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Egyptian natural Ancient Healing Essences

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  1. 1. Beloved Essences Ancient Twin Hearts LLC 2010-2011 YOUR MOST IMPORTANT TOOLKITThe ancients used these essences to stimulate, clear and balance the body and its systems. If you don’t have your body, what do you have?Want a Job? Business Opportunities Available for Independent Distributors
  2. 2. “If you wait until your body is completely dehydrated before you drink something or completely emaciated before you eat something, your body can get far out of balance. While it is possible to eventually bring your body back to a state of well- being—it is much easier to maintain a healthy physical balance than to recover it after losing it. Most people never put themselves into the dramatic situation where they are without water or food to the point of doing damage to their physical bodies; however, it is not uncommon for people to deprive their bodies of something equally important: alignment with Source Energy. In the same way that it is a good idea to drink when you feel the indication of thirst—and therefore maintain your Well- Being long before dehydration is experienced—it is equally important to change the thought and release resistance at the first indication of negative emotion. For while it is certainly possible to withstand negative emotion for long periods of time, it is not the optimal experience for the cells of your physical body. When you learn to release resistance in the early, subtle stages, your physical body must thrive. Thriving is what is natural to you.---- Abraham-Hicks” This is 7 of 32 practical expanded quotes excerpted from Abraham’s new Getting into the Vortex Guided Meditation CD and User Guide ;Want a Job? Business Opportunities Available for Independent Distributors
  3. 3. Table of ContentsAbout Our Beloved Essences ........................................................2Essence Bottles and Sizes ............................................................3The Pharonic Chakra System Essences .......................................5Egyptian Collection ........................................................................7Care and Cure Collection...............................................................7Romance/True Love Collection ...................................................10All Time Favorites ........................................................................11Mist Bottles ..................................................................................13Chakra/Energy Painting Card Sets with Trial Vial .......................13Essence/Perfume Bottles.............................................................17Astrological Papyrus ....................................................................22Special Orders .............................................................................24Finest Egyptian Cotton Robes .....................................................25Oud - Extreme Special Order Only ..............................................26Order Form ..................................................................................27 1
  4. 4. About Our Beloved Essences100% pure Egyptian Essences combined in special blends withprayers and healing vibrations infused through them. All theEssences are blessed by the Godfather, Holy Man who lives inthe most powerful area on the whole planet, directly in front of theGreat Pyramid (Kings Chamber). They are an aid in meditationand powerful chakra work forclearing any blocks that keep youfrom having the life you really “I’ve had to be on sleepingdesire and should be used daily pills for 2 years but sincefor wonderful benefits to the I’ve started using the 9thphysical, emotional and spiritual (Angel) and 10th (Mainbody. Gate) chakra essences, I fall asleep quickly and sleep through the night like a baby. I’m so happy that IPeople often comment that they don’t need sleeping pillscan feel the wonderful uplifting, any more. It’s like aharmonious vibrations that these MIRACLE for me.”essence carry. Thank you BT. Houston TXBeloved Essences are not dilutedin any way. They do not containany oils, alcohol or chemicals that usually create allergic reactionsand aversions to certain smells. They do not evaporate and theymost certainly are NOT essential oils. They are 100% pure highlyconcentrated Egyptian ESSENCES certified by the Egyptiangovernment. The finest International parfume/perfume companiesuse only 1%—10% of these essences as the base for the fineexpensive designer fragrances.2
