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B1 t1 francisco_antonio

  1. 1. Certificación de tutores de docentes de idiomas Francisco Antonio Morales Breakstone10@hotmail.com LESSON PLAN AND TIME TABLE OBJECTIVE: To create a training time table and a lesson plan to be used in your training. 1. Matching (1 PAGE). Match the six content areas to the following themes TOPIC CONTENT AREAEUROCSYS © 2013 Francisco Antonio Morales Página 1 de 7
  2. 2. Certificación de tutores de docentes de idiomas Use of social forms Language and Culture Learning in a group Language Learning Processes Function of the Common European Framework Planning and Evaluation of Reference Which are the different learner types Language Learning Processes The four skills Language Learning Processes Speaking activities Language Teaching How do we draw up a lesson plan? Planning and Evaluation How do I present a grammar structure? Planning and Evaluation Micro-peer teaching Planning and Evaluation Different types of exercises in language Planning and Evaluation classrooms Using pictures in a language classroom Planning and Evaluation/Language Teaching Feedback rules Self-Assessment and Development Pronunciation training Language Awareness Learning strategies and learner autonomy Self-Assessment and Development Difficult classroom situations Language and Culture Progress tests Language Learning Processes The use of media e-learning / blended learning Language Teaching Intercultural learning Language and Culture 2. Lesson plan (2 PAGES MAX). Choose two of the topics of the table of exercise 1. How would you teach these contents? Write a lesson plan. LEASON PLAN INTERCULTURAL LEARNING T = teacher / Ss= studentsEUROCSYS © 2013 Francisco Antonio Morales Página 2 de 7
  3. 3. Certificación de tutores de docentes de idiomas Phases of Media/ Aim of Time Learning Activities Social Form activity (mins) materials Icebreaker/ Have the Ss to look at the diagram. Ask Group Introduce 400 Introduction them what it show ( the human body Workkook theme. to theme and parte of the human skeleton). - Talk about Partner injuries BODY TALK Divide the class into group of three or Student´s - Ask for and four Ss. Ask the Ss to use the words to book give medical label the diagram. advice Ask the Ss to compare their answers with the class. Ask which pair got the most correct answers. Extension of Nominate a S to read about the phrases 400 theme in the box. Point out that the muscle is - Student -To extend pronounced /mᶺsl/. -individual book theme about injuries and Ask the Ss to do this exercise individually -partner body talk and then to compare their answers in vocabulary pairs. -group To speak Check the answer with the class. about injuries and accidents . Write these words on the blackboard : 600 Personalizati back, knee, shoulder, , head , ankle. -partners -Student on book To get deep Ask the Ss to work in pairs and rank into the topic these from 1 most frequently injured ( - plenary so the Ss can hurt in an accident n or as a result of describe playing sport), to 5 least frequently events about injured injuries Listen to their ideas.EUROCSYS © 2013 Francisco Antonio Morales Página 3 de 7
  4. 4. Certificación de tutores de docentes de idiomas Defining -Ask the Ss to write several sentences -individual - practice 600 words the injuries they have had or that a friend -Student circumlocution or a relative has had. book . -familiarize -Encourage them to use as many words students with as they can in their sentences in in order -plenary more to remember the words they are learning vocabulary in that lesson and they must write which can be some details about these accidents. implemented with next exercises. Focus on -Give the Ss some practice in using -plenary -Ss can see 600 Grammar SHOULD and SHOULDN´T to give -board vocabulary advice. -grammar clearly. -Write the words avoiding injuries on sheet the board . Ask the Ss to work in pairs Ss can use it. and discuss what people should o Student´s shouldn´t do when playing sports. book -Listen to some ideas from the class and elicit a list of should and shouldn´t . Transfer Ask the Ss to complete the grammar Individually -S. practice 400 table using the information . -board the structure in a controlled Nominate a S to read a sentence aloud pairs form. correctly. Student´s book -pre-teach Point out that we must use TO in this vocabulary for structure. Ex next exercise. It is important to keep your shoulders relaxed. . Consolidation Have the Ss do this exercise individually -plenary -worksheet -T give and then compare their answers in pairs. exercises and 400 Check the answer with the class express and practice the Read the instructions to the class. new Ask Ss to read the model sentence. vocabulary Ask Ss to work in pairs and tell their partner about the actions and their -To practice consequences. advice Ask Ss to look at the examples in the Watch out! Box, remind them that they should not forget to use going to, even f the main verb is go. Give Ss a few minutes to think about some things they were going to do in the past but he didn´t and why they didn´t do them.EUROCSYS © 2013 Francisco Antonio Morales Página 4 de 7
