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RE: The Torch Bearer Newsletter
From: Rosalia Contreras (

As a student senator representing the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy, it is my duty to represent the needs of COSS students to the best of my abilities. Attached to this e-mail, you will find the inaugural edition of 'The Torch Bearer', a monthly newsletter aimed at providing students with more information on the Student Government Association as well as with several opportunities for involvement, scholarship, research, and study abroad experience.

Featured in this newsletter will be Dean Rasmussen's Social Sciences Scholar Program as well as the Golden Tribe Lecture Series (brought to you by SGA), among others.

I hope that you all find this information useful and worthy of reading. If you have any questions, concerns, or general comments, please direct them to me. My e-mail is

Thank you for your time, and best of luck with upcoming exams and projects!

All my best,

Rosalia Contreras
Senator | Seat 4
College of Social Sciences and Public Policy

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The Torch Bearer (Oct. 2011)

  1. 1. The torch bearer Issue 1 | October 2011+ What’s Inside: The coss Page  2   Dean  Rasmussen   announces  new  Social   student’s SGA Sciences  Scholar   Program  (SSSP)   resource Learn  more  about  the  happenings   Page  2   Featured  Recognized   Student  Organization   within  your  Student  Government   (RSO):  The  Global   Association  and  throughout  the   Peace  Exchange   university.     Page  3   The  Golden  Tribe   Lecture  Series   presents  “An  Evening   with  Elie  Wiesel”   Page  4   Fall  election  date   announced   Page  4   The  Office  of   Governmental  Affairs   debuts  its  new   initiative,  Noles   Engaged  in  Politics   Page  4   Date  for  Budget   hearings  set    page 3 Page  5   A  message  from  your   Senator  +Newsletter Student LOCAL fee committee announces recommended fee increases, effective fall 2012 mission ! Activity   &   Service   (A&S)  –   An   increase   in   Health  –   An   increase   in   the   current   fee   from   The  Torch  Bearer  is  a   newsletter  for  students,   the   current   fee   from   $11.69   to   $12.24   per   $10.96   to     $11.42   per   credit   hour,   with   by  students.  It  is  written   credit   hour,   with   estimated   annual   revenue   estimated  annual  revenue  of  $12,392,447.   and  updated  by  elected   officials  representing   of   $13,282,272.   This   fee   funds   all   Student        The   committee   will   be   hosting   a   public   students  from  the  College   Government   initiatives   and   projects   and   is   hearing   on   Monday,   Oct   3   from   1   p.m.   –   2   of  Social  Sciences  and   Public  Policy.  Its  main   allocated   through   the   Student   Senate   to   p.m.   in   Student   Services   Building   room   203   purpose  is  to  expose,   agencies,  Recognized  Student  Organizations,   to   gather   student   comments   and   inform,  and  ultimately   encourage  active   (RSOs)  and  others.                                     suggestions   in   relation   to   the   fee   increases   participation  in  all  levels   Athletics  –   An   increase   in   the   current   fee   and   expenditure   recommendations.   Contact   of  student  government  on   campus. from   $7.39   to   $7.54   per   credit   hour,   with   Allison   Crume   (   for   estimated   annual   revenue   of   $8,182,053.   more  information.  
  2. 2. The  Torch  Bearer   Issue  1  |  October  2011   Scholarship and Involvement opportunitiesDean Rasmussen announces ‘Social sciencesscholar program’ for qualified juniors      If   you   are   a   junior   in   the   College   of   seminar   prepares   students   for   projects   earned   a   cumulative   GPA   of   3.4   or  Social  Sciences  and  Public  Policy  with  a   of  their  choosing,  which  are  undertaken   higher.   They   also   must   complete   the   on-­‐GPA   of   3.4   or   above,   you   can   apply   to   be   during  the  following  summer  and/or  fall   line   application   form   located   on   the  a  part  of  the  new  Social  Sciences  Scholar   semesters.     program’s   website   (  Program  (SSSP),  an  initiative  headed  by        Each  Social  Science  Scholar  has  access   and   submit   it   electronically,   along   with  Dean   David   Rasmussen   to   continue   the   to  an  account  of  $  5,000,  which  he  or  she   an   unofficial   university   transcript.  legacy   of   research   and   involvement   can   draw   upon   for   approved   program-­‐ Deadline   for   the   application   is   Oct.   7.  among  undergraduate  students.     related   activities   (i.e.,   service   learning   Interviews   will   be   held   from   Nov.   7-­‐11        Social   Science   Scholars   are   chosen   projects,   independent   research   and   and   selected   scholars   will   be   announced  through   a   competitive   process.   Those   international  study).   Nov.  18.  