  5. 5. Essence Bottles and Sizes Bottles and Sizes Prices starting at $9 and up. 8 Piece Trial Chakra Vial Set $75 th th 9 and 10 Chakra Vials sold separately. 3
  6. 6. Blue Bottles and Vials – Sizes Egyptian Bottles – SizesVial $9.00 - $12.00 Sphinx 30 ml $245.-$300.Dram $29.75 - $39.75 Queen 1.5oz $367.50-Spray Mist $41.75 - $51.75 $387.505 ml $49.75 - $59.75 Mycerinus 3oz $775.-$825.10 ml $74.75 – $84.75 Chephrern 3.5oz$910.-$970.30 ml $245.00-$300.00 Cheops 10oz $2575.-$2750.Sizes are approximate Sizes are approximate 4
  7. 7. (7 pc Set Specials ) Chakra #1 thru #7 Sphinx $225/ea +30 ml Blue Lotus – FREE Queen $337.50/ea + 30 ml Blue Lotus FREE Mycerinus - $675/ea + 30 ml Blue Lotus FREE Chephren - $787.50/ea + 30 ml Blue Lotus FREE Cheops - $2250/ea + 30 ml Blue Lotus FREE Additional Uses: Perfume; after shower body splash Fragrance and after shave for menThe Pharonic Chakra System EssencesEssence Amber Egyptian Amber is pure and not st1 - Base Chakra at all like your typical amberColor: Red scent. It has a yummy, delicate and beautiful scent. Amber creates a calming and grounding effect, it can release your pent up feelings emotionally and physically. Known for reviving your deepest hidden powers.Essence: Red Musk Egyptian Musk is elegant, nd2 - Sacral Chakra delicate, soothing and calming.Color: Orange It clears any blockages through your sexual and reproductive organs. Anti-depressant, Powerful energizer, Creates harmony in sexual organs, reproductive creative centers and in the whole body.Essence: Jasmine Egyptian Jasmine helps to calm rd3 - Solar Plexus Chakra the nerves, raises the spirits andColor: Yellow inspires confidence. Aids with 5
  8. 8. Spiritual opening. It is also wonderful for skincare. Egyptian Jasmine is one of the best and highest Jasmines in the world. Three famous brands that use this form of Jasmine are Christian Dior, Giorgio, Joy Jean Patou.Essence: Attar of Roses The White Egyptian Attar of th4 - Heart Chakra Rose is calming, instills optimismColor: Green and is very good for your emotions and of course, the essence of love. Once you smell this beautiful essence you will get the impression that you just put your nose into the most fragrant, lovely and largest rose ever. thEssence: Lavender 5 - Relaxing for nerves andThroat Chakra muscles. EncouragesColor: Blue rejuvenation and clarity. Relieves tension headaches.Essence: Sandalwood Inspiration and relaxing, th rd6 - Brow/3 Eye Chakra develops wisdom, aids deepColor: Indigo meditation.Essence: Lotus Egyptian Symbol of th7 - Crown Chakra enlightenment. Aid to meditationColor: Purple Can be used for breathing problems and as a bath or shower essenceEssence: Rare Blue Lotus Similar properties to white lotus, th8 - Heavenly Chakra-Aura but more powerful Activates theColor: White eighth chakraEssence: Angel Combination of tree, herbs and th rd9 – Above 3 Eye flowers with a touch of SaffronColor: Pale Lavender & Pink flowers. Special to use - rd connects the 3 eye and sense of ―I Am Me.Essence: Main Gate Combination of tree, herbs and th10 – Below the Feet flower essences with a touch ofColor: Almond Royal Amber with Sandalwood and White Musk. Deeply 6
  9. 9. connects to the energy of the earth. Use at the bottom of your feet.Egyptian CollectionQueen of Egypt Mixed from 25 flowersQueen Cleopatra 25 flowers mixed with saffron Queen Cleopatra wore her fragrance on her knees so as the people bowed to her they would smell the beautiful scentQueen Hatshepsut 100 flowers mixed. Has clear clean soft smellAida Jasmine, Orange and White Musk – Jasmine for relaxation for body, orange for vitamin for soft skin, and white musk soft fresh clean smell.King Ramses 55 flowers – stronger, fresh, clean – great/Business Man for eveningCare and Cure CollectionEucalyptus You can feel this working immediately. Helps withand Mint sinus, allergies, asthma, virus, colds, and headaches. Opens breathing channels The steam and vapor will kill bacteria and disinfect. It cleans the sinus, and helps relieve headaches. It’s wonderful to use before mediation to help clear you. The vibration from this essence helps with any sleep problems and to stop snoring. It also helps to prevent the destruction of the body’s normal antibiotics from consistent use of air-conditioning and helps to clean your body of air pollutants.Sandalwood Egyptian Sandalwood is white. The wood comes from India but its squeezed in Egypt to get the purest essence form. India will mix it with oil so color is different.- Sandalwood contains Vitamins a and B and collagen - can be used as a mini- 7
