Performing Ethnicity


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Performing Ethnicity

  1. 1. Performing Ethnicity in China Rosa Llamas Russ Belk12th ISMD International Conference on Markets and DevelopmentCasablanca, Morocco. May 21-25, 2012
  2. 2. Miao Hui Han (91%) Zhuang Manchu Lisu Uyghur Yi Mongol Tujia Tibetan Buyei Han (91%) Bai Lhoba Dong Korean Yao Li Hani Gaoshan Kazakh She Gelao Dai Dongxiang 56 Chineseethnicities Lao Shui Quiang Mulao Va Nakhi Tu Daur JingpoKyrgyz Xibe Blang Salar Tajik Maonan Nu Gin Pumi Ewenki Jino Achang Yugur UzbekDe’ang Bonan Russian Monba Derung Oroqen Chinese Hezhen Tatars Undistinguished
  3. 3. Commonterritory Ethnicgroup Commonlanguage Commoneconomiclife (Stalin, 1913, 35) Common culture Sun Yat-Sen (founder of China) China as a great family Mao Zedong Struggle about class, not ethnicity “It is imperative to foster good relationships between the Han people and the minority nationalities. The key to this question lies in overcoming Han chauvinism” (Mao, 1966: 111).Ethnicity became prominent Nationality classification system (minzushibie)
  4. 4. Distinctivedress Architecture M I Religion N Foods O R Dances I Ethnictourism T Handicrafts I E Lifestyles SOther cultural characteristics UnitingChinesediversepopulation Harmony Promotinggoodethnic Chinese Confucianism Order Relations
  5. 5. Two multi-ethnic folk villages Shenzhen Shangri-La Kunming Fieldwork Tibet Ethnic performances Beijing PRC’s 60th anniversary 2009 Hong Kong Examine the way in which ethnic mironityObjectives villages are being marketed in China and some of their cultural impacts
  6. 6. EthnicMinorityVillages tourTouristifiedvisits to localfamiliesExtensivecommercialpackaging Homestay at Tibetan home
  7. 7. 60th anniversary celebrations Fifty-six Pillars of Ethnic UnityI love China/Brothers and sisters from 56 ethnic groups of Chinaspeak out the same sentence with 56 tongues… 56 tongues inunison form a sentence/I love China/To China/People marchforward courageously/I love China/To build up our country/I loveChina/China is marching gallantly
  9. 9. Authentic traditions are Han Chinese reap blurred Minorities: most of its backward and economic benefits primitive Promote stereotypesInvented Performances ofethnicity Cchoreographeddances Exoticized Acculturation view of their communities Comercialization Misrepresentation
  10. 10. Thank you谢谢 (xiéxié)