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Do you have some questions about bees?

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Bees
  2. 2. Tom was not happy… He did not like bees, and on his oncle farm there were too many…
  3. 3. “You do not have to be afraid, you just have to protect yourself. Come with me and you will find the amazing world of the bees”, said his oncle.
  4. 4. They put on their bee hat and they went to observe bee ´s life. It was interesting. Bees are a very good team and the beehave is like an well organised city.
  5. 5. The body of a bee is composed by…
  6. 6. Bees live in group – swarm. Their house is the beehive
  7. 7. The organization of the beehive: Hornet Queen Bee researcher Bee contructor Bee soldier Bee cook Bee kindergarten teacher Bee blower Bee carrier
  8. 8. The flower produces the pollen and the nectar
  9. 9. The bee with the help of the brush and the corbeille colects the nectar and the pollen
  10. 10. Then they go back to the beehive.
  11. 11. And they layed the polen in thewax box, where the bee cook transform them in honey…
  12. 12. Inside the hive - the combs of wax Honney Pollen Eggs
  13. 13. The beekeeper protects himself
  14. 14. Take out the honney
  15. 15. Good appetite
  16. 16. Do you know?...
  17. 17. How does bees born? The keen lays na egg…
  18. 18. Each bee as function and a form… Hornet Worker Queen
  19. 19. Do bees comunicate between them? Yes… When a resercher find a flower they dance in circles to tell the position of the flower. When the flower is between the sun and the hive, the bee dance in circles in a clockwise direction If the flower is on the opposite side of the sun, she performs her dance in the opposite direction to the hands of the clock
  20. 20. There are several beehive models.
  21. 21. e u Q io t s … s n
  22. 22. How to distinguish a bee from a wasp? The abdomen of the wasp is bright yellow with black rings. The bee is darker and more loaded ring.
  23. 23. How long does a bee lives? In time of work between 30 and 40 days. In time of rest between 4 and 6 month
  24. 24. What is the diference between the pollen and the nectar The pollen is a lightweight powder which feed the bees. The nectar is the liquid used to make honey
  25. 25. Bees are harmful to the flowers? No! When they carry the pollen from one flower to another flower the bees make the flowers bear fruit
  26. 26. Is it true that a bee dies after bitten? Yes, it is…
  27. 27. What can you do when a bee bites you? You must draw up the sting and apply to the wound a little salt water or vinegar.
  28. 28. - So are you still afraid of the bees? - No oncle, not anymore.
  29. 29. Little stars classroom St Benedict kindergarten Oeiras – Portugal Images from the book : “O grande livro do Tó”