selected   participate   in   a   unique,   3-­‐unit        To   become   a   Social   Science   Scholar,        For   more   information,   please   contact  leadership   seminar   during   the   spring   applicants   must   have   completed   all   John   Mayo  (   or   Tom  semester   of   their   junior   year.   The   Liberal   Studies   requirements   and   Taylor  (   Featured rso [GPE]  is  to  foster  the  construction  of  a   hunger   issues   at   the   international,   new   civilization   founded   on   mutual   national,   local,   and   campus-­‐based   Global cooperation   and   understanding   to   levels   as   well   as   how   a   student   can   Peace support   development   and   peace   in   the   help   to   lessen   the   prevalence   of   world.”     hunger  both  at  home  and  abroad   Exchange      GPE  is  currently  an  official  partner  of        For   more   information   about   the   The   Global   Peace   Exchange   was   the   United   Nations   and   several   Global   Peace   Exchange   or   Hunger   founded   in   2006   by   three   FSU   governments,   as   well   as   numerous   Week,   please   contact   students   who   wanted   to   create   a   link   international  universities.   between   universities   and   government        In   support   of   World   Food   Day,   the   If   your   organization   would   like   to   be   agencies   in   an   effort   to   facilitate   Global  Peace  Exchange  will  be  hosting   appear   in   the   next   “Featured   RSO”   international  humanitarian  service.  As   a   week   of   events   from   Oct.   17   to   Oct.   section,   please   contact   Rosalia   per   its   constitution,   “The   purpose   of   21  that  aims  to  raise  awareness  about   Contreras  at  The  COSS  Student’s  SGA  Resource   2  
  3. 3. The  Torch  Bearer   Issue  1  |  October  2011   + The golden tribe lecture series presents An evening with Elie wiesel      The  Florida  State  University  will  be  hosting   Concert   Hall   on   the   campus   of   Florida   State   Elie   Wiesel   on   Tuesday,   Oct.   4   at   7   p.m.   in   the   University   on   Oct.   4.   Tickets   will   be   Ruby   Diamond   Auditorium   as   a   part   of   its   distributed   only   to   FSU   students   with   valid   ongoing  Golden  Tribe  Lecture  Series.     gold   FSU   ID   from   5:30   p.m   to   6:30   p.m.        Nobel   Peace   Prize   winner   and   Boston   Students   may   obtain   only   one   ticket   per   valid   University   Professor   Elie   Wiesel   has   worked   gold  FSU  ID.  Tickets  are  first  come,  first  serve   on  behalf  of  oppressed  people  for  much  of  his   and  will  be  reserved  seating.  Upon  availability,   adult   life.   His   personal   experience   of   the   remaining   tickets   will   be   distributed   to   both   Holocaust   has   led   him   to   use   his   talents   as   an   students  and  non-­‐students  after  6:30  p.m.   author,   teacher   and   storyteller   to   defend        The   event   is   sponsored   and   paid   for   by   the   human   rights   and   peace   throughout   the   Student  Government  Association.   world.   Next  Golden  Tribe  Lecture  series  speaker:        Ticket   distribution   for   “An   Evening   with   Writer  and  philosopher  Dr.  Cornel  West   Elie  Wiesel”  will  take  place  at  Ruby  Diamond   January  18,  2012  The  COSS  Student’s  SGA  Resource   3  
  4. 4. The  Torch  Bearer   Issue  1  |  October  2011   sga will beFall tabling +Studentelections at   every   Union   Wednesday.   Come   meet   your  student  representatives  and  tell  us   government announcementswill   be   held   on   Oct.   12   from   8   a.m.   –   8   about   issues   you   believe   should   be   Stay  informed  and  get  p.m.   Students   will   be   able   to   log-­‐on   via   involved.     addressed.   You   can   learn   more   about   to   cast   their   ballot.   Strozier   our   “Got   Issues?”   campaign   by   visiting  Library   will   be   open   as   the   designated   our   table   or   contacting   Ky’Eisha   Penn  voting   area   for   anyone   wishing   to   cast   (  his   or   her   ballot   on   campus.   Campaign  week   will   be   from   Oct.   5   –   Oct.   12;   we      encourage   you   to   find   out   more   about  the  candidates  running  for  office  so  that   senate Budgetyou   may   make   the   most   informed   hearings  decision  on  Election  Day.   will   be   held   during   the   first   week   of   Oct.     in   the   Senate   Chambers.   The   Budget   Committtee   within   Student   Senate   will  The office of be   deciding   on   funding   for   various  governmental agencies,   RSOs   and   campus   projects   for  affairs the   upcoming   fiscal   year   2012-­‐2013.  wants   qualified   freshmen   and   The   hearing   will   be   open   to   all   students.  sophomores   to   get   involved   with   its   Come  by  and  find  out  how  more  than  12  new  initiative,  Noles  Engaged  in  Politics.   million   dollars   in   students’   Activity   &   Service  fees  will  be  allocated.  