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#womendeserveastreet Presentación Bett Show 2019


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Presentación utilizada para el TeachMeet en el Bet Show de Londres, donde presento el proyecto #merezcounacalle

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#womendeserveastreet Presentación Bett Show 2019

  1. 1. Geography and History teacher and IT Coordinator I’m @rosaliarte Hello!
  2. 2. #womendeserveastreet Working towards gender equality and causing an impact on society: Hoe many streets are named after men in Spain? How many after women? @rosaliarte
  3. 3. Students use technology to start the Project and make the study of the streets @rosaliarte
  4. 4. Spanish streets named after women do not reach 20% as opposed to the 80% honoring male personalities @rosaliarte
  5. 5. Students contact the Town Hall to inform about the results THE MAYOR COMES TO OUR CLASSROOM! @rosaliarte
  6. 6. after an investigation, They suggest women’s names that deserve a street @rosaliarte
  7. 7. New streets are then named after women @rosaliarte
  8. 8. @rosaliarte
  9. 9. So far we have opened 11 new streets with women names! What we have achieved We have investigated and proposed more than 100 women who deserve a street More than 300 town halls joined the project IN SPAIN More than 100 teachers are implementing the project in Spain @rosaliarte
  11. 11. T H A N K U