  10. 10. face lift and for pregnancy mask, stretch marks, brown spots, dark circles. Use 10 days to two weeks to see remarkable results. Just place a few drops in water and apply on face or other areas.Lotus Helps to refresh your body, open pores toFlower remove microbes and bacteria. Uses: As Fragrance; Burn in Candle burner; In shower or bath - Men’s aftershave 3 drops in cold water, mixed well and use as after shave, softens skin, doesn’t burn. . Keep and use over and over. Refresh the house and laundry - 10 drops in water, mixed well, and sprinkle over the carpet. 15 drops to washer during rinse cycle. .Lavender Helps with headaches, insomnia, snoring, stress,with Royal thinking too much, memory and with Alzheimer.Amber Place drop on first fingers of each hand. Breathe in deeply and gently 3 minutes with eyes closed then.rub fingers at temples for 2 – 3 minutes. Headache usually gone in 5 minutes. For- snoring and insomnia place 5 drops in water and mist over pillow. Can be deeply asleep as fast as 10 minutes.Helichrysum Helps with nerves and circulatory system, relieves tight muscles and minimizes bruising and various veins. Excellent for skin and nervous system. Can use on insect bites to calm themApple Pure no sugar added. Decreases your appetite,(weight loss) Increases metabolism to burn fat. Removes excess salt and water from body.2 tbls in 4 oz warm water and drink before breakfast, and evening before bed daily until desired loss.Oil of Hash Helps with hair loss. Used to restore hair growth and makes hair strong Used to restore hair growth from operations. No smell, pure. Contains Vitamin B, Protein, Calcium and other vitamins –13 drops on head, message very well until feels hot all over scalp. Leave in ½ hour, then shower with warm water. Apply twice a week for 4 weeks for best results.Musk Very powerful. Used to remove bad energy. –8
  11. 11. After bath use as deodorant – will kill bacteria and stops odor for up to 4 days. For upset stomach rub right and left and circle in the navel then hold for a while with deep breathing. Place 3 drops in warm water to use for good feminine hygiene practices.Mint Strong, clean, fresh, minty aroma, rich antioxidant, helps support the respiratory and nervous systems, highly regarded for ease of digestion and can help open and release emotional blocks leading to a sense of balance and well-being. Studies have proved its supportive effect on the liver and respiratory systems; it’s abilities to improve concentration and mental sharpness. and to improving taste and smell when inhaled, It’s said to directly affect the brains satiety center, which triggers a sensation of fullness after meals. One of the oldest and most sought after essence for its amazing results.Sweet Special Blend of Angel, Main Gate, Lavender andDream Blend other essences that will help you rest easily through the night and allowing an opening of clearer communication from your spirit, guides, higher self, god source through your dream state. Use this blend faithfully and you should see great improvements. Added results as other users have found, you too may stop needing sleeping pills. Be sure to use the Sweet Dream Prayer to move your vibration for relaxing. Sweet Dreams Blend Prayer As I sleep tonight, I ask all the Magnificent Beings, Ascended Masters, the mighty Oneness of the Universe, the God of my heart, to send your blanket of peace, love and protection as covering while my body rests. Allow me to receive and remember any important messages from you and give me the strength, knowingness and ability to move forward into action when I awake. I am grateful for the love, protection and comfort you always give to me and for this wonderful nights rest so 9
