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  • The crystal gateway october newslletter & calendar

    2. 2.  Dear Friends & Lightworkers ,  I hope everyone's September was bright & sunny as mine was .I know there was a lot going on energy wise but it’s all for our benefit and growth so lets make the best of it and keep moving onward and upward and keep our light shining for ourselves and for those around us.  I have found my messages have been coming in my dream state and I wake up after a deep sleep not really remembering all that much until about mid morning when it seems to flow into my conscious mind and Isis is my most prominent messenger advising me that so much of her magic is coming back to the earth plane to lift the vibration .  As she often says there is magic all around us if we just look and take notice of it and draw the magic within your own being to integrate your wholeness , this is your purpose after all to be at one within .  There is so much happening world wide and in our country, even right here where I live on the Gold coast if I listened to the news to keep the fear factor going and keep our energy flat but that is where we must fight even more to keep our light shining ,our vibration in peak form to help those who struggle , this I feel is part of a part we play as a Light worker .  We all know Mother Earth is struggling too with her rocking & a rolling so give some thought to her when you are out and about , I love to lay on the grass and feel the vibration of her and visualise love pouring down into her core,her heart ,her crystalline heart, can you imagine if everyone did that for just a few minutes daily what a difference it could make? Maybe I am a dreamer ?  Well maybe I am but it goes on my bucket list to see Peace before I leave the Earth Plane so we will see .  I wish you all a Happy, Peaceful Abundant, October , Love & Blessings, Rosalie oxoxxo
    3. 3.  All the Courses available online are of course are available in person plus more………….  These are…………  Awareness & Enlightenment for those who are starting out on their Spiritual Journey, a very good foundation Course over 9 weeks of self discovery and awakening.  Seichem (Spiritual Surgery) & Alignment to your High Priestess & Spiritual Surgeon I teach this including all levels to those who already have been attuned to Master Reiki level only.  Lifetimes Kinesiology taught over 2 days  All Levels of Reiki at a reasonable investment .  Karuna Reiki an advanced Reiki style of healing.  Atlantean Healing a course which was channelled to me and is a 16 week course of hands on healing , Initiations & Remembrances, a lot of fun.  Spiritual Iridology a 16 week course which is a powerful self discovery journey as well as a wonderful tool to help others as an extra modality in a healing practice.  I also am available to do “The Journey” as a healing .  Past Life Regression.  Gestational Regression.  Soul Retrieval.  Kinesiology for emotional healing.  Readings of different styles-  Numerology- Psychic-Palmistry-Medium.  Iris Analysis – Spiritual Iridology .
    4. 4.  COSMIC EVENTS FOR OCTOBER  OCTOBER  OCTOBER 3 Uranus at Opposition. The blue-green planet will be at its closest approach to Earth and its face will be fully illuminated by the Sun. This is the best time to view Uranus. Due to its distance, it will only appear as a tiny blue-green dot in all but the most powerful telescopes.  OCTOBER 4th WORLD ANIMAL DAY On this day every year: Celebrating our relationship with the animal kingdom. The aim of World Animal Day is to celebrate animal life in all its forms as well as humankind's relationship with the animal kingdom. October 4 was chosen because it is the Feast Day of St Francis of Assisi (a saint well known for his love of animals), however the day is not restricted to any particular religion. The Day was set up in 1931 as a way of highlighting the plight of endangered species. Since then it has grown to encompass all kinds of animal life and is widely celebrated in countries throughout the world.  OCTOBER 5 LIBRA NEW MOON 11.56 degrees FIRST LIGHT TIME 13.34 GMT/UTC 00:34 The Moon will be directly between the Earth and the Sun and will not be visible from Earth. The New Moon is always the time to go within, to the inner planes and parts of us that are hidden, it is also the seed of the new beginning. The Moon and Sun are one at a New Moon so it is a powerful time of union on all levels and with the inner male and female also. Read also about the Moon as the Final Intitation In Libra you can define and embrace in love those aspects that have been out of balance in your life as you have the unified Sun and Moon energies assisting. Unify them and focus on the new path you are taking, as you do this on the Inner Planes for yourself you are assisting all beings in their journey of acceptance and unification in unconditional love also. You are blessed with the opportunity to create balance in your own world, and so the outer world also.  OCTOBER 13 GREATER CENTRAL SUN DAY 1300hrs - 1600hrs worldwide There are many Greater Central Suns, the one we are familiar with is Sirius, there are also Greater Central Suns in the Pleiades which is the closet to us and also the Andromedan Galaxy, this galaxy is interfacing with ours and holds very high frequencies of unified matrix of light. We can only access the energy of the Greater Central Sun when our hearts are open and on this day the higher light codes and sacred geometry is coming to us from Sirius in it’s capacity of a Greater Central Sun. This is a blessing and big opportunity for us from the Light Councils and Light Beings who resonate at such pure and high frequencies, be open to receiving this blast of light that comes direct from Source through the Greater Central Sun through your heart. A day to be open in your heart and allowing yourself to receive the light codes that will be streaming to us. The doorway is open from 1300hrs to 1600hrs where ever you are in the world. It is not coming to us stepped down through our Sun but directly from the higher dimensions of light through our hearts. Since we have made the shift through the centre of the Galaxy and aligned through the Suns, opening up our hearts more as the cross over point is through our heart, the white hole, black hole, all that is that flows eternally through us, we are a Sun also and have graduated.
