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Healing Ancient Egyptian Essences

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Newyear 2011egypt brochure

  1. 1. ACHIEVING HIGHER STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS Come with Us The Holy-man, Godfather of GizaRev. Dr. Madalyn Kennedy is a multi- A New Year - - A New YOUdimensional channel for Amun-Ra, Isis, People come from all over the world to see the Holy-other Egyptian Gods/Goddess and many man Godfather of Giza. His work helps you to become Inner Connectionother Ascended Masters and beings of clear, remove anger, any blocks, negativity, jealousy and allows you to have a new life. He lives in the most Ancient Spiritual Journeylight. powerful area in the whole planet directly in front of Discover Hidden Magical the Great pyramid (Kings Chamber), and uses one of theEgypt is our Ancient Mother Land, our highest ancient techniques of the Egyptian teachings. Powers! -- ANDroots, and she is calling us home to re- When you are touched by him you receive theconnect with her, her strength and power vibrations of blessings. The ancient priests were highly connected to this energy to remove anything in the Celebrate the Newas we knew from times past. body, emotionally, mentally and physically. It also unites all your bodies, physical, etheric, emotional, Year at theRev. Dr. Kennedy’s Special Egypt mental, causal, soul and heavenly.Meditation/Healing and Connection to Pyramids in Egypt toHigher Consciousness and Mother EarthExperience serves both the body and the Welcome 2012spirit for the finest in spiritual andarchaeological journeys. Dr. Kennedy Rev. Dr. Your life will unfold in spectacular waysworks with the worldwide spiritual Madalyn and you will never feel the same!community to provide the finest spiritual Kennedyexperience possible. Experience the Dr. Madalyn has journeyed to Egypt for the past 15 The vibration of Mother Earth and ofhistorical Nile, and typical wealthy plus years and discovered her re-connection to EgyptEgyptian family accommodations, visit our bodies is changing and shifting and its powers which caused her life to changedlocal markets, and share the spiritual dramatically. She was cleansed through an ancient daily and many of us are feeling thisjourney of a lifetime. healing ritual and the messages from her higher in different ways. (spirit) self became very clear and direct. She began to listen with her heart and was guided to share the Message from Isis and Amun-Ra Pure Egyptian Floral Essences others. She was “We are always here waiting to assist you specifically asked by Isis and Amun-Ra to introduce in the raising of your vibrations and to and explain the strong energy, vibrations, blessings welcome you. We are here to assist you in and healing powers which have been placed on all the Beloved Essences. Isis states often that she is the many ways; many ways that you are not “Guardian of the Essences” and she is with Madalyn even aware of. We are here to ease the to help her introduce them to everyone. transition and help you to relax through these vibrational changes that are Dr. Kennedy is an ordained minister, healer, destined to be as Mother Earth raises metaphysician, guided multi-dimensional channel, herself to reemerge as the new world of Law of Attraction and guidance director, author, light. We enfold you in our love and we energy vibrational artist, physic, intuit and an empath. patiently await your return for as long as You can contact Madalyn for additional information we can before this period ends.” Meditation/Healing Room at Giza at
  2. 2. ACHIEVING HIGHER STATES OF All Inclusive as listed Dates in Cairo – Dec 29, 2011-Jan 5, 2012 CONSCIOUSNESS Cont’d. Concierge Escort upon arrival and departure The Special Egypt Meditation/Healing andRev. Dr. Madalyn has journeyed to Egypt for the past 15 Lodging and-transportationplus years. She invites and hosts groups to come Connection to Higher Consciousness and Exclusive Private Residence for your 7 nights in Giza, sharedexperience for themselves the amazing power Egypt rooms and baths – to experience true Egyptian family living Mother Earth Experienceholds for all of us. With her exclusive connections, all transfer car provided.her journeys are safe, secure, and under private escort Meals Early Bird Special-at all times; and there is no need for unnecessary Continental Breakfast, some lunches/dinners on your ownconcern over the recent changes in Egypt. A journey of Full Payment by Sept 1 $3,350.00 See the Wonders of the Giza PlateauDr. Kennedy’s Special Egypt Meditation /Healing and Regular Rate Sept 2 - Oct.23 $3,895.00 Pyramids, Sphinx and Ancient Isis TempleConnection to the Higher Consciousness and Mother Solar Boat of Khufu (Cheops) Late Registration Oct. 23 $4,350.00Earth