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Lithuania 1


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Lithuania 1

  1. 1. Welcome toLithuania
  2. 2. This is a map of Europe.Can you find the country-partners of the project? Image:
  3. 3. Map ofLithuaniaLithuanias neighbours arePoland, Russia, Latvia, Belarus.The state language ofLithuania is Lithuanian.The main religion isCatholicism.The population of Lithuania is3 million people.The capital is Vilnius. Vilnius isnamed after the River Vilnia.
  4. 4. The flag and coat of arms of Lithuania Meaning of the flag: •Yellow means the sun, the light. •Green is for nature, the forests of Lithuania. •Red is for the land and the blood shed for freedom. The coat of arms is called Vytis (The Chaser). It’s a knight on horseback with a sword and a shield.
  5. 5. This is the Litas. 1 Euro is 3.45 Litas.
  6. 6. These are Lithuanian coins – Litas and Centas.
  7. 7. Lithuania is situated in the centre of Europe by the Baltic sea.Some people think its name comes from the word lietus (rain).
  8. 8. It often rains in Lithuania, so it is a very greencountry with many forests, hills and over 6000 lakes.
  9. 9. Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania.Its population is half a million people. Narrow streets for knights and ladies…
  10. 10. Vilnius is famous for its Old Town, thebiggest Old Town in Eastern Europe. PANORAMA OF VILNIUS IN WINTER
  11. 11. Cathedral Square is the main square of the capital.
  12. 12. Gediminas Tower is the symbol of Vilnius.
  13. 13. St. John’s Church and Bell Tower of Vilnius University and a view of the Old Town from above Photos by Tomas Malinauskas and Daniel Milner
  14. 14. * Church of St. Michael and St. Constantine (Russian Orthodox)* Synagogue* St. Anne’s Church (Catholic) Photo by Algirdas.
  15. 15. Vilnius is almost 700 years old. Here are some pretty corners of the Old Town.
  16. 16. Hills of crossesHill of Crosses in Šiauliai Hill of Three Crosses in Vilnius