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  • England

    1. 1. We are here…
    2. 2. Where’s Britain in Europe?This is theUK inEurope
    3. 3. LondonBig The LondonBen Eye London is the capital city of England. There are lots of tourist attractions, including: Big Ben, the London Eye, Tower of London, Tower bridge and Olympic park.
    4. 4. Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland.It is in the East coast on the south side.It is home of the Scottish parliament,Scotland is enriched with culture.
    5. 5. Cardiff is the capital cityof Wales. There are lotsof touristattractions, including:Cardiff Castle, MillenniumStadium, horseshoe passand Bangor Cathedral.
    6. 6. Belfast is the capital of and largest city in Northern Ireland. By population it is the fourteenth largest city in the United Kingdom and second largest on the island of Ireland.
    7. 7. The language of England isEnglish. People who live inWales speak Welsh and inScotland some people talk Gaelic.
    8. 8. The bottom left theThe union jack English flag,came together the bottomwhen these right thecountries united Scottish flag, the top flag is the northern Ireland flag
    9. 9. The Union Jack its self Can you see the flags it’s made up of?
    10. 10. But this is extremely rare. These two are very rare notes.Our currency is the great British pound.
    11. 11. The population of UK is estimated 63.2 million
    12. 12. The main religion of England is Christianity.The church of England is known as Anglican. Some other religions are Hinduism , Judaism, Muslim, Sikhism and Buddhism.
    13. 13. The River Thames runsthrough London and that iswhere it is most known to be itis the most famous river and isvery vital part of Britishlandscape. The lake district is not only part of British landscape it is also a huge tourist attraction! Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in Britain it is also a vital part of British landscape, although for climbers it ay be fun it is also
    14. 14. http://www.discovernorthernireland. com/Giants-Causeway-Antrim- Northern-Ireland-Bushmills-P2800The giants causeway is from Scotland toNorthern Ireland. The Giant’s cause waywas started by a lava flow. Thishappened 60 million years ago.
    15. 15. http://www.stonehenge.co.ukThis is a map of where itis This is Stonehenge
    16. 16. Lincoln City SkegnessCentre Beach
    17. 17. Full English Breakfast. Yum!Succulent Roastdinner!
    18. 18. Mouth watering !
    19. 19. The RoyalFamily
    20. 20. David Cameron isthe Prime Ministerof United Kingdom.
    21. 21. Born: December 25, 1642 Woolsthorpe, Lincolnshire, E ngland Died: March 20, 1727 London, EnglandIsaac Newton was an Englishscientist and mathematician.He is famous for discoveringthe force of gravity when an apple fell on his head.
    22. 22. Mathew Flinders was born in Doningtonwhich is where our school is located. Hewas the first person to sail all the wayaround Australia. He had a cat calledTrim.
    23. 23. http://www.cowley.lincs.sch.uk People from our school Our school is called Donington Cowley Endowed Primary
    24. 24. Some useful vocabulary:  Hello,  Goodbye,  Good morning,  My name is,  How are you,  Great,  Good,  Sad,  Happy,  Ok.