The crystal gateway may newsletter & calendar


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Newsletter & Calendar for May

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  • The crystal gateway may newsletter & calendar

    1. 1. May Newsletter & Calendar
    2. 2.  Greetings Dear Friends & Fellow Lightworkers ,  Well we certainly have had our light work cut out for us this last month and most of it has been to self which by the way is good to hear because that tells us that we truly are changing into the new energies because in the old energies to work more on our selves would have been thought of as selfish and literally been not heard of because we ere always putting ourselves way behind everyone else.  Yes , we must keep this up, after all the energies of late we now come to a more settled time of gathering up all that we have learned on our journey and a time of making plans of how you will use them not only for yourself but for those who are newly awakened that will be drawn to you as you will be way showers of this new earth, a very much needed, that time has come.  There is no time placed on this as it will happen gradually so it is better to be prepared as I know there would be some of you have many notes of courses you have done that are stored away in cupboards , they need to come out & be refreshed.  I feel there will be a lot of changes in relationships too in the near future whether an ending or a coming together more to restore the marriage or relationship back to a happier one , obviously the better solution.  Your Healing being channelled will be felt more easily now as well as the atmosphere here in this dimension is different than in the 3D so you and your clients will notice the difference.  Are you not seeing Nature , the Stars, Clouds and things in general slightly different?  More people are suddenly going to find their connections with their guides are going to be stronger than ever before since this last lot of downloads we received and star gates were opened has allowed this to happen so stay open and take notice when you ask questions above.  Mother’s Day this month so I wish all Mothers a very Happy Mother’s Day & mine in Heaven .  A last note about the book I am writing, for many reasons, I will not be publishing it till February 2015 , its not too long away.  I wish you all a Fabulous month of May, Love & Blessings, Rosalie xoxoxo
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