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Happenings @ The Crystal Gateway

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November newsletter

  2. 2. NEWSLETTER Greetings Dear Lightworker Family, I hope you are all surviving these energies at present, they are certainly being made obvious to me, feeling tired and not feeling like I am in this dimension fully. dimension We all need to be mindful of taking it easy as we approach 11 11 11 so that we join in with all the excitement. Interesting that Thanksgiving in the USA falls just after the date of 11 11 11 ...........even date though we don’t officially celebrate it in Australia, I am sure we all are having moments of gratitude .....I certainly am, being grateful for all my Family & Friends who support me and share in my life with me. Astro update ~ Neptune in Aquarius is having a strong influence on us. us. Many of us are experiencing great uncertainty, or moments when the the unexpected enters our lives; times when we catch our breath and wait to see what it all means. We may not make sense of things; they are not a part of any script we have read. Our expectations may have been dashed, and we wait to see what move to make. We think, not surprisingly, that surprisingly, holding on to what we have will somehow protect us against an unknown unknown future. The truth is it may and it may not, and whatever we decide about decide the future it remains the unknown... Derek Hawkins
  3. 3. Namaste........ To celebrate the 11 11 11 energies I will be holding a special Sacred Circle on the Saturday of the 12th November here at Runawaybay so we can cover the globe as their 11 11 11 will be held on that day & through Skype we will be connecting as well which will be different . We will be starting @ 10am sharp and those who wish to channel messages through via messages you & myself, no doubt Ra & Isis will wish to be with us on that auspicious occasion. After the circle we will lunch together so please bring a plate to share, look forward to see you here. I will be thinking of my Mother more on the 9th as her transition into the light was 2 years ago ,she will be sure to be with us that day as well, I miss her so as many of you know the feeling when we are parted from our parents through transition. There are many new members on The Crystal Gateway at present and I am extending a warm welcome to you, I feel the Love from your presence as we together go forward into together the new Earth . I have put a halt on the Course till 2012 however will be holding some one day Classes so holding keep in touch and watch the Calendar. I give a Free Meditation on Tuesday & most Wednesday mornings so all are welcome online in my Scribblar Classroom on The Crystal Gateway. Saturday mornings @ Runawaybay ,I still have Meditation @ 9.30 which I invite anyone which who is able to join us.
  4. 4. CLASSES / WORKSHOPS Saturdays @ 9.30am – Meditation. Tuesday 8th 10am – Akashic Records Access via Scribblar online Classroom - $40 Gematria (Ancient Egyptian Numerology) Workshop for 2 hours over 3 weeks - $120 weeks Kundalini Awakening – 10am -12pm online oin Scribblar Classroom - $40 Reiki Attunements online & off line available in November & December, why not become December, attuned for your Christmas Gift. Reiki 1 @ Runawaybay all day Workshop - $100 Reiki 11 @Runawaybay – all day Workshop - $150 Master Reiki Attunements as required . Healings & Readings by appointment only. I have gift Certificates if you wish to give someone the gift of a Reading or Healing for Christmas. Crystal Awareness online – December 6th in Scribblar Classroom, RSVP needed a week before so that the Essence which is included to be posted in time for Class. time Wishing all a Fabulous November, see you in whatever Dimension we will be in, lol,’ we Love & Blessings to All, Rev Rosalie Muir