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  • The crystal gateway may newsletter & calendar

    1. 1. May Newsletter & Calendar
    2. 2.  Greetings Dear Friends , As we now come into May many of us have gone through changes , although I feel these changes are rapidlymoving into more positive ones for many as many are realising their inner power within and confidence isshining through. I personally have had a very long struggle with my health recently but am now coming through it like I alwaysknew with faith and trust I would as I was told as our vibration is now becoming finer and we are more in thehigher dimensions our 3D limited bodies have had to adjust to the higher vibrations and that eventually thelimits of our physical will no longer be a problem as we let go of the 3 D altogether .(what a relief for me andmany of you I am sure. Healing of ourselves and others are and will happen at a much faster rate now and in the future, what ablessing. This month is the month for Mothers day and I for one already feel a little sad without my Mum being here asI know of many of my friends feeling the same however we can remember our Mums fondly and encouragethose who still have their Mothers that no matter how you feel or whatever is going on in your life with her,spend some moments with her ,it is not the same when you don’t have a Mother around , an emptiness that ishard to explain until you feel it, Happy Mother’s Day to those Mothers who may be forgotten. I have put more details in this Newsletter about what I actually do as I have had a few people say to me thatthey didn’t know that I do Readings and half of what I can do and literally have said I don’t market myselfvery well, so if you were wondering why this is so full of Classes etc for those who do know , that is why ….. I have always thought that those who were meant to come to me for what they needed would come however atthe same time I keep getting the card to expand my thinking and expand my wings so here goes lol…. Also I have been invited to talk about Spiritual Iridology on Blog Talk Radio will let you know when if youwish to listen, Love & Blessings, Have a wonderful Month till we speak again, Rosalie xox
    3. 3.  Reiki Attunement Level 1- Manual & Personal Instruction via Skype. Reiki Attunement Level 2- Manual & Personal Instruction via Skype. Reiki Master Attunement Manual & Personal Instruction via Skype. Karuna Reiki Attunement Manual & Personal Instruction via Skype. Certificates given for all . Opening to Channel Courses regularly run to suit different time zones. Spiritual Iridology 16 week in-depth Course by correspondence & Skype. Gematria (Ancient Egyptian Numerology) to learn over a 3 Lessons . Gematria Readings – A full Chart to show your full potential in everyarea of your life and your year ahead. Personal Spiritual Guidance Reading for 1 hour via Skype . “The Journey” an intensive healing to release all past issues for you tohave a totally clean slate to begin a new life ahead. Healing with Kinesiology tools for emotional turmoil. Past Life Regression & Gestational Integration. Meditation.
    4. 4.  All the Courses available online are of course are available in person plus more…………. These are………… Awareness & Enlightenment for those who are starting out on their Spiritual Journey, a verygood foundation Course over 9 weeks of self discovery and awakening. Seichem (Spiritual Surgery) & Alignment to your High Priestess & Spiritual Surgeon I teachthis including all levels to those who already have been attuned to Master Reiki level only. Lifetimes Kinesiology taught over 2 days All Levels of Reiki at a reasonable investment . Karuna Reiki an advanced Reiki style of healing. Atlantean Healing a course which was channelled to me and is a 16 week course of hands onhealing , Initiations & Remembrances, a lot of fun. I also am available to do “The Journey” as a healing . Past Life Regression. Gestational Regression. Soul Retrieval. Kinesiology for emotional healing. Readings of different styles- Numerology- Psychic-Palmistry-Medium Iris Analysis (Spiritual Iridologist
    5. 5. SunSatFriThursWedTuesMonMay 201330292131302928272625242322212019181716151413121110987654321Meditation 4.30 Healing & Readings Healing & Readings Open to Channel ClassOpen to Channel Class Meditation-Free –Skype Meditation 4.30 Healing & Readings Sacred Circle Open to Channel ClassOpen to Channel Class Meditation-Free –Skype Meditation 4.30 Healing & Readings Gematria Workshop Open to Channel ClassHealings & Readings Meditation-Free-Skype Meditation 4.30 Healings & Readings Healings & Readings Open to ChannelHealing & Readings Meditation Free Skype Meditation 4.30 Healing & Readings Healing & Readings Open to Channel