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Apple factors


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Apple factors

  1. 1. APPLE
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Founded April 1st,1976 Headquarters Cupertino, California USA Founders Steve Jobs, Steve Wojniak Industry Computer software Computer hardware Consumer electronics
  3. 3. Vision To become the world wide leader in computer and mp3 player sales. Mission Apple is committed to bringing the best personal computing, and mobile usage experience to students, educators, creative professionals and consumers around the world through its innovative hardware, software and internet offerings.
  4. 4. Products iMac ( Personal Computer) iPod
  5. 5. Apple TV MacBook iPad
  6. 6. Our Focus Product iPhone Apple Smartphone Launched June 29 2007 Unit Sold 250 Million Strength of Product : Sensor High Quality Style Innovative Applications
  7. 7. Social Factors Reference Greater Influence from Membership & Aspirational Reference Group Membership: Friends and family Aspirational: Media and Celebrities
  8. 8. Dissociative Reference Less Rejection Because APPLE is a brand of INNOVATION But if someone want to use same features he may switch to android phones due to less cost than APPLE
  9. 9. FAMILY Role of Decider Person in family who have knowledge of Apple Products i.e. commonly younger ones Role of Buyer Person who have ability of purchasing Apple Products Role of Influencer Little role of influencer because Apple Products are Expensive Role of User A User have a urge to use Apple Products because of innovative technology
  10. 10. PERSONAL FACTORS OF CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR Age Targeted Market in age is youth segment from 18-35 Users of iPhone Because interest of high-tech innovation Under 18 18-35 35-50 50-60 Life Cycle Apple products can be used by any life cycle person having interest of technology or entertainment
  11. 11. Occupation White Collar Apple Products are for white collar persons As it is expensive , sensitive & Innovative Technology based Blue Collar Due to high prices and difficult technology to understand
  12. 12. Economic Situation The cure for Apple during the recent recession has not been cost-cutting. The cure has been for Apple to innovate its way out of the economic downturn No redesign , reposition , reprice from APPLE to their Products in recession. Price sensitive people never buys APPLE iPhone Only Seekers not all of , Strivers & Global Citizens buys Apple iPhone
  13. 13. Life Style Activities Work , Gaming , internet surfing Interests Fashion , Family , Entertainment Opinion Social Issues , Business Customer don’t just but Apple, they buy the lifestyle that the Apple represent
  14. 14. Personality Dominance Sociability Brand Personality Excitement ( Daring , intelligent , Imaginative , Up to date & reliable )
  15. 15. Self Concept What we Are What we have Apple slogan is THINK DIFFERENT If you are sharp enough to think different then you must buy APPLE PRODUCT
  16. 16. Apple Products are more advanced, easier to use and designed better than Windows