  12. 12. I awake refreshed, alert and happy to begin this blessed day in a beautiful world that is part of my creation. Amen, Amen, Amen Channeled to Madalyn Kennedy ®2010Romance/True Love CollectionHoneymoon Flowers and vanilla.- Ancient Bedouin girl was in love with boy from another village and they were not allowed to marriage. She loved him so much that she promised herself if she could marry him she would make a very special, natural fragrance for her wedding, which she did. People still use it today for any marriage, anniversary and celebrations of love.Secret of the Desert Special blend that helps with love. It’s time to tell the secret known through the Middle Eastern culture. The lady uses this in the evening, they say after midnight, to make the man crazy about her. Apply in special places as an upside down triangle and it makes the man amorous for three hours. Known to help with impotence and relieves the worries that smokers have about their abilities.Love Potion #9 Made from combination of flowers and trees, with touch of lily of the valley, saffron, royal amber, white musk. Special for romance and falling deeply in love. Wonderful for that special night.True Love Blend Special Blend made from a combination of essences including Honeymoon, Love Potion #9 and Secret of the Desert. Be sure to use the channeled True Love Prayer to help raise your vibrations to send and receive True Love.10
  13. 13. Prayer for True Love Essence Blend Dear Universal Oneness of Light and Love, the God of my heart. I thank you that I was created from your love and that you made me in the exact perfect way that you did. We are all one wrapped together in the blanket of your love and comfort. You made each and every one of us beautiful, perfect and whole and inside of us you placed the capacity to love others as you love us. You have placed in us the capacity to forgive others easily and the understanding to allow each to discover their own truths. Thank you for helping me to open my heart more to allowing my vibration to raise so that I will draw to me the truest love, loves and lovers that are the most happy and joyous match to me. Channeled to Madalyn Kennedy© 2010All Time FavoritesFrankincense & Extremely treasured Essence. InspirationalMyrrh and Spiritual. Restores depleted energies and raises ones vibration, improves spiritual connection and helpful with meditation and visualization. Helps to relieve stress and feelings of despair. Used in religious ceremonies for centuries. Known as one of the Holy Oils the Wise men gave to Jesus. . Used in skin care for aging and dry skin.Patchouli Finest Patchouli has an exotic aroma. Creates an amorous atmosphere. Helps to support health, removes negativity, fights anxiety and depression, helps with infections, insect bites, skin and scalp problems, water retention, cellulite, athlete’s foot, stress related problems and addictions Speeds healing and prevents ugly scaring. Excellent to relieve dry, chapped and wrinkled skin. 11
  14. 14. .Uses: directly on skin, in candle burners, at vapor, in bath water, add to massage oil extenders, add to lotions and creams, as personal fragrance. Excellent blended with Egyptian Frankincense & Myrrh and Lavender for added benefitsYlang Ylang Known for centuries as an aphrodisiac. Keeps emotions balanced and help reduce worries and is soothing for the mind. Calming and relaxing releasing tension, anger and nervousness. Helps with circulation and cardiovascular issues. and does wonders for skin and hair..Protection Very special blend from secret plant, red musk, frankincense, myrrh, and royal amber all working for total protection for you and your home. Can also be used in the shower as well, and sprinkle around the house and burn in a candle burner. Has special prayer. Be sure to use the prayer for Protection to help elevate the vibration. Prayer for Protection I call to all the Ascended Masters and mighty Oneness of the Universe, the God of my heart, to send your white light of love and protection. Charge it forth to me, through me and through my environment and world. Your blessed, all encompassing white light of protection, purity and wholeness to completely cleanse and purity my life, environment and world of any evil or negative thoughts, emotions or vibrations that I am aware or unaware of consciously or unconsciously. I ask that you send the indestructible power of the white light through your holy powers and your highest protection for mankind. Thank you for your all knowing ways to best dissolve any situation that could possibly bring damage or harm to me, my life, my family, my home and my environment. Please accept all my love and gratitude for your undying and limitless love12