Experience is something you will always remember Inside the Great Pyramid Limited Availability – only 6 – 15 peopleand treasure. These journeys have created positive life Private Meditation inside the Kings Chamber, Great Pyramid, $800 Non-refundable Deposit reserves your space.changes for many. Personal Charka Healing Balance due Dates and Cancellation Policy* (see specific The Godfather-Holy man of Giza will help you to clear and details on website itinerary websiteDr. Kennedy can help you connect with a group that is unblock your chakras and intensify your experience. coming to Egypt, or will provide you with Private Discourse with Madalyn’s Guides *Less $125 Administration Fee and any charge back feesservices if you have your own group. Dr. Kennedy works Isis and Amun-Ra & others with Q&A periodwith a world-class wholesale travel operator in Egypt All Payments are safe, and secure through Sunrise Meditationwho specializes in custom tours throughout Egypt for Ride a camel or Arabian horse and PayPal on the website link below:spiritual groups. Our spiritual leaders are very wise and enjoy a magnificent sunrise meditation and have many years of experience with Group Participation me-to-egypt.html OR if you prefer you canassisting in the right spiritual connection for you. We will be together in the healing room for meditation and contact me directly. Additional Options spiritual experiences through combined consciousness during different meditation involving private and group healing Additional expensesLodging: Western style5 star hotel. This journey is to that you will incur areEXPERIENCE the true Egyptian culture with exclusive private sessions air fare, Visa to Egypt, a fewresidence shared occupancy, but this option is available to you if Cairo meals, tips, taxes and any personalyou prefer. Add Addt’l $1,625-dbl; $1,975 single Visit to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Old Cairo, Mohamed purchase or activities. Ali Mosque, and the Coptic MuseumPersonal Ancient Spiritual Healing Ritual Meditation - toremove anger, jealousy, negativity, sadness, pain and more. Saqqara, Memphis, Dahshur, Alexandria You must understand that when you come toExperience this meditation deep in the Sahara desert at the oldest Sightseeing Tours Egypt it is for a deep, intensive meditationaltemple built on the ley line of the earth’s root chakra. You will Nile Cruise healing and cleansing of all your bodies.offer essences specifically blended for your personal vibrational Dinner and evening on the beautiful Nile River and see theneeds in a special ceremony for cleansing and connecting to your Arabian Sufi Dancer Performance We would love for you to join us on thishigher self, to God and all the appointed guardians and Internationally Famous Light and Sound Showmessengers. Purchase of the purest Essences is necessary for this amazing journey and you will notice your Spend a dazzling evening watching the light and sound showwork. Starting price point is usually around $3000 and up against the Giza pyramids. experiences, “awakenings” and innerdepending on your individual issues and work that needs to be guidance will not only take place while youdone. This is not for everyone but you should know that this is Dancing Arabian Horsesthe most important inner journey experience you will have.. This Private performance of the World Famous Arabian Horses are in Egypt but will continue to be on-goingis very important work for you to do while you are here in Giza. Exclusive New Year’s Celebration Private Party even after you return back to your home. In view of the Great Pyramid to welcome 2012 Any personal shopping. You will want to take advantage ofbuying some of the wonderful vibrational essences and Egyptian If you have any questions please contact me.aromatherapy while you are here at a huge savings over the Many people who have taken this amazing journey to Egypt haveprices I have to charge on the website. Also the papyrus returned completely changed. There is no stronger vibration ormuseum is magnificent – so be sure to plan on some great energy that you could possibly experience then being directly at the Ancient Twin Hearts LLC /purchases then you won’t kick yourself for not getting those world famous pyramids and sphinx with this powerful Holy-man at Beloved Essencesspecial something’s after you return home your side to assist and guide you. Madalyn’s Guides also add to this 6037 Fry Road experience as they come through to share their messages. Suite #126-01We have made special arrangements for this amazing reduced Katy, TX 77449price for our journey. This is much lower than the normal fees Toll Free Phone: 1-866-729-4703charged for visits to Egypt PLUS we have included the healing and Cell: 832-298-4133meditation sessions. E-mail: Madalyn@beloved