Solvency II Organiser


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Solvency II Organiser

  1. 1. Onderdeel van KMG. Law & Compliance 1 Solvency II Organiser© 15-11-2010 Tim Klein Robbenhaar
  2. 2. Law & Compliance Onderdeel van KMG. Juris • Juris offers legal consultancy • Insight and overview on the crisscross of rules • Visualisation of complex situations • Mapping on company activities (e.g. processes) • Implementation of rules • More effective and efficient execution • Ability to tie down processes • Extended services through partners
  3. 3. Law & Compliance Onderdeel van KMG. Solvency II by Juris • Juris assists financial services providers by: - Insight in (financial) regulations - A structured approach - The Compliance Organiser© • Implementation of Solvency II is complex, Juris offers: - Insight in and overview on the impact of Solvency II - Implementation of a managed and controlled situation - Support on automation projects - Attention to the ‘soft side’ of Solvency II Thomas Steffen, chairman of CEIOPS, said: “Solvency II is not just about capital. It is a change of behaviour.”
  4. 4. Law & Compliance Onderdeel van KMG. What is Visuall© • Excellent modelling tool (taxonomies and ontologies) • Imports > Word, Excel,, Mindmap • Exports > Word, Excel, Visio, XML, html, Orgawise • Other functionalities > concepts, comparing, search and replace, time traveling • Easy to operate, flexible and intuitive • Server or stand-alone
  5. 5. Law & Compliance Onderdeel van KMG. Solvency II Organiser© • Model in Visuall© • Legal Objects© • Generic design • Based on the directive • Contains generic insurance processes • Links with the source, roles, company aspects, processes and concepts • Flexible and easily tailored • Integrable with other software
  6. 6. Law & Compliance Onderdeel van KMG. How to use the Solvency II Organiser© • Supporting Compliance and/or Legal Affairs (management and control of rules) • Securing requirements • Tying up business knowledge and activities • Starting point for an internal audit or ORSA • Control of and overview on SII-projects • Impactanalysis and efficient change management Related advantages: saving money, time and manpower
  7. 7. Law & Compliance Onderdeel van KMG. Legal Blueprint© • Visual • In one glance from one perspective • Consultating and determining strategy • Seperate overview per pillar • Planning and checking off
  8. 8. Law & Compliance Onderdeel van KMG. Implementation • Installation of Visuall (server or stand-alone) • Filled with generic particulars • Training in modeling, drawing and the use of Visuall • Juris consultant and customer working together on: - Custom making the model - Detailing the model - Adding links to organization specific elements (e.g. roles and processes) • Independent within two months Be fast as market tendencies are still relatively low
  9. 9. Law & Compliance Onderdeel van KMG. Results • Saving time, money and manpower - Working more efficient and effective • Complete overview - By linking rules to roles, processes, systems, … - Requirements are already captured • Top down controlled compliant - Less chance receiving fines and other measures (compliance risks) - Improved competitive position - Acting faster to external developments (market and legal)
  10. 10. Law & Compliance Onderdeel van KMG. Questions? +31 10 2842422 / +31 6 21298552
  11. 11. Onderdeel van KMG. Law & Compliance 11 Thanks for your attention. 15-11-2010 Tim Klein Robbenhaar