Social Storytelling


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Our latest Pecha Kucha talk was an invitation to people to experience social storytelling by playing more board games.

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Social Storytelling

  1. 1. Rory Anita Social Storytelling @roryoconnor, @anitamurphy, @storycubes ©2011
  2. 2. Let me take you on a journeyBooks contain stories (controlled by the author) ©2011
  3. 3. Which way now?Games contain stories (controlled by the players) ©2011
  4. 4. Climax Things get Resolution complicated The New RealitySet the Scene Games have a narrative arc ©2011
  5. 5. close!JEZEBEL... 75 points!The narrative arc of Scrabble ©2011
  6. 6. Hand it Grrrr! over! Ain’t Capitalism swell?The dissatisfaction of Monopoly ©2011
  7. 7. This will show the unfairness of property owners becoming rich at the expense of impoverished tenants. Elizabeth Phillips 1904 We bought her out, fair and square!Sidenote: The Landlord’s Game ©2011
  8. 8. *blatant product placement And then the gigantic... What happens next? * Must.Roll. Again!People enjoy coming together to create stories ©2011
  9. 9. A co-created storytelling experience +player choices ©2011
  10. 10. Win or loose... Was there a good story? ©2011
  11. 11. Hey! I shouldn’t haveMove or we’ll gone for that secondbe squashed treasure Curse that boulder! The Adventurers: Competitive ©2011
  12. 12. Crush! Destroy! Not so fast! I’m gonna toss you onto Lady Liberty! Monsterpocalypse: Competitive ©2011
  13. 13. Europe is being invaded by Africa! Drat! There goes my investmentImperial 2030: Competitive ©2011
  14. 14. My precioussss Snap out of it! Doomed! We’re doomed! Lord of the Rings: Co-operative ©2011
  15. 15. We’re all We’re doomed!going to die!! Pandemic: Co-operative ©2011
  16. 16. Why? Two tribes fighting over limited resources, ultimately realising that they have to work together in order to survive *in association with Co-operation IrelandContested Space: Competitive to co-operative ©2011
  17. 17. *prototype but if theyknow they haveto co-operate to survive, they will just play the system... where’s the learning in that? Contested Space: Competitive to co-operative ©2011
  18. 18. A great game provides a system in which to live(and re-live) a story One game, many stories ©2011
  19. 19. If you enjoy agood story, play *Buy this more games! ©2011
  20. 20. Are youready to play in public? Come to The Board Meeting #theboardmeeting Every Tuesday from 6-8:30pm Hope Cafe (in Library at Queens) ©2011