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  1. 1. TURKEYBuharkent Zafer Secondry School
  2. 2. WHERE IS TURKEY ?Turkey is a bridge between Asia andEurope.
  3. 3. It is surrounded by theMediterraneanSea, Aegean Sea, Sea ofMarmara and the BlackSea. Turkey also bordersGreece, Bulgaria, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Armenia, Russia, and Georgia. Thecapital of Turkey isAnkara.
  4. 4. Main cities in Turkeyİstanbul ,İzmir, Ankara and Bursa are four of the biggest cities in Turkey.
  5. 5. It is the mostcrowded cityin Turkey.Approximately 13,5 millionpeople livethere. The Maidens Tower
  6. 6. Ankara
  7. 7. Anka raThe Kızılay Square Atatürks Mouselum `Anıtkabir`
  8. 8. İzmir Clock Tower The Cumhuriy et Square People with Turkish flags on 29 October `The Republic Day`
  9. 9. Bursa is the birthplace of The OttomanEmpire
  10. 10. Bursa is famous for Mount Uludağ and silkclothing. Silkworm cocoon
  11. 11. TURKEY FACTSTurkish is spoken in Turkey. It has got eight vowels and twenty-one consonants.We use Latin characters since 1928.
  12. 12. Turkish flag is red and there is a moon and astar. Our flags shape arised from the reflectionof the sky (The New Moon and Jupiter) onto ablood pond in the Independence War.
  14. 14. Mount Ağrı is the highest mountain in Turkey
  15. 15. The Kızılırmak River is the longest one in Turkey.
  16. 16. Ayder plateu is in Trabzon.
  17. 17. Pamukkale is in Denizli.
  18. 18. TheCappodociadistrict is inCentralAnatoliaregion.
  19. 19. Ephesus and TheRoman Library ofCelsus is in İzmir.
  20. 20. The house of Virgin Mary is in Ephesus, İzmir.
  21. 21. Aydın Kuşadası has got sandy andlong beaches.
  22. 22. Topkapı Palace is in İstanbul. Hagia Sophia Mosque, İstanbul
  23. 23. The OttomanEmpire wasfound in 1281by ErtuğrulGazi in Bursa.
  24. 24. Theconquest ofİstanbul in1453 byFatih SultanMehmet.
  25. 25. The Turkish army foughtbravely against enemiesunder the command ofgreat leader Mustafa
  26. 26. The TurkIsh Republic wasfounded on 29th of OctOber1923.
  27. 27. Mustafa kemal atatürk has made lots ofrevolutions and reforms to establish a
  28. 28. Stuffed grape leaves with olive oil Stuffed green peppers with rice and olive oil
  29. 29. Chicken meat Kebap and Adana Kebap served with fresh vegetables.
  30. 30. Lahmacun (Turkish pizza) and pide. Both ofthem are mince meat on a piece of bakeddough.Cacık; garlic yogurt with cucumber
  31. 31. This is “baklava” The most famous And this is “künefe” a dessert with Turkish dessert. melted cheese in it.
  32. 32. Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK (1881- 1938)He is the great leader and statesmanof modern Turkish Republic.
  33. 33. Sertab ErenerA beautiful, talented famous popsinger. She won the Eurovision songcontest in 2003 with her song“Everyway that I can”
  34. 34. Aşık Veysel Şatıroğlu 1894-1973He was a Turkish minstrel and highlyregarded poet of the Turkish folkliterature. He was an ashik, a poet,songwriter, and a bağlama virtuoso.He was blind for most of his lifetime.His songs are usually sad tunes,often talking about the inevitabilityof death. However he does use awide range of themes for his lyrics;based on morals, values andconstant questioning on issues suchas love, care, beliefs and how he"sees" the world as a blind man.
  35. 35. Sinan the Architect 1490-1588 He was the chief Ottoman architect (Turkish: "Mimar") and civil engineer for sultans Suleiman the Magnificient, Selim II, and Murad III. He was responsible for the construction of more than three Selimiye Mosque in Edirne is hundred major structures and other in Unesco’s world cultural more modest projects. His apprentices would later design the heritage list. Sultan Ahmet Mosque in İstanbul, Stari Most in Mostar and help design the Taj Mahal in theInterior Mughal Empire. His masterpiece isview of the Selimiye Mosque inSelimiye Edirne, although his most famousMosque. work is the Suleiman Mosque in İstanbul.
  36. 36. Our School is locatedin Buharkent AYDIN.
  37. 37. Atatürk Street in Buharkent Traditional camel wrestling in Buharkent
  38. 38. It rarely snows inBuharkent. The territoryis green most of theyear.
  39. 39. Merhaba HelloGünaydın Good morningİyi akşamlar Good eveningHoşça kal Good byeNasılsın? How are you?İyiyim, teşekkür ederim Fine, thanksAdın ne? What is your name?Benim adım… My name is …Tanıştığımıza memnun oldum Nice to meetyouÜzgünüm i’m sorryMutlu yıllar Happy new yearÇok yaşa God bless you
  40. 40. This presentation is the final outcome of several power point filesthat our students prepared. All the students below studied hard for thiswork with their teachers Beyza and Metin’s guidance.Cihat Cebeci Berna Sincer Ezgi AkgünBerna Karadana Suzan Civlez Selin AynaoğluBahar Öztürk Emine Çetin Şeyma DağHatice Kaya Tuğba Özbek Selen BalcıoğluBetül Bellek İsmail Derelioğlu Mustafa Ali ÖzÖzgür Kahyaoğlu Ümithan Çakır Zehranur CankaraFatmanur Balıkçı Beyza Arıkan