Xmas around the_world[1]


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Xmas around the_world[1]

  1. 1. How is ChristmasHow is Christmas celebrated around thecelebrated around the world?world?
  2. 2. AustraliaAustralia    In Australia, Santa'sIn Australia, Santa's sleigh is pulled bysleigh is pulled by eight white kangaroos.eight white kangaroos.  Christmas dinner isChristmas dinner is eaten outdoors and iseaten outdoors and is followed by a visit tofollowed by a visit to the beach or a gamethe beach or a game of cricket.of cricket.
  3. 3. SwitzerlandSwitzerland       In Switzerland, duringIn Switzerland, during the holiday season thethe holiday season the Star SingersStar Singers (Sternsingers) dressed as(Sternsingers) dressed as the Three Kings paradethe Three Kings parade through the streets ofthrough the streets of cities and towns singingcities and towns singing Christmas songs.Christmas songs.  Santa visits in a specialSanta visits in a special fairytale tram and givesfairytale tram and gives the children a ridethe children a ride through the city, singingthrough the city, singing songs with them andsongs with them and sharing a basket full ofsharing a basket full of sweets.sweets.
  4. 4. MexicoMexico  In Mexico, childrenIn Mexico, children sometimes leave theirsometimes leave their shoes out instead ofshoes out instead of stockings.stockings.  On Christmas Eve there isOn Christmas Eve there is a parade of singersa parade of singers carrying bells and candlescarrying bells and candles on top of long poles. Theyon top of long poles. They wind through the streetswind through the streets until they get to the localuntil they get to the local church.church. FELIZ NAVIDAD YFELIZ NAVIDAD Y PROSPERO AÑO NUE VO!!!PROSPERO AÑO NUE VO!!!
  5. 5. KenyaKenya    In Kenya, the churches areIn Kenya, the churches are decorated with balloons,decorated with balloons, ribbons, flowers and greenribbons, flowers and green plants as well as Christmasplants as well as Christmas trees.trees.  Christmas dinner is often aChristmas dinner is often a barbecue with familybarbecue with family members traveling from farmembers traveling from far away to be together againaway to be together again..
  6. 6. NorwayNorway    In Norway, on ChristmasIn Norway, on Christmas Eve, a bowl of porridge,Eve, a bowl of porridge, "nisse" is left in the barn"nisse" is left in the barn for the gnome who protectsfor the gnome who protects the farm.the farm.  When the children first seeWhen the children first see their Christmas tree alltheir Christmas tree all decorated, with presentsdecorated, with presents underneath, the familyunderneath, the family joins hands and circles thejoins hands and circles the tree singing carols.tree singing carols.
  7. 7. GermanyGermany    In Germany, childrenIn Germany, children decorate their Christmasdecorate their Christmas Lists with pictures and thenLists with pictures and then leave them on the windowsillleave them on the windowsill overnight, weighed downovernight, weighed down with a little sugar so theywith a little sugar so they won't be missed by Fatherwon't be missed by Father Christmas.Christmas.  There is a flower inThere is a flower in Germany called theGermany called the Christmas Rose whichChristmas Rose which blooms even in the snow andblooms even in the snow and ice.ice. Frohes WeihnachtsfestFrohes Weihnachtsfest
  8. 8. So why do a lot of people around the world giveSo why do a lot of people around the world give presents at Christmas?presents at Christmas?  Most people think it relates to the three wise menMost people think it relates to the three wise men bringing gifts to baby Jesus when he was born.bringing gifts to baby Jesus when he was born.  Christians believe it is more important to give a giftChristians believe it is more important to give a gift than to receive one.than to receive one.  What gift would you take to baby Jesus?What gift would you take to baby Jesus?