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The crystal gateway march newsletter & calendar


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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The crystal gateway march newsletter & calendar

  1. 1. March Newsletter and Calendar
  2. 2.                   Greetings Friends , As we move into March I think most of us are feeling the effects of February's energy's or should I say lack of because I certainly had many periods of suddenly being drained for no reason at all. Well I intend to come out of that this month, such a waste of time in my book, exactly, in my case , it delays chapters being written. March is a full month , first we had the New moon in Pisces which began with new beginnings and made us look within deeply at our soul at the divine aspect of us & others. Also you may need to heal any part of you that does not like change if there is resistance to it. March 8th is International Woman’s Day celebrated worldwide so have a glass of bubbly ladies ..Cheers… MARCH 12th 13th THE NEW EARTH IS HERE It is up to us to live like we are already in it, one of the reasons we have been told over and over to let go of the old energies is because in the New Earth things like Teleporting etc. you have to have clear mental & emotional bodies then you only need to think where you need to be & you are there. You may wish to spend some time looking at your life and seeing what still hooks you in to the old paradigm Earth. The higher more unified aspects of our selves as Creator Goddesses Gods are utilising the energies of these two days for us to focus on the New Earth Depending on your own personal journey as to how much you still wish to invest of your energy in the old duality dramas and ways of operating. Love and Acceptance of our self as we are, and all others, and creation sets us free to dance in our bright light. The old Matrix is losing it’s hold as we connect deeper within and to trust in the Source and divine will and plan. This simplifies our life and we operate from intuition and trust with an open heart. This is how we live in the New Higher dimensional Earth and to me this is why I am so excited all the time and until now was not sure why, hope this leaves you excited as well, Love & Blessings, Rosalie xo
  3. 3.       9.30 -Meditation - every Saturday Spiritual Iridology by Correspondence Readings by Appointment Healings by Appointment Reiki, Karuna or Seichem attunements by appointment Spiritual Counselling by Appointment