  5. 5. Certificación de tutores de docentes de idiomas Conclusion T. Put the students into groups of three -individual Get the Ss´s 200 and or four to discuss the questions. student ideas and Evaluation When the groups finish, elicit some -plenary ´sbook correct any ideas from the class. errors with the T listen to some ideas from the class and grammar correct any errors in the use of should structure. have/ shouldn´t have. Do a feedback Ask Ss to work in pairs and tell their about the used partner about the things he/she should or structures. shouln´t do when playing sports. Use the Body Talk vocabulary Homework -T. asks S. to complete WORKBOOK p- -individual -workbook Feedback the task 52, section 1 structure. T ask Ss to do extra exercises about injuries 3. Time table (2 PAGES MAX). Elaborate a timetable of the two selected topics of your lesson plan. Elaborate a timetable according to the example.(Please find the example on the main menu of the platform) TIMETABLE FOR 2 WEEK COURSE Main input: 60 hours of face to face training sessions Lesson observations: 4 teaching session observable live or filmed.EUROCSYS © 2013 Francisco Antonio Morales Página 5 de 7
  6. 6. Certificación de tutores de docentes de idiomas WEEK 1 7:50 - 8:30 8:30 - 10:00 10:15 - 11:45 12:00 - 13:30 Monday Ice breaker. Using slides T will put the Ss into Teacher will use slides explaining to work in pairs , and have then explaining the Ss the Use the ice breaker in pairs and discuss decide who is impersonal way of class. about body talk, I Student A and who giving advice: It mean injuries and is Student B. is..(adjective) to …. Teaching Vocabulary diseases Meaning. T listen several ideas Encourage a pair to Students will work in from the class so read or make the pairs so they can Form and pronunciation that T can explain model of a practice the deeply the conversation for the conversation of the students´thoughts others to see how impersonal advice. they are going to T divides the Ss into work. several groups, so he can have a Ss start to discuss scanning when the about the problems Ss are expressing. they were given. Tuesday Classroom Elicit several Skills work: Point out that the management: responses from the Speaking injury and give all the class. And try to Activities and advice you can say Ask Ss to work In pairs explain deeply so all different tasks about it. (LC) and compare the the Ss can have a (LC, LLP & LT) examples they had for better ideas of how Teaching grammar Ss will complete a saying advices . to solve some points prescription and use problems out. (LT LC) the new Ask Ss to decide which vocabulary.(LC LT) is the most serious problems and their Ask Ss to work in respective solutions for pairs and say what the these problems. man should and shouldn’ when an injury or a desease LLP LC LT SA Wednesday Lesson Planning: Teaching grammar Skills work: Ask Ss to read the Selection material and Have the Ss use the Speaking, listening question and options worksheets book so that they (LLP & LT) carefully.(LLP LC LT) PE LC LLP can use - S. answer each Show Ss the grammar grammatical question in plenary. structure (LLP) structure the Then T has them answers with the The Ss will work in compare their class. (LT) pairs and they answers in pairs, .(LC) practice a discussing any conversation using differences so that the grammar point they can understand that is being learnt in almost correctly, the that moment: structure.(SA) injuries, body talk, accidents etc..(LLP)EUROCSYS © 2013 Francisco Antonio Morales Página 6 de 7
  7. 7. Certificación de tutores de docentes de idiomas WEEK 1 7:50 - 8:30 8:30 - 10:00 10:15 - 11:45 12:00 - 13:30 Thursday Teaching vocabulary Micro peer teaching Skill work: reading -pre-teach vocabulary about injuries and SA Activities and tasksfor next medications LT exercise.(LLP,LT) Talking about Ss will read some T give exercises and medications and health texts about BURNS express answers in problems and and SPRAINS. And pairs to do symptoms LA PE they are going to evaluation.(PE), answer some Get the Ss´s ideas important questions and correct any errors about these ones. with the grammar LT LLP structure.(PE,LLP) Do a feedback about the used structures. So the Ss can correct some problems they may have , and in this way to clear them all. (PE,LLP) Friday Dealing with errors: Micro peer teaching Skills work: writing Ask Ss to look at the analysing and SA and speaking examples in the anticipating LA Activities and tasks Watch out! Box, error correction remind them that they LC LLP The SS will read a should not forget to text about injuries, use going to, even if health problems and the main verb is go. symptoms and them Give Ss a few minutes they will act out the to think about some problems and the things they were going symptoms. to do in the past but he didn´t and why they The SS will use the didn´t do structure I WISH …. (LLP,SA,LT,PE) LT LLP LCEUROCSYS © 2013 Francisco Antonio Morales Página 7 de 7