  15. 15. and protection and for your continued guidance through my higher self. Amen Amen Amen ©Channeled to Madalyn Kennedy 2010Mist Bottles Your choice Amber 2oz Mist Bottle Red Musk $17.50/ea Jasmine, Attar of Roses 4oz Mist Bottle Lavender $34.50/ea Sandalwood/Coconut Blend Lotus Blue Lotus Angel Main Gate Your choiceSpecialty Mists Frankincense & Myrrh Protection 2oz Mist Bottle Lavender/Royal Amber $22.50/ea Main Gate/Angel Blend Cleopatra Beauty Mist w/ 4oz Mist bottle Collagen $39.50/ea Lotus Flower Chakra/Energy Painting Card Sets with Trial VialChakra/energy painting card, bookmark and essence trial vial th th LOOK for the Energy paintings for 9 and 10 chakra essences coming soon 13
  16. 16. Card Sets $15 Chakra 8 - Blue Lotus Set $18 st 1 charka – Amber Essence 2nd charka – Red Musk Essence 3rd charka – Jasmine Essence14
  17. 17. 4th charka – Attar of Roses Essence 5th charka – Lavender Essence6th charka – Sandalwood-Coconut Blend Essence 15
  18. 18. 7th charka – Lotus Essence 8th charka – Blue Lotus Essence Seafoam Energy Painting– Eucalyptus/Mint Wonderland Energy Painting – Sandalwood (Collagen)16
  19. 19. Essence/Perfume Bottles Essence/Perfume Bottles Hand Blown 18K Heavy Gold – Lead Crystal and/or Pyrex – Retail prices range from $30 - $65Large and Approx sizeSmall Size Small 4-1/2‖ X 4‖ PBP10101 $30.0018K gold andPyrex Large 5-1/2‖ X 6‖ PBP10102 $50.00Large and Approx sizeSmall Size Small 4-1/2‖ X 4‖ LCPB10102 $30.0018K gold andLead Crystal Large 5‖ X 5-1/2‖ LCPB10101 $50.00 17
  20. 20. Large and Approx sizeSmall Size Small 6‖ X 1-1/2‖ PBP10104 $40.0018K gold andPyrex Large 7‖X 1-1/2‖ PBP10103 $50.0018K gold and Approx sizePyrex – 7‖ X 1-3/4‖Sugar Style PBP10109 $50.0018
  21. 21. Large and Approx sizeSmall Size 8‖ X 2‖ LCPB10103 $50.0018K gold andLead Crystaland PyrexLarge and Approx sizeSmall Size Large 9-1/2‖ X 2‖ LCPB10104 $60.0018K gold andLead Crystal Small 6‖ X 1-1/2‖and Pyrex LCPB10105 $40.00 19
  22. 22. Approx size 5-1/2‖ X 2‖18K gold and LCPB10107Lead Crystal $40.00and Pyrex Approx size 9‖ X 2-1/2‖18K gold and LCPB10108Lead Crystal $60.00and PyrexLimitedsupply1 only20
  23. 23. 18K gold andPyrex Approx size 8‖ X 2‖ PBP101010 $60.00 Approx size 9‖ X 2-1/2‖18K gold and LCPB10109Lead Crystal $60.00and Pyrex 21
  24. 24. Astrological Papyrus Real Papyrus with Zodiac name inscribed in Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics inside cartoucheVery Limited Supply – some 1 Retail $65.00 only 22
  25. 25. 23
  26. 26. Special OrdersPlease allow 6 – 8 weeks special order deliveries. Custom 18K Gold Jewelry Lotus Design Cartouche Ring $1250.Band Style Cartouche Ring $560. Cartouche Necklace with chain $620 (not pictured) Egyptian Gold is some of the finest in the world. I’ve had myband for 15 years and it still looks like its new.24
  27. 27. Finest Egyptian Cotton RobesYou know what a wonderful treasure true Egyptian cotton sheetsand garments are. These robes were spectacular and they havea beautiful design around the neck, down the front and on thesleeves. They are very roomy and comfortable. Sizes range fromS – XXL $180 25
  28. 28. Oud - Extreme Special Order OnlyOud is an extremely expensive, high quality essence that is usedby the Royals and their families. In the past, they were the onlyones who knew about it, could afford it and used daily. Oud is theonly essence with the highest know vibrational energy for thestrongest, most powerful protection against any negative forces.Many royal and prominent families in the Middle East, Europe andother countries keep Oud as their favorite essence for that veryreason. Its been a main stay in the Pharaohs, Sheiks, and Royalshouseholds for eons. If Oud is your style , please contact us toorder and allow approx 6 - 8 weeks delivery26
  29. 29. Order FormLast NameFirst Name M.I.Address Apt./UnitCity State ZIP CodePhone ( ) E-MailMethod of payment    Check VISA MasterCardCredit Card # Exp. DateName as it appears on card Signature Item No. Price Qty. Amount Subtotal Tax Shipping Total 27
  30. 30. We give you three easy ways to order:  Visit us on the Web  Fill out the order form and mail it to us  Call us Anci ent Twin Hear ts LLC/ Beloved Essences 6037 Fry Road, Suite 126-01 Katy, TX 77449 Phone (866) 729-4703 Fax (866) 729-4703 www.belovedessences.comWant a Job? Business Opportunities Available for Independent Distributors