The crystal gateway newsletterand clendar june 2011


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Newsletter & Calendar for June

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The crystal gateway newsletterand clendar june 2011

  1. 1. The Crystal Gateway Newsletter June Calendar
  2. 2. Namaste Friends & Lightworkers Namaste & Greetings, Well I hope you all held on tight enough for the rough rides we have for had to experience over last month. I didn’t even get a chance to do the monthly Newsletter and you all know that was very unlike me, it just could not be done as it was so unpredictable physically & emotionally I didnt’ know half the time which way was up and which way was not only down but not completely not knowing. Talk about live in the moment, lol, its all I could do so now forget about last month, I would forget rather and on with good old June. Already I know it to be very different, I have my whole self energy back and ready to fly into energy the month with both arms out and both feet fully planted on the Earth, yay.yay. You know, sometimes its not a bad thing to go through a tough time because when you do time emerge ,you appreciate the good times that much stronger and literally get over it, hehe . literally June is always special for me anyway as I celebrate 17 years Anniversary (best years of my Anniversary life) and of course my Birthday, mmmmmmmmmm well why not celebrate, there were times I didn’t know if I would be so it’s a bonus now. I use my tools on myself which I suggest to you not to forget why we learnt them in the first why place, Healer heal thyself so you can help others Heal too. The Crystal Gateway started back in 1996 so its another Anniversary this month too,15 years Anniversary
  3. 3. Newsletter continued. I would like to suggest a reunion celebrating all our connections with The Crystal Gateway so connections I would like to plan a party, it would be very special to me to have all I have connected to through The Crystal Gateway have a get together ,will be here in the house where a lot of us did classes together would be a special farewell to the House as well. I wish I could include everyone all over the globe as well .. The main reason I suggest this is that when we sell the house , Ashley & I will be moving 99% sure to Tasmania , a new start for us and definitely will be continuing all I do online & in Tasmania. I would like to have the get together Saturday July 2nd to give everyone a chance to plan ahead so please let me know,. Many of you are flying into different directions and would love to hear about them. I have such beautiful memories of you all and my Love & Blessings I send to all, Blessings Rosalie xo
  4. 4. Courses available starting in June. Reiki- All Levels – Online & in Peron. Reiki- As so many things have changed with the new energies I have successfully attuned Online. successfully If any Master I have attuned would like to know how, please contact me, I will be happy to contact share. In fact I may organise a get together for you so we can all share with what these new energies have gifted us. Seichem & Karuna – Online & in Person Gematria (Ancient Egyptian Numerology) Online or in person is available- a one day available- Workshop- $120 Workshop - Gematria- Also Online in my classroom on The Crystal Gateway. Gematria- Meditation Circles –Every Saturday morning @ 9.30 also Online , check the Calendar. Opening to Channel online will be starting again on a Monday Aussie which makes it a Aussie Sunday USA if you would like to join please contact me.
  5. 5. I Am IsisI am Isis ,Beloved ones I wish to confirm for you the way of the heart as it was in Ancient times of itEgypt.I often hear from people that to feel ,think or act from the Heart is leaving oneself open to Heartbeing hurt emotionally or even physically and it saddens me consequently the reason for this consequentlymessage.Thinking with the heart implies being led by emotions rather than being rational and logically thanthinking things through which is not entirely correct as the head/mind thoughts often take head/mindyou away from your passions and correct actions for example the mind remembers the painfulmemories, not the heart, does this answer why some cannot get past a past hurt? pastTo continue to allow your heart to feel the hurts of the past will attack your heart, the heart willdoes not attack you.Another example when you have been beaten and abused on or within your body, its the mind withinthat remembers, stores all the files of yesterday while your heart pumps happily along. heartWhen you stop remembering those files of the past and literally live in the Now moment, youare able to forgive all and move on into a future belonging to heart moments, moment of hearthappiness.In ancient times that is exactly what was done, thinking, feeling & acting with and through feelingthe heart all the time without a question.In fact in Egyptian times of mummification the heart was said to be so important that it wasthe only organ which was not removed .The greatest fear was that the heart was not within the body as our expressions came solelyfrom the heart.............being happy was to broaden ones suppress a desire was a heart..........towashing of the hide ones thoughts was to immerse the heart and all friends immerseentered each others hearts.
  6. 6. Isis continues........................ As a human being this is how I like to think of you as the heart being the Essence of you, the Self. Your Heart is also the Spiritual center that we all speak from and directly to your heart will and often notice that one of your hands go directly to be held to the place where your heart is when we connect the psychically and even to the point of overwhelming tears come to your eyes as the feeling is so heartfelt. This is also the reason Rosalie has been advised when she is doing a Reading to hold the hand where the heart doing center is felt on Venus in the palm ,just at the base of the thumb, feel it on another if you havent already and thumb, feel the connection between hearts, heart to heart is a saying that suns up a true connection between humans that and Deities to Humans. There are many humans walking the Earth whose hearts have been connected to an aspect of my heart and at connected these times they are all slowly but surely are connecting together giving them the aspects of myself without together becoming myself, Isis, an understanding that is often confused with some humans thinking they must have with been me in a former life ............ To make it clearer I will give you an explanation ......the Goddess energy is now on Planet Earth stronger Goddess than ever before so those who are drawn to my energy are the ones who can have an aspect of Isis and will, ones carry on the importance of the heart to heart connections however I am not the only Goddess so you will however become drawn to which Goddess you feel a connection with in your heart space and go forth to give of the energy of your Universal Mother and may even find that you connect with not just one Goddess but many connect and as we are all One there will not be One each in separate corners but merging & blending with all. corners One thing I can say for certain you will know in your Heart who or what you resonate or connect with. I am the Protector of the Heart, Goddess of the Creative Heart , Lady of Hearts desires so dear ones please call on me for all matters of the Heart, this is my purpose.
  7. 7. Isis .......... Your Soul is like the magic of a summer Rainbow.....Spreading all its Love and Beauty on this Earth. Beloved ones listen to your Heart and Soul over all else, it will not lead you astray but keep you on your Souls purpose. As your Spirit lives within the Heart ,follow its Inspiration and your Soul is what will lead you on your Journey warning you if need be, all you need to do is listen to both your Spirit and Soul to find your way home. My Heart feels you and ushers forth a stream of Love from my Heart to Yours. Remember L ove O nly V ibrates E ternally. And So It Is Isis Channeled and Written by Rosalie Muir this day 29th may 2011. Please share giving credit ,thankyou.
  8. 8. New Happenings....... I have connected with a beautiful lady Madalyn Kennedy who also channels Ra & Isis so please check her Website out as we will be working together on some new & exciting ventures some ,her site being visiting her site will enlighten you in many ways, you will have more of an idea of what we are planning. Firstly we are taking names from those who feel they have the Isis energy strongly as this is a Isis message given to Madalyn after we met, came together or pushed together by Ra, lol those of you who know of Ra will understand by what I just meant,lol. meant,lol. This is the message- Amun-Ra has transfered messages to me and to his cherished message- Amun- channel in Australia, Rosalie Muir that we are to work together and make a gather place for the returning and re-awakening Isis Priestesses. Rosalie has been communicating with Isis re- and Ra for many years and she is an Isis High Priestess with the private teachings from Ra for initiation and activation for Isis Priestesses. I continue to be surprised at how strongly Rosalie and I are are connect and as we can visit on Skype, Ra comes through to speak with Skype, both of us. Its an wonderful journey that we are on and an even more wonderful wonderful journey that we will be going toward with the return of the Isis Priestesses. Priestesses. The Crystal Gateway "Calling All Isis Priestesses" area is for YOU! "We welcome you with open arms as you re-awaken and return to your ancient re- knowledge. We await you at your new internet home of Love, Understanding and Safety. and We will be there holding you hand as you continue to evolve and connect with us. We are sending you our complete and unconditional Love. We are Amun-Ra and Isis." Amun-
  9. 9. More Happenings with Madalyn We are forming this as we are moving through with our mission All we currently know is that we are to put the "call" out and create a place for all of you to start to create gather. As we receive more information, we will pass that on and before too much longer all the dormant cellular knowledge will be "turned on" as Ra says, when the time is right. For now, we have created a place on the Crystal Gate where you can sign in and just let us know that you are fully aware that you are an Isis that Priestess or that you are not so sure but you are curious just the same. We are intending this area on the the website to be for you. We welcome discussions among each other and with us and all the questions and discovery stories that you wish to share with us and your sister Priestesses. We have found that in interactive groups such as this, someone may have an issue or a question that another of the group just processed through. You will have to sign on or in as a member but its free and you have a choice of which program you are most comfortable signing in with. Im hoping we can start getting together here and get to meet each other. Many of you have mentioned to me that you feel that you are me strongly connected to Egypt and to Isis or other ancient Egyptian Goddesses or Gods so this Egyptia n is a great place for us to start to come together. Suggestions are always welcome. Thank you for exploring with me and for being a part of our Isis Priestess Group. You are more than likely a part of this group even if right now you are only just a bit curious about it all. isis-
  10. 10. Namaste and June Blessings Please check out Madalyn’s site as she has the most wonderful Essences that I have been using for healing using purposes ,they come from Egypt where they are blessed and there is quite an interesting story behind them which you can read in full on her website, they are so beautiful they can easily replace some of the well known French perfumes. Madalyn is leaving on 31st May for her journey to Egypt and will be holding her next Discourse/Channeled Discourse/Channeled messages from there & it will be held in Scribblar, the classroom on The Crystal Gateway, via the link on the Scribblar, Home page. You will need to join The Crystal Gateway to participate, its free if you haven’t already and keep an eye on free the Calendar on The Crystal Gateway for the day & time to join in if you so desire. in It will be an exciting event/Sacred Circle which I will be present for sure so come and join me my dear present Friends. I just had an interview on a BBC Radio Show with Emmanuel Dagher which was heard by 11,000 listeners so if you would like to hear the show follow this link show-archive/recommend/11491393 show- It was very exciting loaded with fun, so have a listen sometime, it has some healing within it too.