The crystal gateway newletter & calendar july


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The crystal gateway newletter & calendar july

  1. 1. The Crystal Gateway Calendar & Newsletter-July
  2. 2. Namaste my Friends.......... Greetings Dear Lightworker Family, Another whirlwind month of June ,seems to be a pattern each month however the energies are certainly keeping us on our toes that is for sure. Personally it was a very happy month with our 18th Wedding Anniversary & me becoming an official Elder on my Birthday, yikes, lol. We are still patiently waiting on the buyer for our house so we can begin our Gypsy life ,all in divine time I know but the human in me is impatient, can’t wait to be on the road again as we have experienced the lifestyle together before and loved it so much , always meeting interesting people in interesting places. There also was a graduation with “Opening to Channel Course “ so more to go and spread the light with messages from their guides, Congrats to Kim, Sally, Pete, Suzy , Heather & Roma! I personally have been in a really beautiful space until the last week of June when I was given a forced rest, even off the computer which was hard but hey I got through & now as July begins I am rearing to go again. I hope you all survived the incredible downloads & energy boosts as well. As the energies are starting to settle down ,remember we are learning to go about our lives in a different way, a more slower but determined way. Love & Blessings, Rosalie Muir
  3. 3. My message of the Month..... Dear Ones, When we take the time to really notice Nature we can see many similarities between Nature & Humans showing us Oneness at its best. Trees for example ,how alike we all are to trees, think about how beautiful their energy is standing proud & tall with their outstretched limbs to give protection and home to many until suddenly a storm appears and strips their branches of leaves and cover leaving it until they are ready to start regrowing back to their original self.......can you see how alike we are ? we are strong and can provide protection, energy & care but like the trees, sometimes a stormy energy will break us down until we can return to our original strong self, regrowing our strength, care & true self again, just a matter of knowing our true self has as much energy to give ourselves and to others. Can you relate to this example like I do, Namaste Rosalie Muir ♥♥♥
  4. 4. Whats Happening for July? Gematria Online 2nd July. Meditation (Free) on skype every Tuesday morning (Aussie Day & Time) 9am Thursday 5th Seichem Attunements. Fridays starting 6th July 10am-1pm- Workshop for Channeled messages, advanced Meditation, Chanting, Psychometry, Spiritual Exercises. Investment $25 for as many or as little as you wish with no commitment, just let me know by Thursday if you are attending.@ Runawaybay. Saturday 14th Reiki 1 Attunement & training Class- let me know if you are interested and ready to learn. Healings & Readings available by appointment only. All Levels of Reiki available through the month of July by appointment. Online or in Person available. Contact by
  5. 5. May you walk in the Light with yourAngels !