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B1 t3 francisco_antonio

  1. 1. Certificación de tutores de docentes de idiomas Francisco Antonio Morales Breakstone10@hotmail.com TASK 3 REFLECTIONS1. - Which of the content areas interested you most? Why?I think that as an English teacher and as English-as-Foreing-Language learners, weneed to be involved in all areas since all of them are extremely important for theacquisition of the language. Being a teacher is great responsibility, so you have to takecare of all of them. Some of them are your strength and some your weakness.2. - Which area will be more difficult for you? Why?I think that Planning and Evaluation. This is the most difficult area because as an Eglishteachers we need too much time for this area. And If we take into account that forplanning a class you need material, resources, books, worksheets, and sometimes youneed to read some extra material for the class etc, so you need too much time. Actually itis not difficult but tiring when you do not have all the resources you need.3.-Which resources do you already have relating to the five content areas?I think that since I started to work as an English teacher, I have gathered a lot of material,I have flashcards, audio, grammar sheet, and worksheets, etc.. for these reasons I thinkthat the chosen area is language teaching area .4. - How would you keep the trainee’s motivation high during the training?Being in front of a group is a great responsibility, and if you want to keep all your secondlanguage students motivated, you have to plan your lesson carefully, you have to choosethe correct material according to the age, likes and dislikes, and current information thatmotives your students. Besides all these teaching strategies, the teacher has tocomprehend his students, to understand that they are still learning. In short, empathy is avery important characteristic the teacher must have.5. - How could you check and evaluate the learning progress of your trainees during thetraining?Checking and evaluating the progress of a language learner can be made in two differentways: quantitative and qualitative. In the first one we can use numbers, I mean a grade.In this case we can use coevalutions, heteroevaluations and self evaluations. In thequalitative way, we can refer to progressive characteristics of the students, I mean hisskills, his pronunciation, his security when talking, his listening. All the characteristicsthat can not measure with a number, even his acceptance with the class.6.-How can you improve the learner autonomy of your trainees?Self-study is a very important phase in the learning language process, so it is a need tomotive and encourage your students to learn everywhere, everytime and anyway. Theyneed to be motivated when learning. They need to learn from television, from radio, from EUROCSYS © 2013 Francisco Antonio Morales Página 1 de 2
  2. 2. Certificación de tutores de docentes de idiomasmagazines, from film, from music, even from their classmates. They need to have the likeor the necessity for learning a new language. They need to know that knowledge maycome from any place.7.- Which resources(materials,books,websites,articles,methods,visual material,etc) doyou already have relating to the five content areas?Since I have been working for a long time, I have many grammar books, self-studybooks, workbooks, students´ book, flash cards, worksheets, and visual material. I amsure they are very helpful for solving current problems out. Nowadays there is so muchinformation on the websites too.EUROCSYS © 2013 Rosa Margarita Mijangos Santiago Página 2 de 2