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Digital trends 2012

Some trends and principles that promote digital development and design of Internet-based services based on openness and smart systems.

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Digital trends 2012

  1. 1. DIGITAL“If you can imagine Mozart before the technology of the piano was invented: what a loss to society that would be. Imagine Van Gogh being born before the technologies of cheap oil paints. ImagineTRENDS Hitchcock before the technologies of film. Somewhere today there are millions of young children being born whose technology of self-expression has not yet been invented.We have a moral obligation to invent technology so that every person on the globe has the potential to realize their true difference.”Kevin Kelly on How technology evolves, TED, Nov 2006Professor: Rosa Llop
  2. 2. OPEN
  3. 3. –Open“Openness is one of the key founding principles and char- acteristics of the Internet. The Open nature of the internet is part of its uniqueness, and its impor- tance as a tool to advance human development. Internet users trade ideas and information and build on both, thus increasing the wealth of knowl- edge for everyone”Internet Governance Forum, 2006
  4. 4. –OpenOpen hardwareOpen design
  5. 5. a. Fabricación digitalRapid Manufacturing3D Printers FabLabs (Neil Gershenfeld)
  6. 6. b. Downloadable design.Fab Lab House, Zapatos para ensamblar,IaaC. Diego Bustamante, Sanjay Fernandes y Marcela Rozo.
  7. 7. –OpenOpen economies Crowdfunding Social financing
  8. 8. –OpenOpen knoweledge University of people Khan Academy Wikipedia
  9. 9. –OpenOpen knoweledge Understanding the world Empowering people Instructables
  10. 10. –OpenOpen data Data centers Representing data Interpreting data Telepresent water
  11. 11. OpenOpen data The internet of things Cosm (Pachube)
  12. 12. –OpenOpen data Open cities OpenData BCN Amsterdam OpenData
  13. 13. SMART
  14. 14. –Smart“A brain is a society of very small, simple modules that can- not be said to be thinking, that are not smart in themselves. But when you have a network of them together, out of that arises a kind of smartness.”Kevin Kelly
  15. 15. –Smart CityUn marco de trabajo de alcance global parahacer de las concentraciones urbanas unlugar para el desarrollo social y económicoque fomente y aumente la calidad de vida desus habitantes.Este marco de trabajo incorpora las TICscomo factor de influencia clave.
  16. 16. –Smart CityEconomía regional
  17. 17. –Smart CityEconomía regionalMovilidad inteligente Bike City Guide, Austria - World-wide
  18. 18. –Smart CityEconomía regionalMovilidad inteligenteGestión sostenible Smart Grid, USA
  19. 19. –Smart CityEconomía regionalMovilidad inteligenteGestión sostenibleInclusión del capital sociala la ciudad
  20. 20. –Smart CityEconomía regionalMovilidad inteligenteGestión sostenibleInclusión del capital socialMejoras en la calidad devida de las personas
  21. 21. –Smart CityEconomía regionalMovilidad inteligenteGestión sostenibleInclusión del capital socialMejoras en la calidad devida participación en lapolítica ciudadana
  22. 22. –Smart devicesUn dispositivo inteligente es un dispositivoelectrónico que• es inalámbrico• móvil (fácilmente transportable)• está siempre conectado (WiFi, 3G, 4G, etc)• y establece comunicación a través de voz y vídeo, navegación por Internet y geo-localización• y cuyo funcionamiento es autónomo.
  23. 23. –Smart devicesNFC Near field communication Tap & Go, Master Card Rosetta Stone, Objecs
  24. 24. –Smart devicesNFCWearable computing Nike Fuel Band Lark
  25. 25. –Smart devicesNFCWearable computingTransmedial Adidas f50 - mycoach
  26. 26. “Queremos incentivar un mundo de creadores, de inventores, de contribuyentes. Porque este mundo en que vivimos, este mundo interactivo, es nuestro. ”Ayah BdeirGracias por vuestra atención.@rosallop