional motivator....Fazirah: Such a waste...why don’t we ask Mr Badrul Hisyam, our school Academic Counsellor for the motivation talk?All: yes..yes..ya.. (..nodded..right...)Fahmi: I have another suggestion. Why not we decide on having a mentor-mentee groups among the students, we assign the Grade A students as the mentor?Aideel: Ermmm.... great idea. Or, we should have the camping for all Form 5 students, at the end of the mentor mentee program?Ika: And, we held the camping inside the school?Aideel: Yes,yes,yes...Fazirah: But Mr Headmaster, we should consider the time factor and budget for the Camping.................( explain sikit,,like angry...face expression tu penting..)Aideel: Take it easy Ms Fazirah.. for the budget, I will take care of it, don’t worry. So, our first option is having ‘Motivation Camping at the end of Mentor Mentee Program’. Any other suggestion to improve English among our students?Fazirah: (...raise hand..) I suggest that we modified the time schedule for English subject. I mean, on Moday we will have English subject only. Throughout the day, students only focused on one subject. And, on Tuesday, the students will have Mathematics only and the same goes for Wed, Thurs and Friday for another subjects. We could deal with other teachers.Ika: But, don’t you think that it will troublesome other teachers and disturb their schedule??Fahmi: I agree with you Ms Zulaiha. Ms Fazirah’s suggestion is quite .....You know, the students will easily get bored, and surely they will not focus on the lesson if we modified the time schedule. All day long only focused on one subject..hrrrrr....(...geleng kepala..)(...keep arguing...)
  5. 5. Aideel: Ok guys...stop it.. Enough.. Take it easy..both of you..(..tepuk meja..) This matter will not be resolved if both of you keep arguing. All of us want the best for our students, right?Aideel: Now we had two suggestions to overcome the ‘Decline in English Language for Trial SPM’. First, Having A Motivation Camping at the End of Mentor-mentee Program’ and secondly, ‘Modified the Time Schedule for Whole Form 5 Subjects’. Let’s put this two suggestions into a vote. All those in favours of the first suggestion by Ms Fatima? Second suggestion by Ms Fazirah? Seems most of us agree with Ms Fatima suggestion, we will Have the Camping at The End of Mentor-mentee Program. Ms Fatima, can you the send the proposal to me, so that I can process it next week?Fatima: Yes, sure. I will get it done by Friday.Aideel: Okay, now let’s move on to any other business. Anyone?Fahmi: (...raise hands..) We are going to improve our English Laboratory by having a new TV set.Aideel: Ms Fazirah and Ms Zulaiha, can both of you survey for the lowest LCD TYV price?Fazirah& Ika : (...nodded..) Yes,yes..Fahmi: Why not we add Astro Package Channel for the student to improve their English?All: Yes,yes,yes..(...nodded..)Aideel: Since all of us agreed, i take it as a ‘Yes’.Fahmi: Mr Headmaster, can I volunteer to look into this?Aideel: Yes, thank you Mr Fahmi. Be sure that you send the proposal of raising funds to the Ministry of Education by the end of this month.Fahmi: Okay, sure.Aideel: Our next item is date, time and venue for the next meeting.Ika: Mr Headmaster, since there are many activities to be completed before that, can I send a notice about the next meeting to the members later?All: Yes, sure.Aideel: That’s that then. I am glad that we manage to finish this meeting on time. Anything else? Any questions? Comments? No? Well then, thank you for coming. The meeting is ended/adjourned.