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B3 t3.1 francisco_antonio


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B3 t3.1 francisco_antonio

  1. 1. Certificación de tutores de docentes de idiomas Francisco Antonio Morales TASK 3.2 Agatha Christie Neurological Disorders/Epilepsy (Mystery writer) Ludwig van Beethoven DEAF (Composer) Ithzak Perlman PARALYTIC (Violonist) Douglas Bader LEGS AMPUTATED (Fighter Pilot) Georg Friedrich Händel BLINDNESS (Composer) Franklin Roosevelt PARALYTIC (US President )EUROCSYS © 2012 Claudia Schuhbeck
  2. 2. Certificación de tutores de docentes de idiomas Helen Keller DEAF/BLIND (Teacher ) Julius Caesar EPILEPTIC (Roman Emperor) Louis Braille BLIND (Inventor) Marli Matlin DEAF (Actress) Napoleon HIPERSENSIVITY TO TOUCH (General) Ray Charles BLIND (Singer) Stevie Wonder BLIND (Singer) Tom Cruise DYSLEXIA (Actor)EUROCSYS © 2012 Claudia Schuhbeck
  3. 3. Certificación de tutores de docentes de idiomas Albert Einstein ASPERGER’S SYNDROME (Scientist) Hans Christian Anderson DYSLEXIA (Author - Fairy Tales) LEARNING DISABILITY/DYSLEXIA/ Alexander Graham Bell (Inventor) DEAF Winston Churchill DYSLEXIA (Prime Minister UK) John Milton BLINDNESS (Author) Leonardo da Vinci ASPERGER’S SYNDROME (Painter) George Washington LEARNING DISORDER/DYSLEXIA (President of the US)EUROCSYS © 2012 Claudia Schuhbeck
  4. 4. Certificación de tutores de docentes de idiomas Walt Disney DYSLEXIA ( Animator/ Movie Producer) Andrea Bocelli BLINDNESS (Italian Tenor, Multi- Instrumentalist)EUROCSYS © 2012 Claudia Schuhbeck