    5. 5.  I say we as I like to be inclusive of all of us as we are one, on the third and fourth dimensions this has still not filtered through to a lot of humanity, but this is only in the lower dimensions. The doorway is open for all who choose regardless of how many years you may or may not of meditated or inner healed your self, we are all divine and now we can be it more fully than ever right into the third dimensional vehicle of our physical body as it transmutes into light, there are no limitations.  The Greater Central Sun has many dimensions, thirteen that I am aware of, so you can still access it in its lower dimensions and as your open your heart more fully. Loving yourself and accepting and allowing others to Be, honouring their divinity too, as you open to the higher dimensions within the Greater Central Sun, your true home, and your divine self. The Greater Central Sun has been cleansing us over a long time now, cleansing our lower astral bodies; our emotional and lower mental bodies, when we are really clear then we become the Christed one with direct, clear and full connection to the Source. As the Christed one of 2000 year ago said “greater things yeh shall do than I have ever done”. You will fully create from thought forms. We do this already but often with no mastery of the lower self and so create havoc on our lives and the world. Once we have loved and accepted our negative emotions and thoughts we have the ability to fully love our self with all our imbalances and karmas until we are surrendered in divine will and at peace within, with love, compassion, acceptance and allowing as our state of Being. Then when we are guided from the wisdom of our heart and Source within and we create with love and wisdom. This is happening more and more and so many have or are reaching this state of love and allowing. The New Earth is here already through our love, being here to anchor and create it right into the densest dimensions. As we bring the Greater Central Sun into matter and create full integration becoming our Light Body fully right here right now. This doorway is open fully for three hours from 1pm to 4pm wherever you are on Earth on this day. We are being gifted with this as we have been asking from our hearts for the end to all the senseless duality dramas on Earth. Enough of us have requested major help to dissolve the old paradigm as we are ready to move into the higher dimensional Earth. This is one answer to our requests. As what we desire can only come through a change in heart and consciousness. Love today like never before; yourself, your family, friends, acquaintances, strangers, politicians, military and destructive influences, dark forces, control freaks of the lower dimensions feeding on the fear they create. Its all part of you unloved, so love the unloved you. Our love sets us free and we move into the higher dimensional realms as the Greater Central Sun illuminates you from your heart and eternal connection to the Source within.  PLEASE SEE THE EIGHT SUN MANDALAS BELOW IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN WORKING MORE WITH THE SUNS.  OCTOBER 18/19 ARIES FULL MOON 25.45 degrees Penumbral Lunar Eclipse FIRST LIGHT TIME 19th 12.38 eclipse 12.50pm, GMT/UTC 18TH 23:38 eclipse 23.50 The Moon is directly opposite the Earth from the Sun and seen as fully illuminated from Earth. The Full Moon is a time of completion and celebration, the Aries Full Moon is always powerful, new beginnings and polarised by Libran balance and desire for unity. It is a good time to meditate and be open to what you are creating in your new life and way of being in the new paradigm. With this Moon we are given the Cosmic blessings to transcend the parts of self still attached to the old paradigm and duality dance, and focus on what we choose to create in Love and Peace. The Aries Full Moon always seems to be a good one for creating big shifts and new ways of doing things.
    6. 6.  Read also about the Moon as the Final Initiation The Lunar Eclipse on 18th/19th October with the Aries Full Moon is a time to celebrate the birthing we have just gone through with September Equinox and be attuned to the New Stars if you feel too. Our Starlight Body is being woven through our denser fabrics of creation and creating pathways of starlight to glow through our cells and Being. Giving us greater integration in our multi-dimensional bodies and transmuting limiting destructive thought patterns that have blocked the lower astral planes. Assisting the Earth to transmute the old toxins; from fossil fuels, chemicals, radiation, heavy metals, as we utilise our power of love and see the Earth and everyone as whole and healed. A Lunar Eclipse is when the Sun and Moon are opposite with the Earth in between. A Penumbral Lunar Eclipse is when the Moon passes only through the penumbral. This is the partial shadow area on the outside edges of the total shadow area. The eclipse will be visible throughout most of the world except for Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea and extreme eastern Siberia Fig04.pdf Lunar Eclipses are working more on the emotions, inner and hidden aspects, you will be able to go deep not only into your own psyche and centre, but work with the Councils of Light in holding the Divine Source/Light portals world wide in oneness and unity, anchoring into the denser realms and third dimension the higher frequencies and multi- dimensional worlds, the beam you hold the higher frequencies as we move beyond the illusion. This eclipse is illuminating us from within and bringing clarity to see and be our higher self/inner self and work in the Bigger Picture. If you feel stuck look at your life from yourself as a Light Being and laugh and lighten up. Also be aware that everyone in your life is there in a bigger picture sense as well. Ask permission on the inner planes if you are allowed to be shown who they really are, and your mission together from the bigger picture and Greater Reality. This will help to shift a lot of the old patterns and dramas that are no longer appropriate and be in a peaceful loving space with everyone. In the Bigger Picture you may feel guided to be at a vortex point or sacred site as there is much occurring now with the grids and the anchor points of the old and new paradigms. A shift is taking place and many portals and vortexes that held the beam in the old paradigm when duality was our lesson are now changing position as we unify and awaken our hearts to the love that we are. Some are still working and are being recalibrated. There is a lot of Light coming in with this eclipse as the Moon assists us to move through the initiations of the heart. The Councils of Light are utilising the special energies of this Full Moon eclipse to illuminate us so we can easily connect into the unified matrix of Light, the Diamond Light Matrix. Take the opportunity at this time to link up on the inner with all others know and unknown and be open to each other’s divine blueprint as we honour each other and our self.  Copyright © 2013 Soluntra King PO Box 11 Whakatane, 3158 Bay of Plenty, New Zealand email Web site Permission is given to copy and redistribute this article on the trust that the contents remain complete, all credit is given to the author and it is freely distributed.
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    8. 8. Wishing you all a Blessed October in Love, Light & Peace, Namaste