The   mission   of   NEP   is   to   engage  underclassmen  in  city,  county  and  state  level  politics  as  they  begin  their  careers   Beyond bordersat   FSU.   This   program   gives   incoming  students  the  opportunity  to  learn  about   applications openthe   different   levels   of   the   political          Beyond   Borders   is   a   unique    Applications   for   the   Germany  system,   understand   how   to   effectively   exchange   program   which   offers   and   Costa   Rica   summer   opportunities STUDY abroadorganize  lobby  campaigns,  and  enhance   an   alternative   to   traditional   exchanges   will   be   due   on   Oct.  their   skills   through   seminars   and   academic   study   abroad   21.   Details   on   the   information  internships.   If   you   are   interested   in   programs  and  provides  students   sessions   as   well   as   the  getting   involved   and   would   like   an   with   short-­‐term,   rich   cultural   applications   can   be   found   on  application,  please  contact  Director  Simi   learning   experiences   through   Beyond   Borders’   website  Boutzoukas   (sga-­‐   immersion   in   the   target   (  will  be  due  on  Oct.  12.   cultures. info.cfm).  The  COSS  Student’s  SGA  Resource   4  
  5. 5. The  Torch  Bearer   Issue  1  |  October  2011        With  this  inaugural  newsletter  of  the  2011-­‐ Office  of  Governmental  Affairs,  SGA  hopes  to   2012   academic   year   comes   plenty   of   bridge  the  gap  that  inevitably  falls  between  a   A message assuredly  dismaying  announcements:  tuition   student  population  and  its  representatives  in   from really  did  increase  from  last  year’s  rates  and   the  local  and  state  government.     your the   amount   Bright   Futures   is   willing   to   pay        We  hope  to  give  students  the  voice  they  so   has  (not  surprisingly)  decreased.     deserve,   and   we   understand   that   strength   senator      Like  several  of  you,  I  found  myself  having  to   comes   in   numbers.   There   is   no   greater   Rosalia pay   a   larger   out-­‐of-­‐pocket   sum   for   the   catalyst   for   change   than   a   united   front   of   Contreras difference   not   covered   by   scholarships.   And   individuals.   Take   as   prime   example   the   seat 4 like   several   of   you,   I,   too,   am   disappointed.   Occupy  Wall  Street  demonstrations  occurring   What   makes   the   difference   between   passive   in   New   York   and   spreading   like   wildfire   on   and   active   disappointment,   however,   is   the   the   Internet;   the   duty   of   raising   hell   has   been   willingness   to   change   that   which   makes   one   taken   into   citizens’   own   hands   (and   in   this   upset.   It   is   easy   to   feel   frustrated   and   case,  their  handhelds,  too).   powerless,   but   it   takes   some   effort   to   feel        As   we   face   even   steeper   cuts   to   Bright   emboldened.     Futures   funding   in   this   upcoming   legislative        If   you   feel   as   though   your   voice   is   not   being   session,   it   is   our   duty   as   students   to   raise   accounted   for   when   state   legislatures   pass   hell.  What  I  hope  you  take  from  this  message   policies   to   cut   funding   to   higher   education   is  that  your  Student  Government  Association   and   programs   such   as   Bright   Futures,   rest   has  the  programs  in  place  to  make  our  claims   assured   that   it   should   be.   Florida   State’s   as   students   heard   loudly   and   clearly.   Work   student   government   is   not   solely   an   entity   with   us   and   give   us   your   support;   as   I   am   that   operates   within   the   nucleus   of   its   sure   many   of   you   can   attest,   public   policy   campus.   Through   endeavors   such   as   the   affects  us  all.  How can your student representatives help you?      Have   an   issue   with   Senators   and   explain   your   invitation.   But   if   it   doesn’t,   something   on   campus?   concerns.     then  it  is  your  obligation  to   Your  COSS  Senators   Interested   in   starting   a        Student   concerns   are   of   have   your   voice   heard   and   program   or   organization   top   priority   and   should   be   your   ideas   expressed.   It   is   Rosalia  Contreras   but   don’t   know   where   to   expressed   with   comfort   your   right   as   a   student   of     start?  Want  to  get  involved   and   frequency.   If   it   feels   FSU   to   assist   in   how   your   Harrison  DuBosar   but  don’t  know  how?  Want   like   your   Student   contributing   resources   are   to   give   your   input   and   Government  is  spending  12   used.  Getting  to  know  your     Fabrice  Guerrier   opinion  on  SGA  endeavors? million  dollars  on  you,  then   student   representatives   is        E-­‐mail  your  Social  Science   please   disregard   this   the  first  step.  The  COSS  Student’s  SGA  Resource   5