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  • The crystal gateway february newsletter

    1. 1. February Newsletter
    2. 2.         Dear Friends , Happy Super Moon and Chinese New Year, we certainly have a lot to celebrate at the moment , so you would think we would all be flying high in our energies , Haha . Of course most of the time we are but if you are like me we will have a day here and now where you will fall flat on your face in exhaustion and wonder what has happened, don’t worry when this happens, it is perfectly normal and is a good time to test out if you are reacting as you would normally react in the old way or have you now learned to change into the new ways in the new energies' of going with the flow by being more gentle with yourself and allowing it to pass through, if you have the surprise is that it passes very quickly, unlike the old ways that would linger on for days. So many thing are going to change for us, and I speak now of “us” more & more as it has ended the “Ï” in so many ways there is more unity, we are all stepping into the fifth dimension together and to experience the wonders of growth together, how exciting. So many downloads to experience that help us to advance our growth like never before and always if you are not sure of what is happening there is always someone to ask and get help with whatever you need so please remember to ask. On a personal note, I was to be going on a vacation this coming week but that has been delayed by at least a month so because of the uncertainty I am unable to start any long courses but 1 or 2 day course I can so if you are interested in Reiki, Karuna, Seichem or Lifetimes ,Kinesiology, Readings or Healings, this I can do as they are no more than 2 days, please message me of your interest. In the meantime I am writing my book hoping to be published this year and a very exciting course to be later this year which will be a surprise for you & all I will say it has to do with the return of Isis , stay tuned for more when I return . I wish you all well and hope you all have a Happy Valentine’s Day, Love & Blessings, Rosalie xoxo